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It’s a blustery and windy day in Blacksburg Virginia! In the third of four straight home games, the Virginia Tech Hokies postponed. Kenny Picket and the Pittsburgh Panthers’ 52.4 points per game offense started on their 25-yard line. The Hokies ‘defense limited the Panthers’ offense to a rare three-and-out. A bad punt gave VT a great field position and they started off the 50-yard line, which Virginia Tech failed to capitalize on with its own three-and-outs to open the quarter. The Panthers followed their short first drive with perfect effort. After being pinned to their six-yard line, Pitt ran 94 yards on 15 plays in 5:53 to find the end zone and take an early lead, 7-0. The Hokies logged in on some passing games to find themselves in Pitt territory but stalled on a failed QB attempt on the 4th.e and 1. VT’s defense did enough to keep the game on one point in the first quarter, but Picket and Pitt’s offense passed the Hokies 114-53 yards and had eight first downs against two of Virginia. Tech. The Hokies seemed dedicated to the low percentage of deep throwing. Unsuccessfully pass the jugular, at least once, on each of their goods during Q1.

The VT defense, with the help of a tripping penalty, managed to get Pitt out of the field early in the second. Now, throwing themselves into the wind, the Hokies have managed to get out three-and-out. On a 3e and 4, a situation that looks perfect for tight ends, Virginia Tech decided to attempt another futile through pass. There was a position on the pitch back and forth, between the teams, until disaster struck. Burmesiter threw an interception that put the Panthers offense on Hokie’s 30-yard line, preparing Pickett who executed it himself. Virginia Tech remained ineffective on offense as Pittsburgh added to their lead on an 81-yard rush that resulted in Pickett’s 36-yard scoreline to Jared Wayne. The Hokies scored another three-and-outs to end their possession in the second half.

At first, the Virginia Tech defense kept the Hokies in the game, but the Pittsburgh offense found its way into the second quarter. The VT offense seems as ineffective as it has been at any point in the season, amassing just 74 total yards, four first downs and just 12:02 possession times. VT trailed PITT, 21-0, and received the ball to start the second half.

At this point, I’ll just be happy not to be left out.

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