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BEAR LAKE, ID – June 15, 2021 – The popular Fish Haven Canyon Road (NFSR 413) and Hogs Back Trail adjacent to Bear Lake, which access parts of Forest in the Montpelier Ranger District, will close for repair from 21st of June. The road and trail will close while heavy equipment is on the road, we ask that you be respectful of the equipment staged.

road closed | June 21 – June 28

Open road | June 29 – July 5

road closed | July 6-12

The scheduled reopening is July 13. Delays could be possible the week of June 14 as road crews restore areas affected by illegal travel and prepare for the mobile rock crusher.

“Fish Haven Road has deteriorated dramatically over the past few years,” said Mike Duncan, Montpellier District Ranger. “Natural erosion and inappropriate use by vehicles, including ATVs and motorcycles, tore the road to its bedrock. »When vehicles are traveling at excessive speeds, digging into gravel, not using 4WD when appropriate and causing tires to spin, and so on.

The Forest was notified several weeks ago that it was on the regional rock crushing equipment calendar. This unique piece of equipment serves all of the forests in region four and is in high demand. The rock crusher slowly moves over the bedrock layer and pulverizes the underlying material into a maintainable road surface material. It also smooths out large boulders and rocky outcrops, allowing operators to widen narrow roads. After the crusher has completed its job, additional heavy equipment will proceed to smooth the material, clean the area, and improve water drainage.

This type of heavy maintenance takes a long time. “We expect the road to be closed for 2-3 weeks while we embark on this painstaking process,” Duncan said. “However, the end product should be a product that improves access to the forest. We are simply urging people to be good stewards and take care of it in the future so that we don’t see the damage continuing and we can protect your public land investment.

Once the six mile route is redone, individuals are encouraged to be respectful and walk lightly. Perching in corners, driving too fast, and spinning the tires quickly ruin the road and the experience of others.

For more information, contact the Montpellier Rangers district at 208-847-0375.

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