Unique places to picnic in Utah

UTAH (ABC4) – Utah is seeing better days with warm weather, flowering buds and an easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

As more and more people go out to enjoy the sun, many can plan to enjoy a picnic. So for those going outdoors: grab a basket, fancy bread, butter, and cheese if you’re feeling adventurous, for here are five unique picnic destinations to experience in Utah.

Northern Utah | Salt Lake Valley | Central Utah | Southern Utah

Bear River Migratory Bird Sanctuary

🗺️ Northern Utah

📍 2155 W Forest St, Brigham City, UT 84302

This gem is a great place for those hanging out in Northern Utah. Located in Brigham City, the Bear River Migratory Bird Sanctuary protects the marshes found at the mouth of the Bear River; these swamps are the “largest component of fresh water of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem. “

This wildlife oasis is perfect for a day of adventure and a picnic.

Spiral pier

🗺️ Northern Utah

Corinne, UT

Enjoying the sunset with a magnificent view is one way to spend your picnic. Located on the Rozel Point Peninsula on the northeast shore of Grand Lac Salé, the Spiral Jetty is a unique place to feast on good food and savor in fifty shades of sunshine.

Created in April 1970, this outdoor art is considered sculptor Robert Smithson’s most fascinating work. Using over six thousand tons of black basalt rock and earth from the site, Smithson formed a coil 1,500 feet long and 15 feet wide that winds counterclockwise from the ground up. shore in the water.

In 1999, thanks to the generosity of artist Nancy Holt, wife of Smithson, and the estate of Robert Smithson, the work was donated to the Dia Art Foundation.

Mirror Lake

🗺️ Salt Lake Valley

Uinta Mountains, Duchesne County

If you want to work out in addition to your meal, you may want to consider taking a look at this green beast. Mirror Lake is two hours from Salt Lake City and is one of most popular mountain driving routes.

The United States Department of Agriculture describes the area as heavily forested with beautiful mountainous terrain, accented by grasslands and craggy peaks.

Grove of Memory Park

🗺️ Salt Lake Valley

📍 300 N Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are a history buff, then Memory Grove will blow your mind. This decades-old park was founded in 1920 by the women of the Star Legion Service.

According to the Salt Lake City Public Lands Division, the group managed to get the city to designate the area as a Memorial to the Fallen United States Military, which would later be dedicated as a Memorial Park in 1924.

As the park was consecrated, many monuments were placed in the park.

Fish Lake Utah National Forest

🗺️ Central Utah

Sevier County, UT

Fish Lake is the state’s largest natural lake and provides a total immersive environment for wildlife. Not only that, but the forest, Pando, is considered the largest and densest organism ever found at nearly 13 million pounds. The clone spans 106 acres, made up of over 40,000 individual trees.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “Visitors from many states, as well as other countries, have come to central Utah to see and experience Pando. In 2006, the US Postal Service honored the Pando clone as one of the “40 Wonders of America” with a stamp in his commemoration. “

Reflection Canyon

🗺️ Central Utah

Kane County, UT

This divine canyon is definitely a place to explore and picnic. Reflection Canyon is located on Hole in the Rock Road which begins in Escalante, UT.

The views from this magnificent 18.7 mile long canyon are indescribable. Not only can you unpack your basket and enjoy your meal here, but if you are an adventure enthusiast you can also backpack in the area.

According to Exterior project, “Hiking Reflection Canyon is not for the faint of heart. This is an incredibly challenging 20 mile round trip hike through the Glen Canyon backcountry for views of Reflection Canyon.

Valley of the Gods

🗺️ Southern Utah

Mexican hat, UT

Also near the very spot where Forrest Gump stopped running, Valley of the Gods could best be described as a hidden state park that many don’t know much about.

Valley of the Gods is a beautiful red rock jungle perfect not only for a day of adventure but also for a fun picnic.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, “the magnificent sandstone monoliths of Cedar Mesa, pinnacles and other geological features of this enchanting region are known as the Miniature Monument Valley”.

So if you are ready for a unique picnic experience this is your place.

Snow Canyon State Park

🗺️ Southern Utah

1002 Snow Canyon Dr, Ivins, UT

“Explore the trails and dunes of beautiful Snow Canyon on foot, by bike and on horseback. Camp in the peaceful campsite surrounded by ancient lava flows and Navajo red sandstone. Uncover the secrets of the desert landscape through seasonal nature programs, ”shares the Natural Resources Division.

Snow Canyon State Park is a great place to have a nice picnic, but also a place where you can take in the great views.

Snow Canyon State Park is a scenic 7,400-acre park nestled amid lava flows and dizzying sandstone cliffs in an incredibly colorful and fragile desert environment. The majestic views and the subtle interplay of light, shadows and colors dancing on the canyon walls elicit strong emotional reactions from visitors, ”they add.

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