Dallas Trail Ride groups meet with police in bid to make events safer after shooting – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

In the weeks since a field party in Oak Cliff turned into a deadly shooting, the community rallied together to find a way to make sure it never happened again.

“It was scary. We still deal with it,” Dwayne Gray said.

As CEO of the WolfPack Riding Club, Gray is working with others, such as owner and CEO of reservation and management company New Era, Paul Franklin, on the new Trail Safety Commission.

Through meetings, like the one held Wednesday night, their community is working with police to ensure future events of a beloved pastime, which has grown in popularity during the pandemic, are safe. , although they say the ‘Epic Easter’ party was hosted by someone outside their association.

“It’s to work, and as I said, to bring all the organizations together so that we do a better job of monitoring and having conversations around violence, senseless violence. What are we doing to prevent these things and not be reactive but be more proactive,” said Paul Franklin.

This includes seeking permits, which the City of Dallas has pledged to crack down on, as well as obtaining insurance and implementing new safety measures to protect their community and ensure that everyone get home safely.

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