Gregory launches collection of plus size + bike and camp packs for the summer solstice

Gregory launches a collection of plus size packs

Last week, Gregory, one of the leading backpack companies in the outdoor industry, launched the industry’s first plus size backpack collection. Their range offers 14 different pack styles and fits the clothing equivalent of 2x to 6x sizes. According to Gregory, the new collection bridges the size gaps and provides pack solutions for hikers and backpackers of all sizes.

To help design the collection, Gregory teamed up with Junney Bruso and his band, Unlikely hikers, a diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating outdoor community featuring the under-represented person outdoors. Jenny and her group worked with the designers, providing feedback on prototype testing, fit testing, and general product reviews every step of the way.

“For years, I just had to ‘run it’ with uncomfortable, unsuitable and dangerous equipment,” Jenny Bruso, founder of Improbable Hikers, said in a statement. “It’s more than embarrassing; when the equipment isn’t right for you, you start to internalize that message over time and feel like you’re either unwelcome or you shouldn’t be there in the first place. Gregory is changing that, and so far the feedback I have received online has been amazing. People are SO excited to finally have a bag that fits well and is comfortable.

The new plus size collection is part of Gregory’s overall effort to achieve a more inclusive exterior with its Gateway program.

“We want to empower everyone to hit the trail,” John Sears, vice president of Gregory Packs, said in a press release. “When we started this project, we quickly realized, through research and the influx of support, that there was a huge gap in the size of outdoor equipment. We have always supported and collaborated with groups to create a more inclusive outdoor community. This collection only takes our mission to the next level and creates packs that support ALL of our customers. ”

Bike and camp for the summer solstice

Calling all bike-packers, get ready to ride and pitch a tent on June 19 and 20. Swift Industries, a women-owned brand that designs and manufactures bike bags in Seattle, is launching its 7th Annual Swift Campout Solstice Bike Overnight, which encourages bikers around the world to get out on their bikes and camp on the longest day / the shortest night of the year.

Each year, Swift nominates an artist to design all of the artwork in the project. This year, artist and pillar of the bicycle industry Chris McNally, known for his dreamlike scenes in fantastic watercolor style, has taken the place. Campers are encouraged to explore McNally’s work for their many fun and informative “hidden gems” in every room.

“Swift continues to push the boundaries as a brand of gear that has taken root in a unique space between the cycling and outdoor industries – two markets whose cultures did not overlap when Swift Industries entered the industry. arena in 2008, ”the company said in its press release. . “Swift continues to nurture its culture by bringing together a unique blend of cycling and outdoor brands such as Bedrock Sandals, Black Coffee Roasters, Kitsbow, Nocs Provisions, Ombraz, The Radavist, Rapha, Reyr Gear, Six Moon Designs, Snow Peak and Swift Adventure. Co.”

Summer jams begin in Rock City, Georgia

A weekly musical series, Summer Music Weekends, returned to Lookout Mountain last week, featuring local and regional artists performing live as visitors enjoy the scenery, tunes and local food. The shows will run from Friday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Labor Day weekend, including statutory holidays and daily from July 2 to 11.

These regular events will feature country, folk and bluegrass acts with live performances by Old Time Traveler Matt Downer, NBC’s The voice Finalist Amber Carrington, Highbeams, Tarryn Aimee Smith and many other special guests on certain Fridays.

In addition to the refreshments and food offered by the local Cafe 7, there will also be raptor shows featuring a variety of birds of prey including owls, hawks, eagles, and more. Visitors have the opportunity to see rescued birds flying overhead, as well as close encounters starting at 10 a.m. with seven sessions per day. See the full program here:

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