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Members of the Fort Hood community gathered at the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area to compete in the annual sprint triathlon on Saturday.

Captain Austin Brown, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, was the top man overall with a time of 31:31.

“I love the sport of triathlon,” he said of why he wanted to participate. “I grew up with my dad competing in local races, so after college I decided to try one myself. I got hooked pretty quickly and now try to run whenever I can. When I saw that Fort Hood MWR was hosting a race, I immediately signed up.

He loves the community that triathlons create and was happy to participate in it again.

“My favorite part was the basic feeling this race had. I think one of the special aspects of this sport is how supportive and inclusive the community is for everyone to strive to achieve their own personal goals, ”he said. “After a year in which most races seem (ed) to be canceled, it was nice to relive such an atmosphere.”

He admitted that the most trying part for him came as he neared the finish line as he ran in the sand along the waterfront.

“At that point you can see the finish line and I was giving it my all, but my feet felt like they were sinking into the sand and I couldn’t push,” he said. -he explains.

He was delighted to finish first overall because it was the first time he had won an overall prize in a triathlon. He recommends that soldiers get involved in things like triathlons to develop themselves.

“I think it’s important for soldiers to find passions outside of work to help them develop as well-rounded individuals,” he said. “Triathlon is just one example of many where people can set goals and challenge themselves to achieve them.”

Captain Catherine Barich, 43rd Veterinary Services of the Medical Detachment, won 1st place overall for women with a time of 46:05.

“I have been competing in triathlons (for) two years when I completed my first at my last duty station in Pensacola, Florida. Since then I have been addicted to the sport and (am) always looking for races to participate in, ”she said.

She shared that the swimming part of the triathlon was the most enjoyable for her.

“The adrenaline of running or jumping in the water is second to none,” she shared.

Many participants, including Barich, found the cycling part difficult due to a large hill on the course.

“The hill just before the turn was very steep, but once you got to the top it was pretty smooth sailing from there,” she said.

She felt amazing when she received the first place women’s trophy at the end of the race.

“I have already won my division, but never in the general women’s classification. I was delighted, ”she exclaims.

Triathlons have made Barich stronger, especially mentally, and she recommends her peers get involved in sports for the same reason as well.

“Endurance sports are a great test of resilience,” she said. “It’s a lot of mental courage and the confidence in your body to do what it was trained to do. Plus, it’s so rewarding to finish a race and think, ‘I just did it.’ , it makes you feel superhuman.

The next DFMWR running event is the Fort Hood Ten-Miler Shadow Run at BLORA. For more information, visit https://hood.armymwr.com/calendar/event/fort-hood-ten-miler/5268671/61653.

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