Glenville Sanders Preserve Trail Improvements

The Sanders Preserve has just undergone a substantial change due to the work of local teenager Nicholas Favata. Favata and her Boy Scout troop reconfigured the trail so that it no longer passes through adjacent private property.

A 2021 graduate from Scotia-Glenville High School, Favata recently earned the Distinguished Honor of Eagle Scout as a member of Boy Scouts of America Troop 67 in Glenville.

In order to earn the Eagle Scout rank, Favata completed a service project that demonstrated her leadership ability while embarking on a business to help her community. After more than seven years of service with the Boy Scouts, this was Favata’s last posting.

He started looking for potential projects by contacting the City Park Planning Commission. It was through this investigation that Favata learned of the existence of a trail in the Sanders reserve that was in need of reconstruction. The problem with the trail was that the last quarter mile stretched through private property. In order to avoid legal problems, the Town of Glenville had to act to modify the trail.

Favata’s proposal to change the trail had to be approved by the Boy Scout Council, the Town of Glenville and his own Boy Scout Troop 67. After receiving the necessary clearance, Favata began to work out his action plan. The definition stage lasted six months before Favata began the physical work of shoveling and reshaping the trail.

“The planning was a lot of work. It got easier when my troop and I started working. This experience certainly taught me a lot about leadership and how to lead people. It was great to be able to use my skills and give back to the city, ”said Favata.

Along with his Boy Scout troop, Nicholas’ father Tom Favata also helped facilitate the Eagle Scout Project. Tom, a retired firefighter from Schenectady for over 20 years, knows how to help other Scouts with their Eagle Scout projects.

“Nicholas and I know the Sanders Reserve very well, which makes it even more special. When he was 10 years old, we built a bridge there, and another time we made tables and benches. We have also done work on other tracks, ”said Tom Favata.

The redirection of the trail itself took three days. The trail is now marked with green indicators to indicate the direction of the adjusted trail.

“The [Boy Scout] the organization has taught us a lot about service. It takes the whole troop and we are grateful for the help of the community. This project was the icing on the cake, but there was so much going on to get there. Nicholas’ leadership really showed at the end, ”said the proud father.

Nicholas is currently taking a year off to work and pursue his interests in outdoor activities such as hiking. Although officially an Eagle Scout, he is still waiting to receive his national certification and attend his graduation ceremony.

“I couldn’t have done it without my dad. Not only did he help me with this project, but he also continually motivated me throughout the recruitments, which allowed me to stay focused and reach this point, ”said a humble Nicholas.

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