Meadowcreek High School Football Running Back Jordan Louie Recruitment Profile

NORCROSS, Ga. — The greater Atlanta area continues to produce top prospects, seemingly more every year. One prospect who is starting to see an increase in his recruiting stock hails from suburban Atlanta. We’ll take a look.

Jordan Louis

Height: 6’0″, 210 pounds

Position: ball carrier

High School: Norcross (Ga.) Meadowcreek


It’s about as smooth as it gets. Once a few FBS level schools offer a prospect, it usually opens the floodgates. Hard to say why it’s like that, but it’s been like that for decades. Now that Louie has Georgia Tech, Louisville and Arkansas, all offers have been extended from April 28. Then UCF proposed May 6. We can expect the talented running back to continue receiving offers. Watching his movie tells why Louie deserves it.


There are quick feet, fast feet, dynamic feet, and just about every other type of possible explanation for how a running back uses their feet to win one-on-one battles. For Louie, it’s all about precise cuts and movements. He still has control even when attacked in a small space; its balance is phenomenal.

Not only does Louie beat the defender in front of him, but he continues to drive towards the goal line with maximum speed. It is to maximize its capacity.

Play by touch

Even when Louie is punched and kicked hard, he is able to keep going. It’s a chain mover. This is a value that is often lost with a traditional racing game. Second down and six don’t go out of style, even if it means the running back has to cross a tackler to gain those four yards.

Sometimes he just pushes forward, other times Louie makes a cut to propel himself past the first tackle. However, he consistently falls forward after contact.


In today’s era, running backs are definitely part of the passing game. Louie remains available for his interlocutor, especially when he is harassed by a defender. After the catch, he quickly becomes running back, gaining positive yards and making plays with his feet.

Area to improve

Open field speed. That’s the one area where Louie could change and become a dynamic high-roller runner. Stretching, specific lifting techniques and simply sprinting can help in this area. Otherwise, he’s a really well-balanced ball carrier. All in all, there are some very good reasons to love this young man’s perks.

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