INSTITUTE CLUE: Holocaust deniers running to oversee elections

According to an ongoing tally by a pro-democracy nonprofit UNITED STATESnumber of Holocaust deniers* nationwide currently running for governor, attorney general, or secretary of state – offices that manage, oversee, and protect elections: at least 89

Many of the 13 Southern states** are holding elections for executive positions this year: 7

In southern states holding elections this year, the number of Holocaust deniers running for these three key watchdog positions: 19

Number of Holocaust deniers running for governor in Southern states: ten

For the Attorney General: 5

For the Secretary of State: 4

Number of election deniers running for these three offices in Alabama and Georgia, the Southern states tied with the highest number: 5

Number of Holocaust deniers among the 15 gubernatorial candidates of Alabama, the largest Southern race: 3

Date Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is running for office this year, finally filed a lawsuit dismissed by the United States Supreme Court who contested the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where President Biden won: 08/12/2020

Month in which the Texas State Bar decided to allow a lawsuit accusing Paxton of professional misconduct for filing the lawsuit to move forward: 3/2022

The amount Paxton revealed he raised for his re-election bid in January in a report his campaign belatedly filed: $2.8 million

Percentage of this transport for which the Paxton campaign did not provide donor names or other identifying information: 75

Date four-term Congressman Jody Hice of Georgia, who is running in the Republican primary for Secretary of State, opposed certification of the 2020 presidential election: 06/01/2021

As of February 2022, the amount Hice’s campaign has raised: $1.6 million

Factor by which Hice’s fundraising surpassed that of Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican seeking re-election after turning down former President Trump. request to change the result of the 2020 presidential race to its state: 3

Percentage of Hice Contributions from Out of State: 26

Amount of money Raffensperger raised out of state when he first ran in 2017: “virtually none”

According to the most recent disclosure report filed in January, the number of donors who contributed the maximum amount of $7,600 to Hice’s campaign, including firearm companies, an investment company, a property management and development company, a commercial machinery company, a swimming pool company, a mining companyand one golf company: 35

* The United States defines an “election denier” as someone who has falsely claimed that former President Trump won the 2020 election, spread lies about the legitimacy of the election in public, called for a ” forensic audit” of the election after the results were certified and/or officially audited, promoted conspiracies regarding the election in public, or took action to undermine the integrity of the election, such as supporting litigation to overturn the results and/or promote or participate in a “Stop the Steal” event.

** Facing South counts among the Southern States Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, GeorgiaKentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Caroline from the south, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia; states in bold are those holding elections this year for top state leaders. However, note that Tennessee’s attorney general is appointed by the state Supreme Court, while Florida’s secretary of state is appointed by the governor, Tennessee’s is elected by the General Assembly, and Texas’s is nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.

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