Herschel Walker strains with Marjorie Taylor Greene

A cheering crowd greeted the Senate hopefuls.

Rome’s Eulene Dupree said Walker’s appearance with Greene boosted her support for the former soccer star.

“I love Margie,” she said. “We need Herschel and we need Margie.”

GOP Lieutenant Governor hopeful Burt Jones introduced Walker and predicted, “This election cycle will come down to gas supply issues.”

Walker will make stops throughout North Georgia for the next two days before heading to suburban Atlanta on Thursday and then South Georgia on Friday.


Abrams’ team loves early voting data, but calls SB 202 ‘voter suppression’

Georgia Republicans pointed to the record turnout among early voters so far as proof that SB 202, the state’s election overhaul, is not voter suppression. Democrats called the law “Jim Crow 2.0” when it passed the GOP-led Georgia General Assembly in 2021.

But in remarks to reporters on Monday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said the high turnout doesn’t mean the new law doesn’t suppress votes.

“Repression is about barriers to access. But the antidote to repression is overwhelming the polls with your presence and that’s exactly what voters did in 2018. That’s what they continue to do in 2020 and 21,” she said.

“In vernacular terms, more people in the water doesn’t mean there are fewer sharks,” she said.

Abrams campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo said early data shows the number of votes by mail dropped drastically in Georgia between 2020 and 2022 due to SB 202 requirements that make voting by heavier match.

She also said language in the law allowing unlimited mass voter eligibility challenges has led to increased challenges against Georgia’s legal voters.

“That’s basically what Kemp’s voter suppression bill did in 2021. It said, ‘Oh, look at all those black and brown people who voted by mail. We’re going to make it harder.

Even so, Groh-Wargo said the Abrams campaign remains encouraged by early voting data from black male voters in particular.

“We’re seeing strong enthusiasm from Democratic-leaning voters and very strong early in-person voting, just much lower numbers on mail-in voting overall.”

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