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BRAMWELL – Hatfield-McCoy ATV Trails will celebrate West Virginia Day the weekend of June 20 by opening the trail up to residents of the state without the need for a permit to ride.

For the weekend of June 18-21, free West Virginia Day passes will be available for those who present a state driver’s license or state-issued ID at departure points and at the Hatfield-McCoy facility.

“We want all mountain climbers to experience the best ATV trails in the United States,” said Jeffrey Lusk, executive director of Hatfield-McCoy Trails. “So get in the saddle, ride free and celebrate West Virginia Day with us.”

Lusk is warning all bikers that Hatfield-McCoy Trails regulations apply to all bikers and noted that West Virginia Department of Natural Resources police officers will be on the trails to verify biker permits.

Chris Zeto, marketing consultant for Hatfield-McCoy, said the idea is to give residents of the state the chance to experience something they may not have tried before by giving up the trail permit of $ 26.50 this weekend.

“We basically thought this would be a great opportunity,” he said, “a fun way to get some of our local residents to enjoy something here in West Virginia. There are still plenty of West Virginia residents who haven’t experienced the trails.

Zeto said that so far this year the trail system has been busy.

“Our numbers are up,” he said. “Talking to local businesses and accommodation establishments, everyone seems to be busy this year. There are more reservations.

The past year has also been busy, he said, as outdoor activities like mountain biking were one of the leisure options people had during the pandemic shutdown.

“We had a lot of new people last year because they were able to come to the trails,” he said, and many will come back. “I think we’re going to see some huge numbers this year. We are super excited.

West Virginia Day passes are not available online or at local retailers and are only valid from June 18 to June 21.

Residents can visit trailsheaven.com for a complete list of all Hatfield-McCoy Trails permit pickup locations and trail regulations.

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