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Before COVID-19, to travel was a top priority for many Millennials and Gen Zers. The pandemic has put a major drag on many of our travel plans, although some of us have found ways to take works and stays while the WFH. Things are slowly opening up, however, and as more people get vaccinated, travel destinations are starting to welcome vagrants again. If you (like me) just can’t beat the travel bug in 2022, here’s a guide to where to travel – and some tips for staying healthy as you explore.

Where to go in the United States


Alaska’s vast wilderness, stunning scenery, and huge amount of outdoor activities make it a fantastic choice for travel in 2022. If, like so many others, you’ve been involved in outdoor sports like Mountain biking and hiking during the pandemic, you won’t be disappointed with Alaska. Head toward Denali national park for all the outdoor adventures you could dream of, or explore trails and excursions near outdoor urban centers like Anchorage and Juneau.

San diego, california

San Diego, like most of Southern California, is car dependent, sprawling, and not particularly walkable in most areas. In normal times these might be considered flaws, but in times of a pandemic they help make San Diego an urban destination that you can safely explore! Head to the beach, take a hike (there’s plenty to choose from, even in town – some of our favorites are Torrey Pines State Park, Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, and Iron Mountain Trail), or dine al fresco . San Diego has it all and more.

Sedona, Arizona

If you love all things woo-woo, you’ll love Sedona. Even if you’re not, you’re bound to enjoy the area’s stunning red cliffs, the many outdoor activities (including yoga, mountain biking, hiking, and stargazing), and wide open skies and cloudless. Maybe you will find a vortex while you’re at it.


If you’re from the United States and haven’t visited Wyoming yet, you’re missing out. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are close to each other, making this region of the United States a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. We cannot overestimate the beauty and the immensity of the exploration to be done. You can also visit historic cities like Buffalo, Jackson, and Sheridan to be transported back in time.

Salt lake city

Salt Lake City is rapid growth, and with the increase in population came an influx of restaurants, shops and trendy activities. Check Fear factory, one of the largest and best-rated haunted houses in the country, or dine al fresco at Sugar House, the city’s hippest neighborhood. Just 40 minutes drive away is Park City, a wonderland for skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding and all other kinds of outdoor adventure.

Sierra Nevada

If you thought California was all about beaches and sun, think again. The Sierra Nevada mountain range is absolutely stunning, stretching 400 miles across the Golden State and its neighbor, Nevada. Home to three national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, and King’s Canyon), the region offers plenty of exploration opportunities. You can also visit historic Gold Rush towns to get a taste of California history. Nevada City, Auburn and Columbia are just three examples and are all located along the Gold Country Highway (Hwy 49, more technically).

Where to travel abroad


From vineyards to beaches and everything in between, Italy is full of outdoor exploration opportunities that aren’t exactly difficult. You can live in luxury and bask in the great outdoors in the rolling Italian countryside or in the southern Mediterranean. As long as you can prove that you are fully vaccinated, you are ready to travel to Italy; Italy does not currently require fully vaccinated U.S. citizens to be quarantined upon arrival, New York Times says to guide where Americans can travel.


Visiting Sweden is the ultimate experience of balance: this country is full of outdoor experiences, but also ultra-sophisticated and elegant cities. Everything here is elegant and well designed … but nothing is overdone. Considered one of the best places in the world to live, Sweden is what most of us imagine when we think of a Nordic wonderland. Head to national parks like Sarek, Muddus, Sonfjället, and Abisko to admire glaciers, meadows, and the Northern Lights, or head to Stockholm city for delicious Swedish hygge cuisine. The NYT reports that American travelers can enter Sweden as long as they have proof of vaccination.

South Africa

If you’re up for one of the ultimate wildlife viewing experiences, it’s time to head to South Africa. With stunning biodiversity and breathtaking scenery, the southern tip of the African continent has long been on the bucket list of adventure-loving travelers. Kruger National Park is the place to go if you want to spot elephants, cheetahs, lions, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, and buffaloes roaming their natural habitats. Other fascinating places to explore include the Cape of Good Hope, the Nelson Mandela Museum, and the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town. To enter South Africa, Americans must have passed a negative COVID test within 72 hours of departure.

Turks and Caicos Islands

If basking in the sun is your idea of ​​a great vacation (and we can’t blame you), Turks and Caicos should definitely be on your radar. Less crowded than most island destinations in the Caribbean, these islands have managed to remain low in density and, therefore, simply breathtaking in terms of beaches and views. The resorts here are luxurious and diving is known to be particularly out of this world. To enter the country, all visitors aged 16 and over must be fully vaccinated and will need to test negative for COVID 19 with three days of departure. Finally, they must have insurance that covers medical costs related to COVID-19.


Thailand is another such country full of extremes … Big cities like Bangkok are certainly one end of the spectrum, but vast expanses of rainforests and stunning beaches are another. Head to towns and villages to experience authentic Thai cuisine, loved the world over for its flavor and fresh ingredients, or relax on the country’s stunning beaches including Hat Khuat, Hat Bang Thao, Ao Wai and Hat Semila. Vaccinated travelers are welcome, but must request a Thailand Pass, pass a COVID-19 test and have health insurance covering at least $ 50,000 in COVID-related expenses.

Safety Precautions


Now is the time to keep in mind some useful tips if you are going on an adventure to help keep yourself and others happy and healthy. And the first goes almost without saying: hide yourself. Wearing a mask helps considerably reduce your chances contract or spread COVID-19. We are now pros, so no surprises here!

Focus on outdoor activities

It is also now well known that outdoor activities are deeply safer as indoor activities with regard to the transmission of COVID. So, wherever possible, choose outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, lazing on the beaches, walking the historic streets of the city and visiting botanical gardens or open art places. air. Eat outdoors when you can (have dinner at an outdoor cafe or picnic in the park, anyone?) And try to stick to outdoor venues if you are attending concerts. The best part? Traveling in which you spend your time moving around, soaking up the sun, and exploring new places is much better anyway.

Wash your hands regularly

Another piece of advice that goes without saying: Wash your paws. For a good 20 seconds. In hot soapy water.

Stay hydrated

When traveling, and especially on flights, it is easy to get dehydrated because the air in airplane cabins is very dry. You are also probably moving a lot more than usual and therefore sweating a lot more. So be sure to rehydrate yourself, if only to avoid headaches and make sure you feel better.

Avoid crowded areas

Finally, avoid crowded places, like indoor concert halls, long lines indoors, and large crowds. While traveling, it can be nearly impossible to avoid the crowds entirely … and that’s where the mask and hand washing recommendations come in.

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