WR DJ Chark works with QB Trevor Lawrence, runs routes again

With tackle Cam Robinson being franchised on Tuesday, one of the biggest questions that remains is what the Jacksonville Jaguars will decide to do with receiver DJ Chark. If the team can’t reach a deal with him by March 14 at noon EST, Chark’s agent could start negotiating with other teams and possibly sign with them on March 16.

At this time, it’s unclear if a Jaguar will remain, but the team has the cash to do so with nearly $40 million available in cap space. However, the chances of him going to another team could be higher now, especially if he wants a change of scenery and looks to join a franchise that has been less dysfunctional.

However, there is still hope that the Jags can retain the former Louisiana State Tiger. They have a new coach in Doug Pederson, who already seems to be more respected than former coach Urban Meyer, and the Jags also present an opportunity for Chark to grow with a quarterback that has great potential in Trevor Lawrence.

Chark’s first year with the Clemson product was unfortunately cut short after he suffered a broken ankle in Week 4 that ultimately put him on injured reserve. However, after working in terms of rehabilitation, Chark is now back on the pitch.

On Tuesday, he shared an Instagram Story of him taking to the field for a practice session where he ran routes, and he wasn’t alone as Duval’s favorite blonde-haired sniper was there too.

Who knows if this is an indication of Chark’s future, but it’s definitely a sign that could be seen as a positive. And if Chark is retained, it looks like he’s ready to start with Lawrence while learning Pederson’s new system.

Speaking of Pederson, last week he expressed that he and the staff would like to keep Charkwho he believes could be a key contributor on offense.

“In attack, we mentioned Trevor [Lawrence], but when you take him you think of James Robinson, you think of Travis Etienne, you even think, you know, hopefully we get DJ Chark back,” Pederson said of the players who stood out from him. via 1010XL wireless. “You think about some of these young receivers that we have and there are skills and abilities there that we are excited as a staff to start with.

“We have work to do, obviously. It’s not there yet and that’s why we’re here. We’re evaluating, and we’re going to add talent, add depth through free agency and the draft and, you know, that’s the process and that’s what helps you win.

The Jags could use Chark’s speed on the outside for Pederson’s new offense, but they have to do it at a reasonable cost. He has missed a total of 22 games since entering the league in 2018, making his contract situation tricky.

With free agency set to begin next week, this weekend could provide us with an update on where Chark might end up. But based on his recent social media post, it appears the door at least hasn’t been closed on a potential Jacksonville expansion.

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