Council member calls for parking ban during repairs to Kailua trail

HONOLULU (AP) – A member of Honolulu City Council has proposed to ban unauthorized parking in a neighborhood in Oahu while the state is closing a popular trail nearby for two years to make repairs.

The state plans to close the trails at Maunawili Falls in Kailua starting Thursday so it can, with a private landowner, preserve the historic and cultural sites. It also provides for the construction of parking lots and sanitary blocks.

The trail takes hikers through lush forest to a waterfall.

As the trail grows in popularity, neighbors are struggling to prevent hikers from illegally parking and entering without permission, urinating in their yard, and leaving dirty diapers behind.

Chris Nakamatu of the Maunawili Estates Community Association said about 1,000 people use the trail on weekends.

Esther Kiaʻāina, member of the municipal council, who represents the region, told Hawaii News Now said she didn’t expect people to stop coming when the trail closed. It therefore calls for the ban on parking without authorization in the district during the closure.

The city already restricts parking to people without a permit in an area of ​​Kalihi, she said.

“I think this is the best way to balance the needs of the community with those violating the trespassers,” Kia’āina said.

Neighbors say they support measures to control crowds and revive the trail.

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