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Don’t miss a moment of Paris-Roubaix and Unbound Gravel, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España, and everything in between when you >”,”name”:”in-content-cta”, “type “:”link”}}”>join Outside+.

Tadej Pogačar and his five Slovenian cronies will plot to ambush the dominant nations in Sunday’s UCI Road World Championships road race.

“We have to do something, because these teams will try to play safer and calmer, and we don’t have a full squad,” Pogačar said.

The 23-year-old takes sole command of Team Slovenia for Sunday’s road race after Primož Roglič and Matej Mohorič both stayed at home.

The two-time Tour de France champion won’t let a diminished squad temper his ambition for his priority raid on the rainbow jersey.

“We will see how the riders who come feel and we will decide together how we are going to play it,” Pogačar told reporters on Sunday. “We have good runners. There are only six, but with six riders you can do a lot.

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Pogačar finished sixth in Sunday’s World TT in what was just a taste of the Australian tarmac ahead of his season-ending target at next weekend’s road race.

A world title on the road has long been on the Slovenian’s horizon, but he still hasn’t scored on the world stage. Unfortunately for him, Wollongong’s long attritional road looks set for a reduced sprint in a profile that puts Wout van Aert atop the bookies slip.

Pogačar is more ambitious than ever and will do everything he can to pull off an unlikely rainbow jersey next weekend.

He laughed off the idea of ​​a Strade Bianche-style long-range attack, but will be on a mission to cause as much chaos as possible in the Wollongong marathon race.

A sprint victory at the Montreal GP showed the Slovenian he has the speed, but he needs the race to be more difficult than difficult in advance.

Pogačar said on Sunday he doubted the Mount Pleasant climb that punctuates the Wollongong route would make a difference as climbers of his ability look to confuse fast runners-up in Sunday’s road race.

“Maybe it’s hard enough,” he said.

“If you consider Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel, those guys you don’t let down. So journey it’s almost impossible, but you can tire them out. But you’re also tired after 267K, it’s not a lunch walk, it’s a tough day for everyone.

“The race will not be decided there but you can tire some legs,” he added.

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Pogačar will have to play host on Sunday. Big favorites Van Aert, Van der Poel and Michael Matthews have full teams of eight riders to help control the race for a little strongman sprint and won’t hesitate to step up.

“Did Pogačar say that the Belgians had to carry the race? Then all we can do is do it,” Belgian co-captain Remco Evenepoel said. “We have a very solid team. But if the responsibility lies with us, we will certainly assume it.

World road racing used to be a slow, sleepy affair.

Expect Pogačar to bring the 2022 race to an early and rude awakening.

West Coast Trail Planning and Design Tue, 20 Sep 2022 14:58:20 +0000

IMBA Trail Solutions planners, designers, project managers and community engagement specialists travel the country each calendar year, creating the next generation of trail development. The mileage and elevation gains they put on their hiking boots do not match the passion of each of these professionals to bring more human-powered recreation opportunities to communities.

By midsummer, their travels slow down and the work most never see begins: writing plans, making appeals, defending communities, navigating ecosystems of endangered species…the list goes on. We were curious about some of the team’s most notable field experiences so far in 2022, so we asked, and they replied:

Leah Mancabell & Shane Wilson

Q: Tell us about yourself and how long you have been part of the IMBA Trail Solutions team.

HORRIBLE: My professional elevator pitch might read: “landscape architect with a background in ecological restoration.” But I prefer to call myself a map nerd and an ardent member of the community! My world revolves around playing with my friends in beautiful places. Naturally, I have made it my mission to create more opportunities to achieve this by protecting natural resources and people’s access to them. I’ve been with IMBA Trail Solutions for 2 years, designing rad places for people on bikes.

SHANE: I started with IMBA Trail Solutions in 2010 as a trail builder in Sandy Ridge, OR just an hour from Portland. Building these flowing bike-optimized trails in a humid, almost rainforest-like environment gave me an experience that took me around the world over the next few years: from creating destination trails in Switzerland and in Norway training local teams in Mexico on how to plan, design, and build trails for their communities and visitors. It’s been a whirlwind over the past 13 years to bring trails to trail enthusiasts.

Leah watches the plans alongside Trina Ortega at the Coal Basin Ranch, CO.

Shane and Joey Klein of IMBA Trail Solutions in Pagosa Springs, CO.
Q: Where has 2022 taken you so far?


So far this year, I have had the privilege of working with communities in:

  • Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • Cedar City, UT
  • Chillicothe, Ohio
  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Redstone, Colorado
  • Jonesboro, Arkansas (Again <3)
  • Pagosa Springs, Colorado
  • Cuchara, Colorado


I don’t need to travel for work as much as I used to, but some of the highlights this year were:

  • Hot springs, AR
  • Jonesboro, AR
  • Rogue River, OR
  • Cedar City, UT
  • Beaver, UT
  • Heber City, UT
  • Abundant, UT
  • Pagosa Springs, CO
  • Chillicothe, Ohio
  • Knoxville, TN
Working with IMBA Trail Solutions colleague Tim Halbakken in Cuchara, CO.

Shane after a ride in Jonesboro, AR.
Q: What do you expect when you go to a new project site?

HORRIBLE: Do you remember the excitement of showing a visitor around your bedroom when you were a kid? When you report your favorite toy or piece of art, what you were really saying is; “It’s ME, it’s who I am!”. Now imagine that on a larger scale and with fewer stuffed animals. It’s the same experience as getting to know these places thanks to the people who invest so much in them.

SHANE: First class improvements! (jk) I’m a lover of good terrain, and it’s especially exciting to find unique terrain features in places you wouldn’t expect. Navigating through thick brush and discovering a system of rocky ledges is like unwrapping a present. It can completely change the flavor and appeal of a trail and it never gets old.

Roadside views in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Joey, Shane, and Leah meet with the USFS in Pagosa Springs, CO.
Q: What is one thing that communities should be aware of before starting to develop high quality trails?

HORRIBLE: If you and your community are just getting started, be prepared for more questions than answers. Asking the right questions builds understanding between all parties. Questions, when properly phrased, help trigger deep thinking and are helpful in exposing constraints/opportunities that lurk below the surface. More importantly, asking questions is a quick way to build critical partnerships and cooperation with stakeholders. Good questions can help build rapport and trust.

SHANE: Develop your ability! Organizational capacity. Ability to plan. Ability to build. Ability to activate. Ability to maintain. Most places only manage 1 or 2 of these things.

Departure point in Chillicothe, OH.

Trailhead Kiosk in Pagosa Springs, CO.
Q: Tell us about the difficult situations you encountered this year.

HORRIBLE: Trails create space to interact with your community. All members of your community! Pushing partners to look beyond traditionally exclusive metrics to realize a system that speaks to all potential users has been a challenge. It was also a privilege to see partners trusting and engaging in the process, seeing for themselves how valuable consideration for all users is.

Leah works with Luke DeMuth and Trina Ortega at Coal Basin Ranch, CO.
Q: What bike-optimized trail experiences and facilities are communities asking for in 2022?

HORRIBLE: Generally speaking, communities are looking for purpose-built elements and intentionally curated experiences. Communities are ready to make investing in these opportunities a priority, and with that comes a higher level of planning and design.

SHANE: Longer journeys. Steeper trails. More rocks. Efficient climbs. Trails that can be hiked from home or town (people are tired of driving to the trailhead). “NICA” competition venues and training tracks.

Meeting community in Chillicothe, OH.
Q: Describe your favorite field experience of the year.

HORRIBLE: My favorite field experience this year was in Jonesboro, Arkansas. While inventorying other programming items in a public park, my colleague Shane and I were taking a picture of the crosswalk signage (glamorous I know) when a man in a double truck and cut off shirt pulled up and rolled down her window. Seriously, he asked if we were treasure hunting and if he could help us find something. My colleague jokingly claimed that the last thing on our treasure hunt list was to find someone over 6ft 2in and give them a hug. Without stopping, this man got out of his truck and hugged Shane like an old friend. After a good laugh between all of us, we clarified what we were doing and finally heard how much this man loves Jonesboro and this park in particular. It’s so corny, but once you take this work apart, it’s all about the people and the community.

SHANE: I’ve had a few opportunities this year to hike the trails on BLM land near Cedar City, Utah, alongside IMBA donors, other trail pros, NICA coaches, and land managers from an alphabet soup of d agencies. It was so rewarding to hear their praise, learn from their criticism, and talk about how to set up trails like the ones in Cedar City where they live.

Leah takes to the air in Jonesboro, AR.

Shane at the top of the Iron Range trail system in Cedar City, UT with members of IMBA’s Singletrack Society.
Concrete Playground launches a new travel offer CP Trips Mon, 19 Sep 2022 04:42:23 +0000

Concrete Playground has launched a new extension of its offer to include a dedicated e-commerce travel platform, Concrete Playground Trips (CP Trips).

CP trips is designed to offer Gen Z (16-25) and Millennial (26-41) travelers an exclusive selection of unique cashless itineraries across Australia and New Zealand.

CP Trips will specially curate each of its itineraries to meet the needs of its audience, based on extensive research and continuous feedback on the pillars of Cashless and GOAT experiences, outdoor adventures, luxury getaways and vacations. town.

Each itinerary will include flights, accommodations and experiences, all bookable through the platform, with flexible travel arrangements and a dedicated customer service channel.

Powered by TRAVLR, a travel technology platform that licenses its full-service travel platform to leading media companies such as Paramount ANZ, BBC Global News and Australian Community Media, it enables the public to discover, plan and book once in a lifetime. travel experiences, all within a seamless brand ecosystem.

Founder and Director of Concrete Playground, Rich Fogarty said providing travel experiences was a natural evolution for the Concrete Playground brand.

“For 13 years we’ve been the go-to destination for the best experiences on offer across Australia and New Zealand, so it’s only fitting that we’ve gone the extra mile and offered them as bookable experiences to our dedicated audience. .

“We know how important travel is for everyone post-pandemic, so we’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure we have the latest research and information to provide only the most exclusive GOAT experiences based on the comments and request.”

As part of its launch, the Digital City Guide conducted extensive research in April 2022 with its Gen Z and Millennial audiences across Australia and New Zealand to ensure that they met current expectations and travel trends.

This key insight revealed who formed the routes at launch – Concrete Playground Trips has focused its attention on domestic travel, with 50% of New Zealanders and 53% of Australians planning to take more domestic trips this year compared in the pre-pandemic period.

It’s now or never – 40% say they plan to spend more than their pre-COVID spending. Designed to “wow,” CP Trips will launch one hero experience per quarter, with cashless experiences and limited trips available.

Concrete playground

Tasmania tops the list for Australians. CP Trips has created ‘Five Days of Hobart’s Finest’ bringing you the best of the capital for the ultimate getaway.

The traditional bucket list has changed – 70% would rather go off the beaten track, with 74% wanting to ‘live like a local’ rather than see the most popular spots. CP Trips has dug into lesser-known locations and experiences, creating a unique “Glamping at Sirromet Sanctuary” itinerary.

Aside from adventure and culture, 31% of Gen Z and 30% of Millennials book trips to unwind. As part of its offering, CP Trips has compiled the relaxing experiences, including its “Luxury Weekend at QT Sydney”.

Launching today, CP Trips’ first hero experience is an exclusive experience at the Spring City Festival in Auckland with Groove Armada, which includes:
VIP tickets for the festival
A 3-night stay at the luxurious Britomart Hotel – New Zealand’s only 5-star green hotel
A private sommelier and chef’s lunch at the iconic Ahi restaurant by New Zealand’s best-known chef, Ben Bayly
A helicopter flight to Waiheke Island for a wine tasting at Stonyridge Vineyard, New Zealand’s leading luxury wine brand, with the owner of the winery. An option for the cellar tour is a helicopter flight to Waiheke Distilling Company for a bespoke tour with the Chief Distiller

Given the exclusivity of the hero route, CP Trips will only be extending a limited number of trips, available for booking until October 26, 2022 for departure on November 26, 2022.

Throughout the year, CP Trips will release 12 unique itineraries per quarter, along with other engaging travel experiences.

Concrete playground