Patriots’ Berj Najarian runs Boston Marathon for new nonprofit focused on showcasing culture – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The New England Patriots have one of their best members in the organization hosting the Boston Marathon this year. Berj Najarian is running for a brand new cause close to his heart.

“The foundation is called Who we are, a nonprofit that I started in late 2021 that aims to help culture thrive,” Najarian told WBZ-TV. “It’s on all levels: language, food, music, art, architecture, so it’s all part of the kind of culture we want to help thrive. I know this from my own background, but Who We Are is about doing this for all different cultures.

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Najarian is Belichick’s Director of Football Administration/Head Coach. He is still on the run but remains in touch with his Armenian culture.

“For generations, for centuries, people have come to this country, not always by choice but just to survive. What’s so impressive is not only that people are surviving physically, but their cultures are surviving,” Najarian said.

This won’t be Najarian’s first Boston Marathon, he ran in 2014. He completed that race in over four hours.

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This time he has a new goal. “If I finish and the first number is a three, I’ll be thrilled,” Najarian said.

His music will help him cross the 26.2 miles. “The list is like 58 songs. I hope I don’t need it because it’s about four hours and 30 minutes. I hope I don’t need it all.

Najarian lives on Marathon Road near mile 15.5. “It’s a good thing to be so close to the road because that’s all I run, it’s the road,” he said. “There isn’t a step between Natick and Boston College that I don’t know about. I get out of my house, I can go two ways, I can go west, it’s flat. If I go east, it’s hilly. So I can get it anyway.

Donations to the Who We Are foundation “will go to a child who keeps their language alive in them or if they are interested in music or an artist, things like that. That’s what we do,” Najarian said.

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You can watch live coverage of the 126th Boston Marathon on WBZ-TV and CBS on Monday, April 18, 2022.

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