City and County leaders seek public input on new trail systems coming to Grand Lafayette

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Indiana (WLFI) – Leaders from Lafayette, West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County are looking for your input in their latest project. On Wednesday June 21, they have a public meeting to talk about the Big Four Trail master plan. It will be held in the council chamber of Lafayette town hall from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This project has been in the works for years, but this is the first time city and county leaders have met the public in person. They hope people will come with questions and ideas.

The Big Four Trail master plan will create a network of trails that will link Indianapolis to Chicago via the Grand Lafayette. But through this project, leaders are also looking to improve and create a better network of trails to better connect the city and county neighborhoods.

Right now they are focused on creating a trail between Clinton, Boone, and Tippecanoe County. Since the inception of the project, executives have published two online polls for the public to participate in. One thing they have learned so far is that safety seems to be the main public concern for these future trails. Project managers would like to see and hear a diverse group of people at the meeting.

“This great project is to serve people, and we’re trying to make sure we design this project around what you want,” said Jeffrey Kuhn, City of West Lafayette engineer.

After security, project managers say polls have also shown that the public really wants more trail access to city and county amenities.

“Like making sure that we really connect them with local businesses, friends, family, making sure that we are enlivening communities that need to be enlivened and that we can overcome obstacles in different ways,” said Kuhn.

After tonight’s meeting, the project managers will incorporate all comments and concerns and update the master plan.

If you cannot attend the meeting but have questions and ideas, you can contact Project Managers Jessica Nix at [email protected], Ryan King at [email protected] and Marjorie Hennessy at [email protected] .

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