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Last weekend, the men’s and women’s cross country teams kicked off their season with the Colby, Bates and Bowdoin (CBB) Wave Races at Pineland Farms. The encounter, against rivals Bates and Colby, was the Riders’ first chance to compete after intense pre-season training and served as motivation for their upcoming home call.

“This weekend was a great opportunity for people to put on the uniform and show off the work they’ve been doing over the summer,” said head coach Ben Raphelson. “It was pretty low stakes, but intentionally, with the juniors and seniors separated from the [first years] and sophomores and the race distance being shorter. But all of those things made it a good opening that served its purpose.

In the junior senior women’s race, which was 4.5 km, Leila Trummel ’23 came in first with a time of 17:42. Abby Mueller ’24 took second place with an 18:03. Claire Wyman ’25 and Lauren Traum ’24 also finished in the top five. Lex Davis ’26 covered the course in 18:23 to win the subclass race.

In the men’s 6.1 km, Sam Angevine ’24 came in third with a time of 19:40, followed by Brooks Peters ’23 in fourth. Will Goddard ’25 placed second in the subclass race.

“There was a lot of excitement that morning,” Trummel said. “I kinda like the first day of dating because it’s always like ‘what can we do, what are we capable of, how does this year look like.'”

Since it was a low-stakes competition, Bates rested most of his runners due to their training schedule. Angevine noted that it felt like a Bowdoin-Colby double encounter at times. Raphelson reminded the team that this should not affect the performance of Bowdoin riders.

“The meeting was a good opportunity to get rid of the nervousness of the first race, especially for the subclasses or [first years] who didn’t have a cross-country race,” Angevine said. “I really missed the feeling of being on the start line and having the pre-race jitters after so much time grinding solo over the summer. Racing really ignites a special fire in you. that is simply impossible to replicate on your own.

Raphelson believes that after having a relatively normal season last year, returning athletes have developed a good idea of ​​how to prepare for the races ahead.

“The main thing is to have patience with the race,” Trummel said. “We did not train this summer for the wave race. We are training for November. We are training for the championship season, and that requires a lot of patience.

Trummel succeeded by focusing on the process, not the result. His motto during races is to “relax and go faster, relax and go faster.”

The team also hopes to work together more often this season.

“The other thing that has helped me, and I’m looking forward to doing more, is running with my teammates and being able to run alongside someone else who’s wearing a Bowdoin jersey,” Trummel said. “It confuses people when you talk in a race. This camaraderie is really special.

As the Polar Bears focus on the official start of the competition, they also know they have a long and exciting road ahead of them.

“How the cross country season works out, it really depends on how well you do in the last meet of the year,” Raphelson said. “I’m lucky that it’s a very motivated group. I remain very enthusiastic about the support of our group and the success that will lead us. »

The teams’ next meeting, the Bowdoin Invitational, will take place at home on September 24.

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