Outdoor photographers blown away by ‘insane’ moon jellyfish bloom near Deep Cove in British Columbia – BC

A huge bloom of moon jellyfish has outdoor filmmakers racing to a dock off Deep Cove in North Vancouver.

It’s a good thing they don’t have much sting, because those who dive in the cold waters of the Indian Arm – səl̓ilw̓ət in Hun’qumyi’num – report that thousands of them have gathered .

“All of a sudden you find yourself in this amphitheater of pulsating floating jellyfish,” said wildlife conservation photographer Steve Woods. “They’re just all over you, everywhere you look.”

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“You basically swim through the jellyfish and they bounce off your face,” added cinematographer Josh Goodman.

“There will be times when you can’t move through them because they’re so thick.”

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UBC researcher seeks to uncover the secrets of the humble jellyfish

UBC researcher seeks to uncover the secrets of the humble jellyfish – January 18, 2019

Moon jelly is abundant in the coastal waters of British Columbia and is found in bays and harbors from the west coast of California to Alaska.

According to the Vancouver Aquarium’s animal care manager, however, the recent spell of unusually warm weather may have something to do with this particular bloom.

“Jellyfish reproduction is often driven by temperature changes in the water,” explained Mackenzie Neale. “This one looks a little bigger than I’ve seen in many, many years.”

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Outdoor photographers interviewed by Global News have traveled all over the world to capture incredible images of wildlife, but said it was a rare opportunity to take such a short drive to get them – and a face-to-face experience. unforgettable face.

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“I saw some cool stuff,” said outdoor adventure photographer Zachary Moxley. “I’ve swum with whales, I’ve parachuted over the Blue Hole in Belize, but having this in our backyard is just crazy.”

“Canada is such a heavenly country,” added Woods. “You have all this absolutely amazing wildlife so close to where people live.”

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