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Mirror photo of Scott Franco Runners start the 15K run of the Blair Regional YMCA Angie Gioiosa’s July 4th Memorial Run on Sunday.

After a year where Blair’s Regional YMCA had to cut back on the July 4 Angie Gioiosa run due to the pandemic, organizers were delighted to see him return to normal capacity.

“Last year we had to live up to Governor Wolf’s obligation to hold it to as many people and fewer,” said Phyllis Baker, director of community development and funds. “Being on a Sunday is a very good amount. We have to remember that we have church services going on and people with other obligations, but over 600 was a great race. “

The peloton of more than 600 participants between the three races took advantage of a sunny sky to compete on Sunday morning for the 46th edition of the event which took place in the streets of downtown Altoona.

Some of the contestants came from as far away as Philadelphia, Michigan and Maryland.

Loc O won the men’s 15 km for the second year in a row this year with a time of 52 minutes, 46.17 seconds. The Williamsburg Community High School cross-country and track assistant coach says it’s just something he enjoys being a part of.

“It’s a local race and I like to do it” he said. “I love the atmosphere in Altoona.

Matthew Balogh, with a time of 52: 50.96, and AJ Kelley (52: 57.56) completed the top three.

The winner of the women’s competition was Baylee Robley, a resident of State College, with a time of 1: 04.13. She last participated in a road race in 2019. She loved to immerse herself in this environment.

“I started to appreciate the races which are not on the road” Robley said. “It’s a good reminder of what that kind of atmosphere is. I love being surrounded by so many people and having that city feel.

She was followed by Regina Ruggery (1: 07.45) and Reese Wilber (1: 12.33).

Baker said the most significant changes they made were to switch from water in an open container to bottled water on the course and prepackaged food. She also noted that virtual races, like the others, tended not to be as good for participation, but noted that their races, on the whole, did not skip a beat.

“We are happy with whatever we can provide to the community, but with so many people at a time when theoretically not all races are doing so well across the country and state, ours has never been. affected “, she said. “Some people still aren’t comfortable being in a crowd, but the fact that we have over 600 people was amazing to us.”

Meanwhile, in the 5K race, Ephrata’s Wayne Hooper was the winner with a time of 16: 21.97, followed by Ian Sherlock (16: 45.75) and Christopher Love (16: 46.75). Morgan Hess of Huntingdon took first place in the women with a time of 20: 01.50 with Quinn McElhenny (20: 03.76) and Alexis Lovrich (20: 34.66) second and third respectively.

To complete the 2 mile walk, it was Donna Stoltz of Altoona who won the women’s race with a time of 20: 37.26 followed by Joan Murcieak (23: 09.75) and Lisa Appleby 23: 41.76.

Tyrone’s Mike Boytim won the men’s crown with a time of 20: 54.7 with Carl Kondrach clocking 23: 23.62 and Lou Pincherri finishing at 23: 38.76.


RUN OF 15K: 1, Loc O, 52: 46.17. 2, Matthew Balogh, 52: 50.96. 3, AJ Kelley, 52: 57.56. 4, Clayton Blose, 53: 18.89. 5, Ben Amour, 55: 20.43. 6, Will Hymes, 55: 48.60. 7, Rob Crossman, 56: 43.76. 8, Luke Ruggery, 57: 46.24. 9, Rich love, 59: 18.85. 10, Jay Kopper, 59: 26.76.

5K RUN: 1, Wayne Hooper, 16: 21.97. 2, Ian Sherlock, 16: 45.75. 3, Christopher Love, 16: 46.75. 4, Aidan Kelley, 16: 56.58. 5, Gabe Eberole, 17: 47.16. 6, Braeden Ferguson, 18: 18.68. 7, Timothy Kelley, 18: 27.38. 8, George Boutiller, 18: 31.88. 9, Walt Wedel, 18: 37.95. 10, Cooper Campbell, 19: 43.58.

MARCH 2M: 1, Donna Stoltz, 20: 37.26. 2, Mike Boytim, 20: 54.70. 3, Joan Muriceak, 23: 09.75. 4, Carl Kondrach, 23: 32.62. 5, Lou Pincherri, 23: 38.76. 6, Lisa Appleby, 23: 41.76. 7, Sherry Obert, 24: 20.76. 8, Jolinda Trude, 25: 16.76. 9, Mike Wagner, 25: 16.99. 10, David Leeper, 25: 32.36.

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