Weird Skyrim glitch causes player to run on horseback

A strange Skyrim A glitch resulted in a player running on his horse. This Skyrim glitch is every bit as intriguing as it sounds, leaving viewers entertained and maybe even a little confused.

In some cases, the glitch inspires fans to create special mods as a tribute to the original glitch. In that case, it’s surprising that a mod hasn’t already been produced for something like this that would be entertaining for players throughout the game. However, for fans of Skyrim, The next issue is another quirk to add to the list of weird things that can happen in the open world game. Other horse-related glitches have been reported, such as one that had a Skyrim horse flying away from the player, or making an NPC look like they have a horse’s head instead of their normal facial features.


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The title “Skyrim teaches us how to ride a horse properly” is the caption that Reddit user u/Lucky1338 accompanied his video, showing a bizarre circumstance that allowed the player to run in place on top of his horse. The horse was also running during this glitch, so it could be the player character that glitched. There have been other strange ways to Skyrim traveling with their companions on horseback, such as Parkour on impassable surfaces, but this seems to be a first.

What makes this clip even more impressive is that it takes place on top of a windy mountain covered in snow, which could create a slippery slope. The player descends the side of the mountain on top of their horse, then jumps before landing on their horse in a seated position. The Reddit community commented on how the landing was a 10/10 and called the issue “horse surfing”, an apt name given the circumstances. A Reddit user asked the player to do a kickflip, suggesting the horse was equivalent to a skateboard. Among the various glitches concerning the horses in Skyrimlike the one that turns the player into a horse, and now the one where the player runs on a horse, fans may suspect they’ve seen every possible variation of glitch in the game involving a horse.

Knowledge Skyrim, however, the game will continue to amaze the gaming community, which is a testament to the game’s popularity many years after its initial release. All this horse trouble never fails to entertain, which shows some irony in realizing that Bethesda has almost entirely removed this gameplay feature from the game.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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