Scott Patterson wins 8th title and Christy Marvin sets new course record in 7th straight win at Crow Pass Crossing

The 37th annual Crow Pass Crossing race was originally scheduled to take place last weekend, but weather conditions forced the wild 22.5-mile marathon to be postponed for a week. Due to the delay, a race that was originally expected to have 180 participants saw its numbers nearly halved to 80.

Still, that didn’t stop multiple defending champions Scott Patterson of Anchorage and Christy Marvin of Palmer from extending their respective winning streaks.

Patterson finished first in the men’s division with an unofficial time of 3:04:02, marking his eighth victory in nine races – and his sixth consecutive victory. He is one of the most decorated multi-sport endurance athletes in Alaskan history as a runner and cross-country skier.

“The brush was a little higher and the mud was a little deeper,” Patterson said. “I ran hard but it wasn’t a fast course this year. It was still fun”

Crossing the Crow Pass

He said he loved this particular race because of the difficult terrain and conditions the course required riders to endure and overcome.

“It’s engaging throughout,” Patterson said. “You’re always working through brush, mud or corners and it keeps you focused all the time.”

Patterson, who competed in the Winter Olympics in February, currently spends most of his time training for cross-country skiing, so the postponement hasn’t really disrupted his normal regimen this time of year. year.

Despite the extra week of prep, Patterson was still dealing with a bit of fatigue in her legs after racing the Cirque Series at Alyeska last weekend.

He broke the men’s and overall race record last year with a time of 2:50:05, and while he hasn’t reached or beaten that mark this year, he still holds nearly half of the Top 10 in the nearly four-decade history of the event.

“It wasn’t my fastest, but it always depends on the course,” Patterson said. “It was tough today.”

As expected, he encountered but didn’t get too close to wildlife on his way to the finish line, including a pair of moose 10 miles away and two different encounters with black bears.

It didn’t take him long to leave the rest of his competition behind once the race started. He said he distanced himself pretty quickly and his APU Ski Center teammate Ari Endestad held on the longest for the first five or ten minutes.

“Going up the hill to the pass is definitely my strength, so that’s where I go away every year, so I expected to run solo the whole way,” Patterson said.

Crossing the Crow Pass

Marvin finished first in the women’s division for the seventh consecutive year, but this year’s result was particularly significant and impressive as she set a new course record with an unofficial mark of 3:25:51.

“I’m feeling really good and I’ll feel even better shortly when I recover,” Marvin said. “It was a tough day out there, I know I was on course record pace at the river and after we had a bear detour I was pretty sure I lost it because we took … minutes and it took a lot of energy.”

She likes to choose a Bible verse to draw strength from before each race she runs and before running this year’s Crow Pass Crossing she chose Mark 9:23.

“All things are possible to those who believe,” Marvin quoted in the Bible. “I just had to keep believing it was possible and knowing the pain is temporary, I wouldn’t regret trying it later.”

Crossing the Crow Pass

The 41-year-old was thrilled that it all came together and that all of her hard work and training had paid off in a major way and is happy to be a part of history.

Her husband, Ben, who ran alongside her for most of the race and finished seconds after her, was one of 10 participants who completed the “Burly Double” after running the Matanuska Peak Challenge the day before. Saturday.

“I’m super proud of him and he actually got the Burly Triple that most people don’t know because we were sheep hunting for a week before,” Marvin said. “We came back Friday night, unpacked, washed his clothes, got up and he ran Mat Peak.”

Crossing the Crow Pass
Crossing the Crow Pass

For consecutive days, Ben Marvin finished third overall at the Matanuska Peak Challenge and Crow Pass Crossing, where he also finished second to Patterson in the men’s division with an unofficial time of 3:26:00.

The Marvins planned to run the two races together before the Crow Pass Crossing was postponed, but Marvin decided to forgo the Matanuska Peak Challenge and put all of his energy into trying to break another record.

“I have the course record at Mat Peak and I wanted to get that course record,” Marvin said. “It’s the one I’ve been chasing for a very long time.”

Crossing the Crow Pass

She came close to setting the record the first year she ran the race, but was 20 seconds behind and hadn’t come back that close despite finishing five consecutive top finishes until this year.

“Nobody ever sets a record on their own,” Marvin said. “There are family, friends, race directors and volunteers leading the way and we couldn’t do it without all of them.”

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