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“I’m used to having my road signs taken, it seems to happen in every election,” Moretz said. “There is a difference between someone who shoots a [small] yard sign and someone taking the time to spray paint and cut a large banner.

Facciani is a retired East and West Coasts speech therapist who has four children, one in college and three still in the county school system. She began to pay more attention to the school board during the coronavirus shutdown, she said, and disagreed with many of her opponent’s votes.

“He didn’t show leadership and repeatedly demonstrated that he was unreliable and easily swayed by bad actors,” Facciani said. “So I decided to run for his job because I knew I could do better.”

Facciani declined to comment further on who the bad actors are and was brief about previous leadership failures.

“It’s not too hard to go back and look up,” Facciani said. “He failed to get our children back to school earlier. “

Moretz is a heritage counselor with two children attending Hidden Valley High School, and his wife is a career educator. He was appointed to the school board in 2015 to fill a vacant position, then was elected in 2016 and recently ran unopposed for re-election in 2017.

“Some of the political discourse has spread to local elections, and I think it’s wonderful that people are passionate about a local election but, I mean, come on,” Moretz said. “There is no place for that. I think we could still have a respectful campaign.

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