Meet the Utah candidates running

Ahead of Tuesday’s primary election in Utah, FOX 13 News interviewed several of the candidates running in the state. Below are those one-on-one interviews in which the candidates shared their message for voters.

(Outgoing Senator Mike Lee opted out of the interview series)

Contestant Becky Edwards

Meet the contestant: Becky Edwards

Allied candidate Isom

Meet the candidate: Ally Isom

US HOUSE DISTRICT 1 – Republican

Candidate Andrew Badger

Meet the Candidate: Andrew Badger

Candidate Tina Cannon

Meet the contestant: Tina Cannon

Representative Blake Moore

Meet the contestant: Blake Moore

US HOUSE DISTRICT 2 – Republican

Candidate Erin Rider

Meet the contestant: Erin Rider

Representative Chris Stewart

Meet the contestant: Chris Stewart

US HOUSE DISTRICT 3 – Republican

Representative John Curtis

Meet the candidate: John Curtis

Candidate Chris Herrod

Meet the contestant: Chris Herrod

US HOUSE DISTRICT 4 – Republican
(Outgoing Representative Burgess Owens opted out of the interview series)

Candidate Jake Hunsaker

Meet the contestant: Jake Hunsaker

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