Monroe School District Races Could Reshape Board of Directors

Monroe School District Races Could Reshape Board of Directors

MONROE – The Monroe School Board election begins soon, and every candidate brings something to the table.
For District 1, candidate Jeremiah Campbell is running for re-election with Brian Saulsman against him. In District 3, Mary Reule and Molly Barnes are competing for a seat vacated by Darcy Cheesman, while in District 4, Janine Burkhardt and Sarah Johnson are hoping to secure the seat vacated by Jim Langston.
One aspect of this race is that Campbell, Barnes and Burkhardt decided to support each other and run mostly as a boulder. Although Johnson, Reule, and Saulsman are not running together, they have said they support each other’s policies and campaigns.
COVID-19 has been one of the main topics surrounding the school board and each candidate has given ways to tackle the problem.
Saulsman, who is a teacher in the Monroe School District, said in an email that “COVID-19 has created a lot of challenges for schools, but it has also offered an incredible opportunity. This forced us to switch to another teaching service in a very short time. He said he’s showing up because he thinks the school board should get advice from someone who works in the district.
The pandemic has been a huge talking point for every candidate and all are addressing it in their plans. For example, Sarah Johnson is a strong supporter of school masks and vaccine checks, as reported on a Zoom call.
Both Molly Barnes and Mary Reule are strong supporters of minimizing negative childhood experiences.
“I would advocate for the district to expand its work with restorative practices in addition to other research-based and trauma-based practices,” Reule said in an email. At a meeting held at Skykomish Park in Monroe, Barnes also took a similar position; she wants to raise awareness of traumatic childhood experiences and feels that this area is not well known to parents and teachers.
Jeremiah Campbell told a rally at Skykomish River Park in Monroe that keeping children safe from bullying has been one of his top priorities and hopes to better discuss ways to reach out to groups. help for students in need of support. It was a common feeling among all the candidates who all agree that bullying has no place in the school district.
Not all applicants agree on some issues, such as whether to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) in classrooms. At the same rally in Monroe, candidate Janine Burkhardt publicly stated that the CRT teaches “division and hatred towards one another”. Johnson said CRT should be taught in schools to analyze racist behavior and teach younger generations how times have changed.
All applicants have one common problem, and that is the welfare and safety of these students.

Candidates Forum
The League of Women Voters of Washington will be hosting a Monroe School Board Forum where all candidates will answer questions. The recording will air on KSER 90.7 FM at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12.

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