Houston 5K run to honor woman’s beloved father and raise money for COVID-19 research

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – As Krista Patlovich continues to mourn her beloved father who died last December from COVID-19, Patlovich and members of the community will take many steps to honor her legacy.

“We were brought to our knees with the passing of my father,” Patlovich told ABC13.

As she takes action to overcome her grief, the many steps of others, including community runners, will help Patlovich honor her late father, Nick Georgas.

“We hear his voice in our heads,” Patlovich explained. “You have to move on. You can’t do anything, but keep going.”

So they will move forward … literally moving. On December 11, six days after the man they called “Papou” would have celebrated his 79th birthday, No Label Brewing Company in Katy will host Papuan 5K. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Houston UT Health Science Center and will go towards COVID research.

“We know how the virus has affected our family,” Patlovich recalled. “To fight it and take a stand against it, so that it no longer affects families – that’s why we are doing this.”

To ensure Papua’s inaugural 5K gets off to a good start, Danny Lee is providing the infrastructure for the race. He is the founder of the FFP Running Clubs, with 35 chapters across the country and 18 in the greater Houston area.

“Each of these clubs is very community driven,” said Lee. “It attracts people and business partners from this community. We come together to make new friends, get active and fundraise for other organizations.”

Patlovich said his father’s death left a hole in his soul. At Papua 5K, his neighbors will use their soles to help celebrate his legacy.

“He will be very proud,” Patlovich said when asked what his father would say about 5K. “He knows we are moving forward and makes sure he shines through us with strength and resilience.”

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