Police find live deer in trunk during routine traffic stop


A routine traffic stop in York County, Pennsylvania turned out to be anything but when police discovered a live deer in the trunk of the vehicle they had stopped. According to local media outlet WJAC, police officers stopped the vehicle near the intersection of Old Trail Road and Old York Road around midnight on January 4. . Upon closer inspection, they realized that there was in fact a third passenger in the vehicle. He had four legs, a white tail and was still very much alive.

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The two human passengers in the front of the car then told police that they had struck the deer earlier with their vehicle. Thinking he was dead, they explained, they decided to put him in the back of the car. Lucky for them (and their vehicle), the police stopped them before the deer could piece together the Tommy Boy scene.

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The two officers asked the 21-year-old passenger to release the live deer from the vehicle. After what seems to take a minute to calm down, the man simply takes the injured and restless deer in his arms and carries it across the street and off camera. It was not known if the deer survived or if wildlife officials were planning to euthanize it. Police have taken the driver, a 19-year-old woman, into custody in connection with the DUI investigation. Newberry Township Police aptly uploaded the absurd dash camera images to YouTube, but disabled the integration on other sites. You can watch the video of the passenger taking the deer out of the vehicle here.


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