Scottish Ultramarathon Series Thu, 17 Jun 2021 00:29:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Scottish Ultramarathon Series 32 32 Town of Breckenridge to host full range of trail running events Wed, 16 Jun 2021 23:43:00 +0000

Bethany Michalak runs French Gulch en route to victory in Breckenridge Town’s second virtual race in the Summer 2020 Summit Trail Running Series.
Photo by Vince Hutton / Breckenridge Recreation Department

The town of Breckenridge will host a trail running race this summer on July 4, the Summit Trail Running Series from July to mid-September and two independent races in September.

City of Breckenridge sports and special events coordinator Vince Hutton said the Independence Day 10k run will start at 7 a.m. on July 4.

The July 4th race kicks off the city’s traditional July 4th festivities, which also include the Firecracker 50 mountain bike race, and ends on Main Street. The race, which features two 5.5-mile loops with a vertical gain of 857 feet, has no same-day registration and is limited to 250 runners.

The Summit Trail Running Series will take place every other Wednesday from July 7 to September 15, with all races starting at 5:30 pm Each race will have a short and long course. The first race, July 7, will feature 4 and 7 kilometer options on the Breck Rec / Morning Thunder course. The runners will then run 5 or 8 kilometers on the French Gulch course on July 21.

On August 4, the series will take place over 4 and 9 km courses on Baker’s Tank. Next, runners will take 6 and 14 kilometer courses on Horseshoe Gulch on August 8. The traditional Flumes / Tom’s Baby races will take place on 7 and 11 kilometer courses on September 1 before the end of the series with Carter Park 8K and 14K on September 15.

Hutton said courses and maps are subject to change. There is no same day registration for the series.

The series will return to in-person racing formats this year after runners used the popular Strava GPS app last summer to record their times on pre-marked runs.

This fall, the Falling Leaves 7K Trail Run kicks off at 9 a.m. on September 11, while the Oktoberfest 5K Trail Run kicks off at 10 a.m. on September 25.

The Independence Day 10K trail and other stand-alone events return in 2021 after they did not take place in 2020 in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

You can register for all events on

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CIA appoints David Marlowe to lead espionage operations Wed, 16 Jun 2021 23:08:00 +0000

WASHINGTON — In his first major move, CIA Director William Burns brought in a 30-year veteran of the agency to conduct espionage operations at a time when the spy agency was increasingly focused. more about China and is revamping human intelligence gathering in an era of increasing digital surveillance.

David Marlowe, who will be the new Deputy Director of Operations, is a veteran officer who has served overseas as a senior Central Intelligence Agency officer, known as the Station Chief, “in several of the most important environments. larger and more complex, including war zones “. said a CIA spokeswoman.

Mr Marlowe, whose post does not require confirmation from Congress, will lead a branch at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va. That oversees undercover agents who recruit foreign spies, ranging from foreign government officials to military men. business through disgruntled members of terrorist networks. The operations department also carries out covert actions abroad when headed by the president.

The CIA spokeswoman described Mr Marlowe’s appointment as a normal change in leadership.

He replaces Elizabeth Kimber, who in 2018 became the first woman to head the operations department, which has been a male-dominated stronghold for much of the CIA’s 73-year history.

“Dave is a very experienced and widely accomplished leader, and he picks up where Beth, an exceptional Agency officer over 36, left off to position the Operations Directorate for the future,” said Mr. . Burns.

CIA Director William Burns said modern surveillance techniques and technology have made his agency’s job more difficult.


Bill Clark / Zuma Press

Little is known about Mr. Marlowe’s career. The CIA does not normally publicly disclose the overseas assignments of its employees. CIA officials described him as an Arabic speaker who spent 20 of his 30 years at the agency in field missions abroad. His most recent post, they said, was deputy director of the CIA’s Near East Mission Center, which brings together operations officers, intelligence analysts and other specialists to focus on the Middle East. .

Mr Marlowe takes over the work of CIA operations in what current and former intelligence officials say is a pivotal time for the spy agency. Its counterterrorism mission, which dominated the agency’s operations for nearly two decades after the September 11, 2001 attacks, is shrinking, replaced primarily by the multifaceted challenge from China. Beijing, according to US officials, carries out aggressive human and computer espionage, and the CIA is also tasked with monitoring its internal politics, economy and military.

At the same time, current and former officials said they were operating as an undercover CIA officer; recruit and meet spies; and crossing international borders have become more difficult in an era of increasing digital surveillance on a global scale. CIA agents – and their foreign intelligence adversaries – face biometric checks at many airports, cell phone and social media tracking, and surveillance cameras in cities around the world, so that they are trying to operate clandestinely.

Mr Burns admitted upon confirmation to the Senate in February that the agency’s espionage mission has become more difficult.

“One of the great challenges of today [for] operational craftsmanship is omnipresent technical surveillance, the ability of a number of our adversaries to make the conduct of traditional craftsmanship much more complicated, ”he said.

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Bossier police jury requests injunction and road closure to stop weekend hike | New Wed, 16 Jun 2021 21:49:00 +0000

BENTON, Louisiana – Citing what happened on Saturday while hiking in DeSoto Parish, the Bossier Parish Police jury voted this afternoon to seek a court order to prevent a similar event did happen this weekend in his parish.

Police jurors added the discussion to the agenda at the behest of Administrator Bill Altimus. They unanimously agreed to ask a judge from Bossier parish to issue the injunction. Parish lawyer Patrick Jackson intends to submit it to court Thursday morning.

Additionally, the police jury voted on Saturday to close Fullwood Road, which leads to the event site in Princeton, and only let in local traffic.

Two other upcoming hikes have been denied permits.

“We don’t want to see what happened last weekend in DeSoto Parish,” said Major Charles Gray of the Bossier Parish Sheriff.

The reference was in reference to the Big W Trail in Gran Cane which drew more than 7,000 people spread over the 20 acre event site and several miles down a public road in the small village of Gran Cane. One man was shot dead, another arrested after apparently firing a gun at a deputy, and residents of Gran Cane complained of property damage and trespassing by revelers.

DeSoto’s police jury on Tuesday refused to put a stop to any upcoming hikes while one of its committees considers a new clearance process. This committee will meet at 5 p.m. on Thursday.

In Bossier Parish, Altimus said the promoter of the Bossmane Riding Club Boots and Dukes ride was denied an event permit in April due to problems last year. One person was shot and a drunk driver who left the site “ended up killing someone,” he said.

Even with the denial, the organizer continued to promote the event on social media, claiming the parish had given its “blessing.”

Bossier Parish Sheriff Chief Duane Huddleston said multiple efforts had been made to contact the developer and owner to tell them they could not arrange the test ride.

“They are planning to have something,” Gray said, adding that the organizer no longer has any pre-sold bracelets.

Gray said there have been significant issues with other hikes in recent years due to the increase in the number of people. Thus, discussions are underway to modify the permit.

He pointed out that there were no issues with the real hikes. Instead, it’s the afters.

Altimus said the police jury has a committee that reviews event requests and reviews items such as sanitation and safety.

Huddleston said DeSoto Parish organized two hikes this year and shootings took place in both. A woman was killed while hiking in Baton Rouge.

“Trail rides, nobody has a problem with. This is not a hike, ”he said of the Bossmane Boots and Dukes. “It’s really an outdoor concert. This is what he becomes; this is where the problems arise.

For this reason, the Bossier Parish Permit Review Committee is considering a two permit process where one is issued for the trek and the other for the entertainment part.

In addition, the current order does not require insurance. So the question arises, said Huddleston, if someone is shot or killed, is it up to the police jury, the sheriff’s office, or the promoter.

In addition, the current license does not provide for a penalty in the event of an infringement. Hence the need for an injunction against the developer and the landowner, Huddleston said.

Police jury chairman Jerome Darby asked how MPs would prevent runners from parking on the roads around Fullwood if they are closed. Gray said enough MPs will be there to tell them the event is canceled and redirect traffic.

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Infographic: Meet the men allowed to run for president in Iran | Elections News Wed, 16 Jun 2021 13:36:55 +0000

Tehran, Iran – At the opening Friday of the polling stations for the Iranian presidential election, five men will be on the ballot box, but one enjoys a significant lead over the others.

Observers predict that Iran’s eighth president will be elected with a very low turnout amid public disillusionment and widespread disqualification of reformist and pragmatic candidates by the Council of Guardians, a 12-member constitutional oversight body.

Here are the men allowed to embark on the hard-hitting race for a presidency that could influence how Iran approaches its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, US sanctions and a struggling economy defined by soaring inflation.

Ebrahim Raisi

Ebrahim Raisi, the current Iranian chief justice, is by far the favorite. It enjoys wide support from conservative and radical politicians and factions and has largely dominated the polls. Like Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Raisi wears a black turban, indicating that he is a sayyid – a descendant of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad.

The 60-year-old cleric is also seen as the most likely candidate to replace Khamenei, 82, upon his death, a point raised by an opponent during televised presidential debates as something that could cause him to drop the presidency if he wins it. .

Raisi grew up in the northeastern town of Mashhad, an important religious center for Shia Muslims where Imam Reza, the eighth Shia imam, is buried. He attended Qom Seminary and studied with some of Iran’s most prominent clerics. His education was a point of contention in the debates, where he said he had a JD and denied having only six levels of formal education.

After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, a young Raisi joined the prosecutor’s office in Masjed Soleyman in southwest Iran and later became the prosecutor for several jurisdictions. He moved to the capital, Tehran, in 1985 after being appointed deputy prosecutor.

He is believed to have played a role in the mass execution of political prisoners that took place in 1988, shortly after the end of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war. He never publicly addressed the allegations. For the next three decades, he served as Tehran’s prosecutor, head of the General Inspectorate Organization, attorney general of the Special Clergy Tribunal, and deputy chief justice.

The Supreme Leader appointed Raisi as head of Atan-e Quds Razavi, the influential shrine of Imam Reza, in March 2016. Heading one of Iran’s largest bonyads, or charitable trusts, gave Raisi the control of assets worth billions of dollars and solidified its position among the clerical and business elite of Mashhad.

Raisi ran unsuccessfully against incumbent President Hassan Rouhani in the 2017 presidential election, garnering 38% of the vote, or just under 16 million votes. Khamenei appointed Raisi as head of the judiciary in 2019, and he tried to strengthen his position as an anti-corruption champion by targeting insiders and holding public trials, while effectively starting his presidential campaign early in the morning. visiting almost all 32 Iranian provinces. Raisi called himself a “rival to corruption, inefficiency and aristocracy” and said he would maintain the nuclear deal as a state deal, but believes a “strong government Is necessary to steer it in the right direction.

Abdolnaser Hemmati

An unlikely candidate, the moderate Abdolnaser Hemmati tried to present himself as a realist. He became governor of the Central Bank of Iran in 2018 during a tumultuous time, shortly after US President Donald Trump backed down on the nuclear deal and began imposing harsh sanctions that ultimately engulfed the entire Iranian economy.

The 64-year-old was dismissed from his post by Rouhani earlier this month for running for president, but his opponents have tried to portray him as one of the figures behind the current dire economic situation.

A former state television journalist and veteran of Iran’s banking and insurance industries, Hemmati tried to oppose some of the more outlandish promises made by the candidates, saying they couldn’t be made then that the country continues to fight against sanctions and that governments run massive budget deficits. But he also promised to dramatically increase monthly cash payments to low-income families and once again bring inflation down to single-digit territory.

Hemmati explicitly supported the reinstatement of the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions in an electoral cycle where the problems arising from it were barely mentioned after the supreme leader said foreign policy was not a “priority for the people”. He also suggested he was open to meeting with US President Joe Biden if such a meeting fell within the framework of the Iranian establishment.

Said Jalili

Former nuclear negotiator under the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the intransigent Saeed Jalili is now the representative of the Supreme Leader at the Supreme National Security Council, a high-level body currently in charge of the nuclear issue.

He ran unsuccessfully in the 2013 election which Rouhani won for his first term, finishing third with around 11% of the vote. Jalili is a staunch opponent of the nuclear deal and the financial transparency legislation required to complete Iran’s plan of action with the Intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force (FATF). He pledged to “cancel” the sanctions by increasing local production so that Iran’s rivals have no choice but to lift the sanctions.

The 55-year-old was born in Mashhad, earned a doctorate in political science and then served as a Basij volunteer during the 1980s war with neighboring Iraq. He was seriously injured in the fighting and lost the lower part of his right leg.

Jalili worked as a university professor after the war, then entered the Foreign Ministry, rising through the ranks to become a member of the National Security Council. He was promoted to Secretary of the Council in 2007 as he became a central figure in international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. His term ended in 2013, but he still sits on the board and is also a member of another influential body, the Opportunity Council.

Mohsen Rezaei

Nicknamed the “Eternal Candidate” for his years trying to become president, Mohsen Rezaei has led the Opportunity Council since 1997.

The hard-line politician and military man was born into a religious Bakhtiyari family and is also a veteran of the war with Iraq. He joined the nascent Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), became its intelligence chief, and was instrumental in expanding the elite force. In 1981, Rezaei was appointed by the then Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC and held that post for 16 years.

The 66-year-old is also among those who have for years resisted implementing legislation to satisfy the FATF, saying it will hurt the country and prevent Iran from circumventing US sanctions. Rezaei, who has previously suggested taking US citizens hostage for ransom, is also an opponent of the nuclear deal and has supported the cancellation of sanctions “so that the enemy regrets” that he sanctions Iran.

He pledged to increase the ailing national currency, identify and redirect tens of billions of dollars of poorly spent budget, increase cash grants tenfold and heavily include marginalized youth, women and Iranians in his plans for the future.

Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hachemi

Another candidate in the extremely low polls, Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi is the youngest of the presidential candidates at 50. He is a long-time legislator and otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat specialist).

A curator from Fariman in Khorasan Razavi, he served as the representative of the people of Mashhad in the Iranian parliament for four consecutive terms. Ghazizadeh served as deputy speaker of parliament under Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf in the first year of the current parliament, which came to power amid widespread disqualification of reformists and low turnout in February 2020. He was replaced earlier this month and is now a member of parliament.

During the three presidential debates, he attempted to play the adult in the room, largely refraining from personal blows and sticking to the questions posed by the state television host as others exchanged views. pikes.

Ghazizadeh, a cousin of former health minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi and current lawmaker Ehsan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, has vowed to form a young government to guide the revolution into its second phase under the leadership of the Supreme Leader.

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DeSoto Police Jury Votes 6-5 Not To Stop Upcoming Hikes, Special Events | New Wed, 16 Jun 2021 02:22:00 +0000

MANSFIELD, Louisiana – Hikes and special events will take place in DeSoto Parish as a committee reviews changes to the licensing process.

Police jurors voted 6 to 5 at a special meeting on Tuesday not to impose a temporary moratorium on events despite problems during the Big W Trail Ride on Saturday in Gran Cane.

The vote came after nearly two hours of commentary from Gran Cane residents and trek organizers.

But before the discussion began, a five-minute video was shown to the large crowd in the police jury room. It was a compilation of the body cameras of the Sheriff’s deputies and the dash cameras of the Saturday patrol units.

The video showed crowds of people parked and walking on Blunt Mill Road, then showed the overcrowded event site on Whitaker’s property in Andy Lane. He also captured the moment when MPs arrested a man accused of pointing a gun at MPs and then showed the crowd running when a gunshot rang out.

This gunshot injured a man, whom the deputies had to physically evacuate from the site of the event because an ambulance was unable to get there. The man was placed in a patrol car and then taken to a waiting ambulance.

Authorities estimate that more than 7,000 people were dispersed from the site of the event to the village of Gran Cane, where trespassing on private property and property damage have been reported. Event planners fought back; however, the crowd was no more than 4,000, the figure being based on the number of armbands sold at the gate.

Rev. Fredrick Fuller, who is involved in other hikes, said what happened on Saturday does not represent the actual hikes. The rides started out as a family event but have changed.

“It’s not us,” he said.

Missy Lawrence, who lives on Blunt Mill Road, said she and her neighbors don’t call for special events to end, only for a temporary stop until permits are put in place. The current police jury permit simply requires the applicant to pay a fee of $ 250 for receiving a permit for a 10 day event.

It’s up to the organizers to keep the unruly people out, she said.

The mayor of Gran Cane, Marshal Richardson, complained about a lack of communication. She didn’t know the hike was on, saying “we were caught off guard”.

Alderman Clayton Davis recounted how he must have turned his head when he saw a car full of women parked in front of his house come out and one of them pulled down her pants to urinate. Her son, who lives two blocks away, said a woman visited his home and asked if he would take $ 60 to babysit his three children while she made her way to the trailhead.

“What happened in front of me was wrong,” Davis said.

Big W Trail Ride organizer Wendell Whitaker admitted their event had grown too big for their homestead. He apologized and asked anyone in Gran Cane who had suffered property damage to contact him.

Collis Boyd and Xavier Foster, who also run hikes, have apologized to residents of Gran Cane. Boyd said some of the hikes turned into “gangster events,” but he asked police jurors not to punish those who try to offer something fun to their friends and family.

Further apologies came from Andre Wilson, president of the Northwest Trail Riders Association.

“It’s not us,” he said of what happened on Saturday.

He also asked police jurors not to wash away the trails. “We’re going to fix it. … Anyway, we don’t want these people, ”he said of the“ strangers ”disrupting their events.

Another Gran Cane owner, Tammy Kennedy, agreed that she and her neighbors weren’t there to call for an end to the hikes, only to illegal activity. She briefly recounted how the trail crowd arrived at their homestead, urinated in the yard, peeked out windows, left clothes and needles.

Some have criticized Sheriff Jayson Richardson, who told KTBS on Monday that none of his deputies had volunteered to work as a security guard for the hike due to the increasing violence associated with the events. Thus, Richardson explained that he was not obligated to ensure the security of a private and lucrative event.

He said he would not make his assistants work for an event where they do not feel safe. Events, he said, have gone from friends of family to “out of control,” and appropriate policies must be in place to govern futures.

Police jury chairman Reggie Roe told KTBS on Monday that if the panel did not vote to put a moratorium in place, it would consider declaring a state of emergency. Some jurors at the meeting challenged Roe’s authority to declare the emergency. After the meeting, Roe said the vote will stand.

Police juror Kyle Kennington wanted to impose a moratorium on special events with an attendance of over 500 people for 45 days to give his policy / procedures committee time to come up with guidelines for special event permits. He said he has copies of ordinances from other parishes as examples.

“It will affect every event,” he said.

But his motion was not put to a vote after police juror Thomas Jones brought forward an alternate motion to let events continue while the study process is underway.

Thomas Jones, Richard Fuller, Ernel Jones, Jeri Burrell, Rodriguez Ross and Keith Parker voted against a moratorium. Kennington, Dewayne Mitchell, Jimmy Holmes Reggie Roe and Greg Baker voted for it.

“We shouldn’t mess up what worked,” said Ernel Jones.

Burrell said changes need to be made, but for this to work some will have to make sacrifices.

Baker said the police jury was back to where it was in 2019 when issues with excessive crowds on some of the hikes began to surface. There are people who attend the events that “you don’t want to, but I don’t know how we as a police jury can stop them,” he said.

Mitchell called for a show of hands from those in the audience who have planned upcoming hikes or other events. Three said they did, but said their crowd should be around 400-600 people.

Richardson said there were three events this weekend – two rides and a car show. Another full-scale hike is announced for the July 4th weekend.

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Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle announces her candidacy for re-election Tue, 15 Jun 2021 18:31:38 +0000

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle announced on Tuesday that she would run for another term as mayor.

Mayor LaChapelle said in an announcement sent to 22News that she wanted to continue to guide the city through the plans that continue to unfold during the coronavirus pandemic. The full announcement is below:

“Since my first election in 2017, we have launched exciting plans for the future of Easthampton that balance smart growth and fairness. We have received a record number of grants and other investment funding opportunities and we are starting to see the fruits of this work, as we execute projects like Blueprint Easthampton, the new Mountain View K-8 School, and significant improvements to our roads and open spaces.

The ravages of COVID-19 have shone the spotlight on issues that existed long before the pandemic. With new urgency, we have long-awaited conversations about food and housing security, education, the fragile health and child care systems, harm reduction strategies, internet access and health. government efficiency.

Our work together is not over. And that is why I am running for re-election.

I am grateful that our smart tax planning has borne fruit and I am proud to have kept Easthampton stable and growing during the global pandemic, but now I must also look to 2021. It would be a great honor for me to continue to guide the city through these challenges. – without forgetting to put our ambitious pre-COVID economic development efforts back on track. We have a bright future ahead of us at Easthampton.

I am writing to you today to ask for your support as I run for re-election as mayor of Easthampton.

Thank you for your trust and your partnership. Together, let’s envision a peaceful and productive future for Easthampton.

With gratitude,
Nicole LaChapelle
Mayor of Easthampton

PS I want to talk to as many people as possible this summer about my re-election. If you want to throw a house party, reply to this email and we’ll follow up! “

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The Texas All-Star race was the Hendrick show, but Kyle Larson rightfully won Tue, 15 Jun 2021 09:31:19 +0000

It didn’t count in the points, I still don’t know what the format was, and I never want to hear the word inversion again.

That being said, Sunday’s NASCAR All-Star race in Texas was won by the only true 2021 NASCAR All Star: Kyle Larson.

Larson passed teammate Chase Elliott on a restart with 10 to go, then fended off Brad Keselowski in the final rounds to earn $ 1million. Like most of the past two months, Hendrick Motorsports has once again ridden the rest of the field with Larson, Elliott and William Byron having a head start (or three) over everyone else.

“It’s like running second behind the Hendrick cars right now is an accomplishment. They’re just dumb and fast,” said Keselowski. “I took him out (Larson) from Turn 4 but they have so much speed.

Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

Larson and Chase Elliott fight in Texas

If you count Sunday’s race, Larson has now claimed three straight wins, including virtually every stop on the course. In fact, starting with the Mother’s Day race in Darlington, Larson finished: 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1.

Yeah, that will work!

2022 Daytona 500:Luke Combs to perform Daytona 500 concert for second year in a row

Will Larson ever lose? :NASCAR Speed ​​Freaks: When Will Kyle Larson NOT Win a Cup Race?

Elliott, meanwhile, is right behind. Since Dover on May 16, the defending champion hasn’t finished outside of the top three, including a COTA win.

Kyle Larson hasn't finished outside of the first two for almost two months.

Hendrick and Penske punctuate the All-Star field

Let’s go back to Larson, who is the eighth driver in history to win the All-Star race more than once (2019, 2021).

You know what’s coming … who knows the other seven? I’ll give you a minute.

Before we continue, here’s another statistic: The top seven cars in Texas were either Hendrick or Penske.

Where in the world have Joe Gibbs’ boys gone?

Danica Patrick, Bill Elliott and the early days of SRX

We go from Texas to … Connecticut (what could go wrong?). But first, your trivia answer.

Drivers who have won multiple All-Star races include Dale Earnhardt, Davey Allison, Terry Labonte, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and Larson.