How to Get Alexa to Listen for Running Water and Beeping Appliances

Alexa seems to be getting smarter every day. As its intelligence grows, Amazon’s AI assistant learns new skills and moves closer to full automation, and possibly sentience.

With sound detection routines, you can now ask Alexa to listen for running water and beeping appliances. Water detection could very well prevent an overflowing sink or a burst pipe from going unnoticed.

Also, getting an alert when your washing machine, oven, or other appliance has finished its task can be helpful. Let’s walk through the steps needed to set up Alexa’s sound detection tool.

How to Create an Alexa Sound Detection Routine

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You can set up Amazon’s smart assistant to listen for running water or beep devices by following these steps:

  1. Launch it Amazon-Alexa app on your mobile device

  2. Faucet Followingalexa app on smartphone

  3. Faucet Routinesroutine setup for digital assistant

  4. Faucet More (+) above Create a Routine and enter a namehow to create routine in alexa

  5. Faucet when it happensnew routine on smart assistant

  6. Faucet Sound detectionifttt smart assistant

  7. To select beeper device Where water sounds and complete the setup processalexa sound detection function how to

  8. Choose how Alexa reacts to pressing Add action on the routine creation screen and making a selection. Below Messaging you can choose to get a notification when it detects the specified soundalexa add new sound

You need to make sure that the Alexa-enabled device you choose to listen to is close to the sound source. Each Amazon Echo will only accept one sound detection routine at a time, so positioning is important if you have multiple speakers.

If you explore the sound detection menus, you’ll also see a whole host of other nifty options, such as listening for babies crying, dogs barking and snoring.

Your ears will soon be obsolete

Alexa is constantly learning to listen to new things. As its technology improves and its skills evolve, it could eventually replace many functions of our weak biological bodies.

While Alexa might not yet be as reliable as a living person – although she might outperform some of us – she’s smart enough for a relatively new AI assistant. Seeing what she learns next will be interesting.

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