Running towards the future of Cleveland, learning its history step by step

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Phil Kidd doesn’t run away; he runs towards a greater knowledge of Cleveland.

“I take readers on a journey through Cleveland, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, looking at what the notable landmarks are there, what the history of the street is, which is perhaps a notable undertaking. “Kidd said of his blog.

Kidd moved to Cleveland from Youngstown to work for Northwest Neighborhoods CDC, serving the Edgewater, Cudell and Detroit Shoreway neighborhoods on the west side of Cleveland. He started running the city to learn more on his own. Now he’s running to educate others.

“I really think there are a lot of hidden gems on every street,” Kidd said. “I think what’s cool is you can really see how the city has developed, you can just see tree rings as a neighborhood evolves and then by extension a city.”

He’s driven about 350 miles – eight neighborhoods on the west side of Cleveland – but he estimates that there are about 3,500 miles of streets in Cleveland.

“When you’re in these neighborhoods, the little alleys and all the public art in the backs of the garages that no one will ever see except or maybe the people on that street,” Kidd said.

The blog has gained national media attention and has subscribers across the country. But, the little things are the reason he does it.

“It’s amazing how much I’ve learned. “

Learn more with every step forward.

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