“Hobby is a constructive way to take creative risks”

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): “A hobby is a constructive way to take creative risks. A hobby presents its own set of challenges that force you to use your brain differently. Because creativity is a translatable skill, you will benefit from skill-solving activities. problems while having a positive outlet for stress,” said Rakesh Jain, Senior Facilitator

Outdoor Adventures, while addressing a seminar organized by Indore Management Association, held a seminar on ‘Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving’.

Rakesh is actively interested in the dynamics of behavior. His extensive experience in the management and adventure playgrounds of the Himalayas, combined with knowledge of the mechanisms of the human mind, led him to develop and design a large number of training modules during of the last decade.

Her specialty is using the outdoors as a medium to communicate complex and difficult ideas by making them fun while improving the learning curve.

Jain said that man cannot know his limit until he is exposed to the challenges of nature and adventure. He explained that to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments and draw conclusions, there are keys to critical thinking through various engaging activities.

He said empathy is the ability to see other people’s point of view. It is a key element of emotional intelligence. In the workplace, it allows you to understand the point of view of colleagues and customers.

High emotional intelligence is also an important step to becoming a great leader. Show empathy to implement solutions that will add value to others and to the organization.

The more you see something, the more easily your brain signals it to you. This can make you want to solve problems the same way you always do. Recognize this trend when you need unique solutions or innovations. Key details and information are left out when you make an assumption based on past knowledge or how things have always worked. Overcome this tendency by clarifying others’ assumptions, responding appropriately, and setting goal expectations.

Practicing a creative problem is the best way to learn a skill. It should be practiced. The more problems presented that require creative solutions, the easier it will become to refine a problem-solving process. Try to regularly expose yourself to new scenarios that require different thinking.

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Posted: Sunday May 01, 2022 at 01:42 IST

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