Stinar For 3: Have the Trail Blazers reached their peak?

The Portland Trail Blazers made the Western Conference in 2019, but were swept by the Golden State Warriors.

It was the farthest they’d been in the playoffs since the 2000 NBA season, and while they’ve been a consistent presence in the playoffs, they’ve lost in the first round in each of the past two and four seasons. of the last five seasons. .

This season they don’t even look like they’re a legitimate playoff team, and a lot of that really is down to injuries, but even without the injuries they just seem to be running out of gas.

CJ McCollum hasn’t played since Dec. 4 and Damian Lillard has missed the last five games and has now undergone surgery which is keeping him out for some time.

It all comes with the Trail Blazers sitting as the tenth seed in the Western Conference with a 16-24 record in 40 games.

If the playoffs started now, they would be the last team to enter the qualifying tournament, so it’s not like their season is over.

However, this is a team that had the roster of someone trying to do a lot more than go for a first-round playoff.

Lillard is 31 and McCollum is 30, so they’re just running out of time.

Not to mention the star guards have been playing together since 2011-12.

This trip to the conference finals in 2019 is nothing to be ashamed of as a lot of tandems never even make it that far.

However, they may have just maxed out what they can do with the roster, and age and injuries only clarify that.

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