Namibian runners banned from 400-meter race at Olympics

The two Namibian runners, who set the fastest time in the 400 meters this year, will not be able to compete at the Tokyo Olympics.

Runner suspension Shakeri richardsonShelby Furihan, tested positive for marijuana in US Olympic trials His positive steroid test was attributed to pork burritos, made headlines and been the subject of conversations across the United States.

But it’s not just American athletes who are banned. For various reasons, it has been determined that world-class athletes from all over the world will not be able to attend the Tokyo Olympics event. Who did we ask Check with TikTok A claim about a Namibian runner who was due to compete for a medal in the 400-meter race.


Were the two Namibian runners disqualified from the Olympic race because their natural testosterone levels were too high?

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Yes, two Namibian runners were disqualified from the 400-meter race at the Tokyo Olympics because their natural testosterone levels exceeded the threshold set by the regulator.

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The Namibian National Olympic Committee (NNOC) published on July 2 the disqualification of two runners, Christine Muboma and Beatrice Masilingi. declaration, According to the NNOC, Muboma and Masiringi were tested in Italy, where they trained, and the two 18-year-olds were found to have naturally high levels of testosterone and were unable to compete in some international races, including the 400 meters.

Rules that limit runners’ natural testosterone levels have been enforced by World Athletics, the international governing body of athletics. This only applies to women participating in races between 400 meters and 1 mile.

In 2018, World Athletics, then known as the International Athletics Federation (IAAF), Lower testosterone threshold Up to 5 nanomoles per liter of blood. According to World Athletics, testosterone levels in most women are below 2 nanomoles per liter.

World Athletics says the rules aren’t about cheating because women with naturally high testosterone levels don’t cheat. However, the organization says the rule is to “level the arena to ensure fair and meaningful competition.”

Since the rules Effective in 2019, Some of the best middle distance runners in the world have been abandoned. Three women, Caster Semenya, Francine Nyon Saba and Margaret Wanbui, who won medals in the 800 meters at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics, attend the event as their natural testosterone levels exceed adjusted thresholds. I can not do this anymore.

Muboma had Run the fastest 400 meters This year the third fastest Masiringi in the world was racing, so the two were expected to compete for medals at the event in Tokyo.

The NNOC said Mboma and Masilingi were previously unaware that testosterone levels are naturally high.

According to World Athletics, athletes who are not eligible for middle distance races can re-enter competition by taking drugs that lower testosterone levels below a set threshold.

Semenya, who won the gold medal in the 800-meter races at the London 2012 Olympics and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, filed a lawsuit challenging the restrictions imposed by World Athletics, but did not not yet completed.

Muboma and Masiringi were unable to compete in the 400-meter race, but their Olympic dreams were not shattered. Them too 200m sprint qualification.. Also, the testosterone rules don’t apply to short races, so you can compete.

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Namibian runners banned from 400-meter race at Olympics

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