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SHERIDAN – Lindsay Parish loves a challenge.

That’s why she enjoys teaching math, challenging her students to solve various problems, and falling in love with the material the way she did. That’s why she learned to ski and rock climb while earning her undergraduate math degree from the University of Wyoming. That’s why she started and sponsored the Outdoors Club at Sheridan High School and enjoys the outdoors every season, refusing to let occasional injuries slow down her active lifestyle. Most recently, that’s why she earned a master’s degree in middle-level mathematics and accepted a position at Big Horn Middle School.

“I love to learn,” said Parish, 30. “I like to improve myself at what I do. I love being an educator, it brought me a lot of joy. … And, if I ask my students to learn new and stimulating things, I want to keep learning and doing stimulating things myself.

Originally from Cheyenne, Parish grew up surrounded by friends, family and mentors who pushed her to try new things and credit her early outdoor experiences and math for developing her passion for them. of them. After graduating from the University of Wyoming, she taught high school math in Anchorage, Alaska with her sweetheart-turned-husband.

Familiar with the Bighorn Mountains, Parish and her husband were eager to move to Sheridan and teach. In 2018, the parishes started the Outdoors Club at Sheridan High School, which partners with the Wyoming Wilderness Association for funding and support.

Her love of learning and taking on new challenges prompts Parish to encourage her students to do the same. Along with the Outdoors Club, Parish regularly takes students to the Bighorns for rock climbing, skiing and mountain biking. The ability to help students find their “niche” outside and build relationships with high school students outside of the classroom reminds Parish why she loves her job.

“I like the variety [of being outdoors]», Declared the parish. “And that’s why I like to teach too because it changes every year. You meet new students and work with them, so it’s a new change every time, and I love that.

Isaac VanDyke and Haley Valentine, math teachers at Sheridan High School, see Parish’s spirit of adventure manifested in his willingness to try different ways to teach his students and stay active. Valentine said her students often ask if they can visit Ms. Parish’s adjoining room, and VanDyke pointed out that Parish overcame the adversity of a knee injury to cycle through Iowa to show Parish’s character.

“She offers solutions instead of complaining about things,” VanDyke said. “She really wants to focus on the kids, and when you focus on the kids it’s really easy to work with someone. It’s super fun to work with, witty and hilarious.

The parish also serves as a steward of the Provision Fund, an organization that oversees donations from patrons or community members in Sheridan County, and assigns them to early childhood education, care for the elderly and the elderly. seniors and parks and recreation services. Her involvement as one of 10 Stewards opened the eyes of the ward to the problem-solving and opportunity-creating nature of the Sheridanites.

“She is a person who brings a lot of fun, challenges and adventure to both Sheridan High School and the community,” said VanDyke. “And that’s what the youth in our town and community need to see, and she looks like Sheridan, Wyoming to some extent. You see it in his actions, his activities and his personality.

As the parish motivates its peers, the contingency fund, teaching in Sheridan County, and sponsorship of the Outdoors Club have inspired the parish to continue to face and overcome the challenges of the Sheridan community.

“Because Sheridan is a small town, you can and should be involved in anything you want to see happen,” Parish said. “You have to be a part of it. If you want a specific club or resource, you can be an integral part of its development, which is an exciting opportunity and a responsibility. “

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