Crews will inaugurate the Cotoni-Coast Dairies – Santa Cruz Sentinel trail network in December

DAVENPORT – The Bureau of Land Management and Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship teams will begin constructing 19 miles of trails at the Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument on December 1, a crucial step in providing public access to the highly anticipated Santa Cruz Coast site. North.

The nearly 6,000-acre property will offer 30 miles of trails for recreation enthusiasts to hike, bike or horseback ride. Beyond recreation, Coast Dairies will also be used for cattle grazing.

Visitors will be able to access part of that trail system by next summer, according to Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship executive director Matt De Young.

“It’s really spectacular,” De Young said. “You have these marine terraces covered with coastal meadows that are a brilliant green for much of the year, then you have forests of oaks and redwoods and chaparral – you kind of have all that it is. you need. “

The national monument will offer two distinct sections of the park, a network of north and south trails.

A group hikes at Coast Dairies. (Photo provided / Bruce Dorman)

De Young explained that the stewardship will build a “stacked loop” trail system, where each trail will become progressively more difficult as it goes, further from a trailhead.

“If anyone wants to go for a long bike ride or a hike, they can do it on the northern trail system and the southern trails will offer horseback riding and hiking, but will also offer great trail experiences. accessible – which will not require a high degree of physical fitness or mobility – so that everyone can enjoy this phenomenal property, ”said De Young.

This includes trails in the southern portion of the park that will be accessible to Americans with disabilities, meaning people with physical disabilities will be able to recreate themselves in certain areas of the national monument.

Eventually, Coast Dairies will connect to the San Vicente Redwoods of Santa Cruz Mountain.

To finance the construction of the trail network, the stewardship launched a $ 2.7 million campaign. So far he’s made around $ 1 million, De Young said. The nonprofit seeks state and federal grants, as well as individual donations and corporate sponsorships.

He is also looking for additional crew members to volunteer in the construction of the trails. Events and working days will be posted on

“We want the public to also help develop this bond of ownership and stewardship of the property,” said De Young.

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