Obviously, the San Francisco 49ers need Trey Lance have a great off-season. After all, the 21-year-old quarterback will likely be the team’s starter next season.

“That’s the plan. That’s the plan,” Lance told Rich Eisen last week. “It is my plan.”

Most expect the 49ers to trade their starting quarterback since 2017, Jimmy Garoppolo, officially ushering in the Lance era in Santa Clara. Lance has little experience, however, making a strong offseason a priority for last year’s No. 3 pick. He only started two games last season. Before that, he only played one game since January 11, 2020.

NBC Sports’ Peter King says one good offseason won’t be enough. The 49ers were in the NFC Championship Game and have a talented roster capable of carrying a young quarterback through any growing pains. However, a strong start to the season from Lance could make the 49ers a dangerous opponent in 2022.

“I think it’s an absolutely huge priority that Trey Lance should launch in week 1 in September,” King told 95.7 The Game’s Damon Bruce and Ray Ratto. “He’s got to have a great offseason, not a great offseason. He’s got to have a great offseason. And so, for me, when I look at what they have to do, I think it’s got to be something that Trey Lance is going to have to dedicate and do whatever Kyle Shanahan wants him to do.

“Look, they’re prohibited from doing a lot of things because of the collective agreement, but you can voluntarily do whatever you want. So I think they have to spend an inordinate amount of time making sure Trey Lance is ready to go. and ready to play at a high level. That would be my No. 1 priority.”

King isn’t the only one who thinks it’s a big offseason for the young quarterback.

“I think this offseason is going to be huge for [Lance]”, wide receiver Deebo Samuel said last week, “like it was my second year in the league. It was really important to me, and unfortunately I got injured, but with time comes greatness.

“So I feel like the more time passes [he’s] able to set up and get the mechanics, he’ll know what it takes to be a pro. I feel like he will do a good job in this league.”

Bruce joked that maybe Lance should move in with Shanahan this offseason. Although not allowed, King had another idea for Lance until the quarterback could meet with his coaches again.

“Maybe what [Lance] does too is maybe he flies to Denver, spends two weeks with Mike Shanahan at Shanahan’s, and he just does it,” King suggested. “There’s no rule against that. , obviously.”

You can listen to the full conversation with King below.