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It’s no secret that Oxford is on the map for the wealth of his culinary scene which includes award-winning restaurants, vscelebrity chefs and a variety of food that spans the globe and back.

The idea of ​​the Oxford Food Trail began as a way to help restaurants after the year they had to deal with the pandemic. The Oxford Food Trail is a celebration of the food that is on our doorstep and a banner for welcome visitors and residents at explore the food that is distinctly Oxford. We need to get the word out Oxford restaurants are open!

Stops on The Oxford Food Trail includes vslassic southern dishes, from farm to table cooked, some of the best in the south barbecue, gastronomic delights, lively places to dine and creative cocktails befitting a city whose joy is Hotty Grog. It is one of the most dynamic food cities At the South-East, and we want the word to spread as people start to travel and explore.

For residents, there are many places on the trail that are popular and often visited. Other Restaurants are new or the places you have missed in the past. Like any trail, this is the journey as you weave your way through the full range of food offerings and develop your palate and appreciation for what we have in our backyard. See you on the track!

Find the full list here. https://www.oxfordeagle.com/oxford-food-trail/

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