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More, from a press release released by MotoAmerica:

Unstoppable won in the first race at Ridge Motorsports Park

Jake Gagné wins his sixth consecutive MotoAmerica HONOS Superbike race

Jake Gagne (32) leads Cameron Petersen (45), Loris Baz (76), Mathew Scholtz (11), Josh Herrin (2) and Bobby Fong (50) at the start of Superbike Race One.  Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy of MotoAmerica.
Jake Gagne (32) leads Cameron Petersen (45), Loris Baz (76), Mathew Scholtz (11), Josh Herrin (2) and Bobby Fong (50) at the start of Superbike Race One. Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy of MotoAmerica.

SHELTON, WA (Jun 26, 2021) – Fresh N ‘Lean Attack Performance Yamaha’s Jake Gagné’s plan doesn’t change from race to race. And why would he do it? It’s simple, really. Qualify on pole position, jump on everyone from the start and put the race out of reach from the first laps. It was again the case on a scorching Saturday at Ridge Motorsports Park, the Californian winning his sixth consecutive MotoAmerica HONOS Superbike race after leading from start to finish.

Gagné, who broke the track record in Q2 on Saturday morning, was once again unstoppable. He was leading on every lap and without the oppressive heat it could have been classified as a walk in the park.

“It’s kind of a balance,” said Gagné. “Especially this weekend, I knew if I got a good start, if I got the first corner, the second clean corner, then I could put my head down for a few laps. It’s a balance. I knew how good it was. it’s hot, those tires are taking a hit. It was hotter than the whole weekend so I wasn’t sure how we were going to end up after the second half. So I had a good, solid gap in the start, then I rode and I just tried to be smooth, to be gentle on the tires, not to do anything crazy. In fact, I was impressed with how durable these Dunlops were. times I say that. Like Josh (Herrin) said, this team work, work so hard, so it’s great to have Josh here. These guys were close, man. I was looking at my pit table and I didn’t can’t let go. It’s only a few seconds, but anything can happen. Again, hats off to the team. These guys are going to come even stronger tomorrow and I know that we can make improvements in a few areas tomorrow because I know these guys are going to shoot me. Try to keep this ball moving and once again, hats off to everyone. It will be hot tomorrow, so it will be fun.

Second place went to Gagné’s teammate Josh Herrin, the 2013 AMA Superbike champion finding something about his setup that made him faster and more comfortable than in previous races. Second place was Herrin’s best so far in 2021 and he was 4.49 seconds behind Gagné after 17 laps.

“The most important thing is the weather, I think,” Herrin said when asked what changes have been made. “I came this season expecting to be where Jake (Win) is, and it was a hard lesson each time that didn’t happen. It was a struggle. Mentally, I just fought. I think a bit like Cam (Petersen) said, my realistic goal should just be to improve and try to improve as the season progresses. Obviously my main goal is to try to win races, but I have to be smart and not throw it away and improve throughout the season. So I think we are doing a good job. The team spends countless hours at the store and here even guys like Josef are back at the store who don’t get a lot of attention here during the races. He’s back at the store, building engines and keeping Attack while Richard (Stanboli) is here. So it’s a huge team effort for these guys. It’s not just a racing team, but it’s also a performance store so they have a lot of work at home when they come back from the races. Walker brings the truck back and works 24/7 when he gets home. So it’s a big group effort. What we are doing is the slightest effort I think of it all for sure. I think I made the smartest decision of my career when I contacted Josh Hayes during the Brainerd test. It has been huge just for the three days that I have worked with him now. I not only noticed a big difference on the track, but also every time I go through the data with Richard it feels like I have something a little better than before. I can communicate with him a little better because Josh tells me things that I do on the track.

Herrin’s first laps were a bit intimidating, and he came very close to the crash after losing the front at one point.

“The start of the race today, I got it,” Herrin said. “I felt so good at the start and (Loris) Baz threw me a very rough pass on turn 12 and I got in the front because I got out in the dirty. But it kind of made me see it as an Eslick moment (Herrin and Danny Eslick were fierce rivals). I am so excited. It just made me grow so hard. I think I rode like I haven’t rode since 2018. So thanks to Baz for being sketchy and putting him on the line. Hats off to Jake (Win). Six races in a row is not easy. It’s cool to be a teammate with someone who rides so well. Cam (Petersen) had a great race. I’m sure more of these guys will be in the lead tomorrow so we need to rest tonight and be ready tomorrow.

Herrin had his hands full for most of the race with M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Cameron Petersen and South African Herrin until he gave up the pursuit after missing the first chicane. He finished four seconds from third place.

“At the start of the race I’m not going to lie, the first two laps I really struggled,” said Petersen. “I knew Josh (Herrin) had a certain pace so when he passed me I tried to hold on to him. In fact, he ended up pulling a pretty decent gap on me. I knew we had done a lot of laps on old tires, so I kinda waited for that feeling to come back. Once I got used to that feeling with the tires, I started trying to do clean laps. I managed to bridge the gap with Josh a bit and sat there for most of the race. I think there are five or six laps to go, I made a mistake entering the chicane. He got that second on me, or .8 or whatever, and that was pretty much the race over for me. He had a pretty solid pace the whole race so I was definitely behind him. It wasn’t easy at all. Super happy to get another podium. It’s three in a row. First row in history. So we get there. We are shaking it little by little. But well done to these two guys. Jake (Win) once again just on another level. It was fun to ride with Josh (Herrin) there. Congratulations to these two guys.

Loris Baz of Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati New York finished fourth and 14 seconds behind Gagné after qualifying second and it looks like he might have a challenge for Gagné in the race.

Westby Racing’s Mathew Scholtz crossed the finish line five seconds behind Baz in fifth, well ahead of Corey Alexander of HONOS HVMC Racing. Alexander had a strong race to finish career sixth best in the HONOS Superbike class while also winning the Superbike Cup for riders riding 1000 series motorcycles.

David Anthony of FLY Racing ADR Motorsports finished seventh which is his best of the season. Then came Bobby Fong of M4 ECSTAR Suzuki, who managed to finish eighth despite a mechanical problem.

Anthony FLY Racing ADR Motorsports teammate Jayson Uribe and Jake Lewis of Altus Motorsports round out the top 10.

Gagné blows up the championship at this point as he now leads Scholtz by 32 points, 150-118. Herrin is still 15 points behind and only five points ahead of Petersen. Fong is fifth and 80 points behind Gagné after seven races.

More, from a press release issued by Yamaha:

Gagné and Herrin bring the heat with a 1-2 finish at The Ridge

Fresh N ‘Lean Attack Performance Yamaha Racing’s Jake Gagne claimed his sixth straight MotoAmerica Superbike victory today in a hot race at Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington. His teammate Josh Herrin joined him on the podium with a solid second place finish.

Gagné continues to rack up track records, adding Ridge Motorsports Park to the list of three other venues this season and maintaining her perfect qualifying record. He then grabbed the hole from pole position and set a breakneck pace to sideline the field two seconds after the first lap. The Colorado driver increased the bet with the fastest lap of the race on lap 7 after Herrin set the benchmark and finally crossed the line four seconds ahead of his teammate. Gagne’s sixth superbike victory of the season extended his championship lead to 32 points.

Herrin got off to a good start from the second row of the grid in the fourth, but it was an eventful first lap. He quickly made his way to second place, but as the two riders behind him battled for second place, he was pushed far and returned to fifth place. The 2013 Superbike Champion fought back and climbed to third place on the next lap and kept pushing, moving to second place on lap three. was back on his heels. Herrin held it back and was finally able to create another gap for a solid second place finish.

The Yamaha Fresh N ‘Lean Attack Performance racing team returns tomorrow for more action at Ridge Motorsports Park, lining up 1-2 on the grid for race two.

Richard Stanboli – Fresh N ‘Lean Attack Performance Yamaha Racing Team Manager

“It was a good day for the team, finishing 1-2. Jake, as usual, kept the pace going, and Josh made some big improvements and found his pace to finish second. He might keep Jake honest from P2 tomorrow. The hot weather was tough for the riders, but our R1s loved it. They performed very well, handled well and maintained good grip, allowing both riders to put in good, consistent laps. We are excited and look forward to tomorrow’s race.

Jake Gagné – Fresh N ‘Lean Yamaha Racing attack performance

“We had a great race and got the start we needed. I’m so happy with the R1 and the whole crew. Tomorrow will still be hot, but I’m sure we can make some changes and pick up the pace tomorrow. It’s great to be 1-2 for the team, and Josh was doing some quick laps, so I know they’ll come for me tomorrow.

Josh Herrin – Fresh N ‘Lean Yamaha Racing Attack Performance

“I am so excited with our results today! I’m finally starting to ride like I was in 2018, and I’m so happy. I started working with Josh Hayes, and he taught me a lot this weekend. I finally believe I can be there. The team is working really hard so I have to thank them, and hats off to Jake for having a solid race. Hopefully tomorrow we can get up there after the start with Jake and try to hang on. He runs fast, but I think we have the pace. I can’t wait to get back on track tomorrow.

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