Trail Blazers officially announce four camp signings

The Trail Blazers officially signed Devontae Cacok, Olivier Sarre, Isaiah Miller and Jared Roden, the team announced. All four players will apparently be getting the 10 piece training camp offers.

Of the group, only Cacok and Sarr hold NBA experience – Cacok played 36 games in three seasons with the Lakers and Spurs, while Sarr played 22 games with the Thunder last season. Miller was undrafted from UNC Greensboro in 2021 and spent last season in the G League with the Iowa Wolves; Rhoden is an undrafted rookie from Seton Hall.

The Blazers have an unusual roster situation for several different reasons. At the end of August, they gave up Didi Louzada, using the stretch provision to stay below the luxury tax threshold of $150,267,000. That left the standard 15-player roster with 14 players on guaranteed deals, but even adding a minimum-wage player would push them over the tax line, so the last spot will almost certainly remain open for the moment (they could sign someone later in the season if they want because NBA salaries are prorated).

The second reason the roster situation is unusual is that Portland is one of only two NBA teams without a G League affiliation. Usually, players signed to 10-piece deals are referred to as Affiliate Players, and assuming they are canceled before the regular season, they become eligible for a bonus worth up to $50,000 if signed. they stay with the G League team for at least 60 days.

However, as the Blazers have no affiliate, none of the four players will be eligible for the bonus. Instead, it’s obvious that all four will be vying for the club’s only two-way spot still open – brandon williams currently occupies the other. Players under two-way contracts are eligible to appear in 50 games, but are not eligible for the playoffs.

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