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As villagers, most of us are aware of the construction of a new trail along Jack’s Canyon. New trail construction took place on Little Rock and Rabbit Ears (formerly known as Pine Valley and Dairy Springs trails).

Both trails had deep ruts and extensive social trails. With new signs, alignments and durable slopes, the new trails will provide fun for multiple user groups for many years to come.

The Big Park Loop also received much needed attention, as crews were able to move large amounts of soil with a mini excavator to bring back the drains needed to mitigate erosion caused by Mother Nature and users.

Work on these beautiful trails was made possible in part by funding from the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund.

During the 2020-2021 field season, the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund provided funding to the District of Red Rock Ranger to enable the hiring of 10 seasonal trail workers, a trail coordinator and a trail foreman.

Additionally, with grants from the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund and the US Forest Service, additional crews of eight for six weeks were provided by American Conservation Experience. A total of 55 young workers rotated the team during the season as part of the Corps’ training and education program.

According to the Red Rock Trail Accomplishment Report – 2021 Field Season, the hardworking Red Rock Ranger District team of the United States Forest Service and the American Conservation Experience have achieved incredible milestones this year with the construction of new trails and l intensive maintenance of trails.

Here are some amazing numbers:

• 279 miles of trail maintenance

• 12 miles of new trails built

• 1,010 feet of retaining walls constructed

• 735 stone stairs installed

• 11.25 miles of naturalized trails

• 375 drainage structures maintained

• 36 new drainage structures installed

• 122 signs installed

Tons of materials were added to check the steps and water bars to harden the trails and stabilize the surface of Doe Mountain.

In addition, 50 stone stairs and hundreds of feet of retaining walls were added to the lower section of Doe. Stone stairs were also added to Boynton Canyon to create a durable trail surface for a heavily trafficked trail.

Additional work was done on Hangover and the Wilson Mountain trials. New signs have been installed throughout the RRRD.

The 2020-21 trail work season ran from October 2020 to May 2021, with the forest service working to address the challenges of COVID-19.

This is the fifth season of the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund which has seen trail teams expand beyond what the federal government allowance would have provided.

While volunteer hours were limited due to Covid-19 precautions, our community partner, Friends of the Forest, was still able to contribute 85 volunteers who worked for 12 days to set up seven kiosks, replace or refresh 36 signs, clear 21 trees and more, in the Big Park, Deadman’s Pass, West Fork and Scorpion Trail areas.

As you can guess, with sensitive soils and increasing use, trail maintenance work is never quite done. The RRRD is already planning the work that will be scheduled for the next season in the field.

The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is an official partner of the Red Rock Ranger District and as such is authorized to raise funds on behalf of the District for the purpose of maintaining and improving the non-motorized trails of the Red Rock Country. Donations and grants are channeled through the Trails Fund to the Red Rock Ranger District to support work on the Red Rock trails.

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