Image shows Elden Ring running in an arcade cabinet

An Elden Ring player shows off the Lands Between in an arcade cabinet, giving their in-game experience a little more nostalgia and difficulty.

Arcade cabinets are often considered relics of the past these days. A person’s primary gaming experience rarely comes from tripping to a local arcade and throwing their loose change into a street fighter 2 closet until their pockets are empty. However, even with the increased ease and performance of playing a game on a home console or PC, some gamers are still looking to own their own themed arcade cabinets. of a custom GTA Vice City arcade cabinet to some expensive nostalgic machines, social media has seen an uptick in gamers either getting old hardware working again or having their own cabinet made.


Now a player shows his arcade cabinet with Ring of Elden run over it. It’s not too strange to see a modern game light up the old screens of an arcade machine. Previously, a star field fan has designed his own concept for an arcade machine based on the game. With the custom arcade game machines too, they can allow any game to be played with a joystick.

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Reddit user Linophryne showed off the Ring of Elden splash screen running on their arcade machine. Sadly, the cabinet isn’t dedicated to FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG and instead appears to be a custom machine with a Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition theme. Even still, fans in the comments of Linophryne’s post found it impressive to see Ring of Elden running on an arcade machine. Some have asked if the cabinet knobs will even be compatible with Ring of Eldento which Linophryne replied that the buttons worked by being attached to a USB controller.

discover that Ring of Elden was playable on the arcade cabinet had fans demanding that Linophryne do a full read on the hardware. Often with games like Ring of Elden and the Soulsborne franchise in general, some players like to complete the game through increasingly difficult or weird methods. A dark souls player managed to beat the asylum demon with singing commands, for example, and another defeated the final boss with a dance pad.

For all nostalgic Ring of Elden fan hoping to see the arcade version of the game have older graphics, unfortunately it looks like on Linophryne’s cabinet the game will look like it does on modern consoles. However, there has been a lot of demake effort to Ring of Eldenwith a fan remaking the entire game in Game Boy style, while a YouTuber showed what Lands Between could look like rendered on an SNES.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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