The Lions get on board, runway 21-7 at Bears in 3Q

Would it be the week?

The Detroit Lions are 0-3 to open the season, as well as Dan Campbell’s tenure as head coach. But, Sunday seems to offer an opportunity to clinch this first victory.

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Second part

Ongoing: Lions are trying to find a big save after the touchdown

The Bears take over in their own 25th, leading 21-7 with just over 3 minutes left in the third.

Justin Fields throws at Cole Kmet for a gain of 6.

Lions take Bears lead with third quarter touchdown

The Lions take over at Chicago 44.

Jared Goff shoots TJ Hockenson on the first down for a 22-22 win, and the Lions are in business.

Goff’s next throw goes to Amon-Ra St. Brown for a win of 4, then he brings it to Quintez Cephus for a pickup of 10. This will bring up the first and the goal at 8.

This is the Lions’ fourth trip to the red zone today; they are 0-for-3 so far.

Jamaal Williams pushes for 3 yards and Andre Swift gets 1. Another situation of third held in the red zone, this time at 4: And the Lions convert.

Goff hits Kalif Raymond for a 4-yard touchdown that cuts Chicago’s lead to two scores.

Bear 21, Lions 7 (3:19 3)

Lions force 3-and-out to give offense another shot

It’ll be the Bears’ ball at 9 after another terrific Jack Fox punt.

David Montgomery rushes for 3 in his first two races to lead the third and 4. The Lions put pressure on Justin Fields and force a soft pass that falls incomplete.

Xavier Crawford of Chicago cracks Kalif Raymond just as he catches the punt, which will result in an interference penalty. This will put the Lions in Chicago territory.

Bear 21, Lions 0 (6:49 3rd)

Goff sacked on third until the end of training

The Lions gain the upper hand at 20, led 21-0 in the third quarter.

Jared Goff on the first down hits Quintez Cephus for a gain of 20 yards.

Amon-Ra St. Brown is flagged for offensive pass interference in the next play which will make him first and -20.

After an incomplete first down, Goff sent TJ Hockenson on the second down for 11 yards to bring in the third and 9. Khalil Mack sacked Goff, a loss of 6.

Bear 21, Lions 0 (8:14 3rd)

Bears use big game to start Detroit rout

The Bears kick off their first second-half streak when they turn 23.

David Montgomery rushes for 2 yards on the first down. Darnell Mooney takes a straight snap for a gain of 10 on the next game.

Allen Robinson moves the Bears to Lions territory with a 28-yard gain over Detroit’s 37.

Montgomery is stopped for 1. Fields passes over Mooney in the next play, and the 32-yard reception sets up the first and the goal to 4.

Bear 21, Lions 0 (10:38 3rd)

The Lions make a 3-and-out to open the second half

The Lions take over at 25, led 14-0, to open the third quarter.

Jamaal Williams rushes for 6 yards on the first down, TJ Hockenson carries a 2 yard pass on the second down. The throw to Hockenson was postponed on the third try.

Jack Fox’s punt went to Chicago 23.

Bear 14, Lions 0 (13:22 3rd)

First half

Both teams return the ball towards the end of half-time

The Bears take over at 23 after the turn-over. Officials have ruled that Khalil Mack’s turn to Eddie Jackson was in fact a forward pass, so it will push the ball back.

Justin Fields comes out of a sack on the first try and throws at Cole Kmet, incomplete.

Time out # 2 Chicago (2:51 2nd)

David Montgomery rushes for a gain of 8 on the next game.

Two minute warning.

Montgomery rushes for 2, and after a failure, Fields hits Williams for 8 yards and a new set of downs.

Fields’ next pitch is hit on the line and caught by Amani Oruwariye, his second interception in as many weeks.

The Lions will take over at Detroit 39 with 1:01 on the clock and all three timeouts.

Bear 14, Lions 0 (1:01 2nd)

D’Andre Swift is third and 4 after a carryover from second, but a false start on Penei Sewell makes him third and 9. Jared Goff’s throw misses the mark.

Jack Fox’s punt is shot in 4.

Bear 14, Lions 0 (0:34 2nd)

The Bears have run out of time to complete the half.

END 2: Bear 14, Lions 0

Goff of the Lions sacked in red zone as another trip to red zone fails

Detroit takes over at its own 45 after the punt.

Jamaal Williams advances for a gain of 4 on the first try, then recovers 9 in the next play to move into Chicago territory. First and 10 to 42.

Injury Update: Lions C Frank Ragnow (toe) is questionable coming back.

Williams rushes for 2, and after an incomplete second try, the Lions face a critical third and -8. The third down pitch is also incomplete, but Khalil Mack hits Goff in the head to breathe new life into the Lions.

It’s prime and -10 to 25.

D’Andre Swift is cracked for a loss of 1 on the first try. Goff has Kalif Raymond open in the seam on the second try, but the pass goes over his head. It’s third and 11: Goff stays alive with the pocket collapsing around him and hits an Amon-Ra St. Brown dive for a 17-yard gain over the Chicago 9. What a play from the quarterback. Lions.

It’s first and goal at 9.

Williams’ first try is 2, his second try is 3. Detroit is 3.

Goff is fired on the third try; the ball is retrieved by Mack, and after running down the field, he returns it to Eddie Jackson, who was eventually knocked out at Chicago 43. It was a mad rush.

Another trip to the red zone returns empty.

Bear 14, Lions 0 (2:59 2nd)

Lions force huge 3-and-out to keep bears at bay

The Bears take over at their 5 after the turn-over on downs. A false start will make him first and 13 to 2.

David Montgomery rushes for a yard on the first down and 7 on the second down. Justin Fields is on as he tries to let go of the third down pitch, and that will force a punt.

Kalif Raymond returns it to Detroit 43.

Bear 14, Lions 0 (8:00 2nd)

Lions fail in the red zone again, return the ball in the stockings

The Lions take over at 25 after the turnover.

Jared Goff throws to D’Andre Swift for a win of 5, then passes for a pickup of 3. Goff’s third pass to TJ Hockenson is incomplete, but results in a pass interference penalty that establishes first and 10 to Detroit 43.

Jamaal Williams rushes for 11 yards on the first down to enter Chicago territory at 46.

Goff goes to Amon-Ra St. Brown for a pickup of 6, then passes to Swfit for a gain of 2. Goff rushes in on the third try, finds Quintez Cephus and he will run up to 5 yards from Chicago. line for a gain of 33 yards.

Goff is forced to throw it on the first try. Swift is driven down for a loss of 2 per second. Goff rushes on the third try, goes down for a gain of 2. Back to square one on the fourth and goal on the 5.

The Lions try their luck on the fourth down, and his pass is blocked by Alec Ogletree to save a touchdown. Declining turnover.

Bear 14, Lions 0 (9:35 2nd)

Bears take a 14-0 lead after a turnaround

The Bears take over at their 13th after the fumble.

David Montgomery’s first shot is for a loss of 3, but Justin Fields is looking deeply for Darnell Mooney in the next game, and he’s a dandy for Chicago. He goes for 64 yards, since Mooney is finally shot down by Bobby Price at Detroit 26.

Injury Alert: Lions DE Romeo Okwara was injured on the game.

Montgomery rushes for 5, then 1, to get third and 4. Fields scrambles with nowhere to throw, earning him an 11-yard gain over the Detroit 11.

END 1ST: Bear 7, Lions 0

Montgomery carries several members of the Lions and Bears into the end zone for a rushed 9-yard touchdown.

Bear 14, Lions 0 (14:51 2nd)

Lions grope in red zone, return ball to Bears

The Lions take over at 27, led 7-0, with 8:44 left in the first quarter.

Jamaal Williams advances on the first down for a gain of 5, and TJ Hockenson moves the sticks with a 7-yard reception in the next play.

Williams feeds on, rushing for 5 on his next carry and 8 on the next to move Detroit into Bears territory at 48. There is some extracurricular activity after the game, but no flag is thrown.

Jared Goff goes up in the pocket and hits Quintez Cephus on first and 10 for a win of 21, before coming out at Chicago 27.

D’Andre Swift gets his first postponement of the game on the first down, leads for 4. Williams leads for 5, then shifts the chains to third and 1 with a 3-yard run down the middle. Excellent response from the Lions offense.

Williams has no room to run on his next postponement and is abandoned for a loss of 1 to lead the second and 11th. Goff’s next throw is thrown into the air and is intercepted by Deon Bush. It was initially ruled that the pass was incomplete, but the Bears challenge.

The decision on the ground is upheld. After the play, Chicago’s Khyiris Tonga lit up TJ Hockenson – presumably trying to keep him from reaching Bush – which earned him an unnecessary harshness penalty. When all is said and done, it is the first and the goal of the 8.

Goff isn’t ready to accept the snap, he bounces straight off a Chicago defender, and the Bears end up with it anyway. Bah Hum Bug.

Bear 7, Lions 0 (2:44 1st)

Bears descend the field with ease to take a 7-0 lead

The Bears won the toss and chose to receive. Justin Field is Chicago’s quarterback. The opening kickoff goes for a touchback. Bears start at 25.

David Montgomery takes the first down for a gain of 9. Montgomery’s next goes for 4 yards and another set of downs at 34.

Darnell Mooney lands a 4-yard reception on the first down, and after a 2-yard run my Montgomery is third and 4. Mooney gets 4 more; the Bears will try their luck on the fourth down and convert with a 9-yard rush. It’s first and -10 at Detroit 44.

Montgomery wants 4 more, and Mooney is wide open on the next play to carry a 21-yard reception to the Detroit 19.

Damien Williams takes his first carry, a gain of 4. Then he rushes for 10 before going out of bounds at 5. The Bears made it easy on this drive.

Marquise Goodwin is pissed for a yard on first and goal, but Montgomery hits it at the next play with a 4-yard run from Montgomery.

Bear 7, Lions 0 (8:49 1st)


The Lions face the Bears at 1 p.m. Sunday at Soldier Field. In Chicago, Detroit appears to be facing a somewhat distraught franchise, from a seemingly in the hot seat, to even speculation that the franchise could move to the suburbs.

On the pitch, the Bears will start rookie quarterback Justin Fields for the second time, after his first didn’t go so well.

The Bears have something the Lions don’t – namely a win this season – but the Lions have been close, failing after a furious fourth-quarter rally in the opener against the San Francisco 49ers, then losing. a fashion-breaking record last week at the Baltimore Ravens.

Lions to bears

To start up: 1 p.m. Sunday, Soldier Field, Chicago

TV / radio: Fox / 97.1

Recordings: Lions 0-3; Bear 1-2

Line: Bears by 3

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