Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott tops list of greatest running backs in college football playoff history: College Football Survivor Show

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In the eight-year history of college football playoffs, there have been 16 games in which a running back rushed 100 yards.

It was one of the main considerations in selecting the four best running backs in playoff history so far, which Shehan Jeyarajah and I done on our bonus episode of The college football survivor show this week.

On a list like this, we considered the overall career and talent of the running backs, but what they did in the semi-finals and in the league is what mattered most. Some backs have only made one playoff and had a game or two to make their mark. Other stats accumulated over multiple playoffs, including a running back who played in four consecutive playoffs.

These are the careers we considered. So more action meant more opportunities. And while some of the choices were easy, not all of them were.

One thing you’ll notice – 13 of the top 16 running games for running backs have come in the semi-finals. Things get complicated in the title matches.

We’ll continue that in the offseason, picking the Mount Rushmore playoffs in other positions, from quarterback to linebacker to coach. But we started by running backwards, and this list helped us.

1. Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State, 246 yards against Oregon, championship2014 season

2. Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State, 230 meters vs. Alabama, semi-final, 2014 season

3.Brian Robinson, Alabama, 204 yards vs. Cincinnati, semi-final, 2021 season

4.Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma, 201 yards against Georgia, semi-final, 2017 season

5.Trey Sermon, Ohio State, 193 yards vs. Clemson, semi-final, 2020 season

6. Sony Michel, Georgia, 181 yards vs. Oklahoma, semi-final, 2017 season

7. Bo Scarbrough, Alabama, 180 meters against Washington, semi-final, 2016 season

8.JK Dobbins, Ohio State, 174 yards vs. Clemson, semi-final, 2019 season

9. Derrick Henry, Alabama, 158 yards against Clemson, championship2015 season

10. Wayne Gallman, Clemson, 150 meters vs. Oklahoma, semi-final, 2015 season

11. Nick Chubb, Georgia, 145 meters vs. Oklahoma, semi-final, 2017 season

12. Najee Harris, Alabama, 125 meters against Notre Dame, semi-final, 2020 season

13. Thomas Tyner, Oregon, 124 yards vs. Florida State, semi-final, 2014 season

14. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, USL, 110 meters against Clemson, championshipseason 2019

15. Travis Stephen, Clemson, 109 yards against Notre Dame, semi-final, 2018 season

16. Dalvin Cook, Florida State, 103 yards vs. Oregon, semi-final, 2014 season

This list gives you an idea of ​​our four picks, but it doesn’t paint the complete picture. So try the pod.

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Thanks for listening.

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