Long and Baty take first place at Seminole Winter Angler’s Trail – The Post-Searchlight

Boats were launched from Big Jim on Saturday morning, trolling Seminole Lake in search of bass in hopes of winning the Seminole Winter Angler’s Trail. Anglers were allowed to go anywhere on the lake and had a weight limit of five fish. According to chief organizer Chuck Laslie, there hasn’t been a track like this hosted here in years. Competitors were allowed to fish from the first safety light until 3 p.m. Local anglers Griffin Long and Matt Baty came in first and took home the prize of $ 800, with a combined total weight of 27.43 pounds, followed by Bradley Enfinger and Robert Tindell in second, with a total weight of 26 , 43.

“It’s awesome,” Long said of the competition. “You never know if this next cast will be this big fish.”

According to Long, who fishes as a hobby, he originally planned to go on a guided fishing trip with Baty, operator of Matt Baty Fishing, but neither of them could find a time to meet.

“We never got a date, so he asked me if I was going to fish the tournament with him, kill two birds with one stone,” said Long.

The couple caught 30 fish over the weekend, but kept their allotted five, with several large fish requiring a balance beam to determine which ones were worth keeping. The largest fish caught by Baty and Long weighed 5.77 pounds, while Enfinger and Tindell caught the heaviest fish, which weighed 6.22 pounds.

“Get out there and fish,” Long encouraged. “Seminole Lake is on fire this time of year. If you are looking for a guide service, Matt Baty is the best there is. Baty echoed the sentiment, mentioning how the bass are currently feeding in anticipation of winter. “This is the best time of year for bass fishing on Seminole Lake,” he said.

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