MGM Park runs cashless concessions

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – As the Shuckers adjust to playing at home in Biloxi for the new season, fans are adjusting to a new payment system for concessions.

This is the first time they have to hide the money and flash the card, and it takes some by surprise.

“Yes, absolutely,” boss Rebecca Relan said. “I keep a lot of cash on me. I’m a waiter, so I always have cash. I thought I’d grab a wad today and take it out with me. But it’s all card, this That’s fine. It’s okay.”

Relan said it might take a bit more financial planning.

“Probably. A lot of people like to spend their money,” she said. I was just going to take this amount of money today, and that’s it. So, now I’m on the map, so now I have to keep track in my head.

It’s not a problem for Joseph Edge, but he said it might be for others.

“I feel a bit bad for people walking in who only have cash, especially if you’re younger and don’t have a card because you can’t get a card at that time,” he said.

Food services general manager Debbie Woodham said there were many reasons for the change.

“It makes things much smoother for the business side,” she said. “We don’t need cashiers. We don’t need security walking us around with money. There are many reasons not to use cash. But number 1 is that we want fans to have faster service.

She understands early frustration.

“Any change is hard to adjust,” Woodham said. “And, especially if you come not really knowing that it’s cashless, and all you’re bringing is cash.”

There are plans to ease the transition.

“The good thing is we’re really working on trying to get a reverse ATM eventually, so customers can withdraw their money and get a debit card.”

It’s scheduled for mid-May.

In the meantime, there are Shuck Bucks.

“So you can go to customer service and get Shuck Bucks,” Woodham said. “You just give them money, they give you Shuck Bucks and we take it from the stands.”

The money is not totally useless.

You can always leave a tip.

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