Chattanooga’s startup founders present their answer to the question: Will This Float?

An alternative milk delivery service reminiscent of the days of doorstep glass bottles has won the annual Will This Float? pitch competition on the first night of Startup Week on Monday.

Elizabeth Bounds, the “dairy chef” for Other Milk, will receive $ 3,000 to create her startup, which provides subscribers with alternatives to locally sourced milk produced in glass bottles.

“You know, like before, just with a few upgrades in 2021,” Bounds told the Waterhouse Pavilion crowd. “It’s a return to the original direct-to-consumer model.”

The winner of the public pitch competition, Outshine Adventures + Nomad Be Happy, rents custom vans and builds custom adventures for people looking to hit the road and have fun.

“It’s a scalable model that sells our hometown as much as adventure,” said Robby Eskridge, presenting his vision for Nomad Be Happy.

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Chattanooga’s startup founders present their answer to the question: Will This Float?

John and Tara Biondolillo took one of the company’s pickup trucks to Asheville, NC for a long weekend in early October and came to see the grounds.

“It’s urban camping,” John said. “We liked it.”

Demand for outdoor adventures was already on the rise before the pandemic hit, and it has exploded in the past 18 months, said Sunshine Loveless, founder of Outshine Adventures.

“Our bookings and revenue have tripled since 2020,” she said.

Other pitch contestants included Family Scripts, a newsletter with ideas for enriching family life, which Hope Henchey started over the past decade as she home-schooled her growing family. The organized recipes, games, lessons and phrasebooks form a “life program for the whole family,” Henchey said during his speech.

Charity Painter presented their vision for Soft Animal, a company that organizes events where everyone feels safe and welcome, including and especially marginalized people.

Key events of Startup Week

Check out the full program at

Tuesday October 19

Pitch and pilot competition for Sustainable Development and Recycling: 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Waterhouse Pavilion

TVFCU Idea Leap pitch competition: 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center

Wednesday, October 20

Career fair : 12 pm-4pm at the Waterhouse Pavilion

Creators market: 5-7 p.m. at the Waterhouse Pavilion

Thursday, October 21

The Startup Social and Startup Awards: 6-9 p.m. at Finley Stadium

“Everyone deserves safe spaces,” Painter told the crowd.

Enoch Elwell showcased his company, Vintage Outfitting, which sends customers on the road for adventures in restored vintage Land Rovers and Land Cruisers.

“In 2021, the vintage luxury market is the number one hotel trend,” he said during his pitch.

Kevin Pate described his vision of an “immersion gallery” where clients can have interactive experiences with art and artists.

“If you gave me 30 minutes, I couldn’t tell you all the great ideas I have for this space,” he said.

With a list of more than 80 events over five days, the 2021 edition of Startup Week takes place largely in person and outdoors after it goes live in 2020.

One of the featured events on Tuesday is a reverse pitch competition to help the city of Chattanooga find solutions to its ongoing waste recycling challenge. City officials are eager to find ways to improve the city’s recycling processes to make them more efficient and efficient, including working with entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions.

In addition to pitch competitions and other iconic events, the week includes a plethora of more relaxed panels and activities, from goat yoga and happy hours to one-on-one coaching for minority-owned business owners. Events are free, although some require registration to manage capacity.

Launched in 2014, Chattanooga Startup Week is designed to inspire and celebrate small business success.

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Competitors in the pitch for Will This Float?

Winner: Other Milk

Founder: Elizabeth limits

Activity Descrition: Other Milk is an alternative milk brand that makes and delivers oat and pecan milk right to your door.

People’s Choice Winner: Outshine Adventures + Nomad Be Happy

Founder: Sunshine Loveless (Outshine Adventures), Robby & Lindsey Eskridge (Nomad Be Happy)

Activity Descrition: Nomad Be Happy is a customizable adventure van rental company focused on promoting the local experience while promoting our city as a whole across the country. Outshine Adventures is dedicated to providing sustainable eco-tours, immersive outdoor experiences, and personalized travel itineraries that inspire people to adventure differently.

Society: The immersion gallery

Founder: Kevin bate

Activity Descrition: The Immersion Gallery is an ever-evolving collection of immersive themed exhibits featuring local artists, sculptors, dancers, animators, poets and more. It’s part gallery, part theater, part funhouse.

Society: Vintage Outfitter

Founder: Enoch Elwell

Activity Descrition: Vintage Outfitting offers organized overland adventure rentals of restored vintage Land Rovers and Land Cruisers, perfectly equipped with a rooftop tent, supplies and pre-planned routes for an authentic overlanding experience vintage.

Society: Family scripts

Founder: I hope Henchey

Activity Descrition: Family Scripts is a paid weekly newsletter for parents that gives them tips on how to enrich their children’s lives.

Society: Sweet animal

Founder: Charity painter

Activity Descrition: Soft Animal is a secure mobile space specializing in the organization of events for marginalized people. We seek to celebrate being and create fun experiences by hosting events that cater to the “soft animals in our bodies”.

Society: Broadway Scenic City Dinner Theater

Founder: Garry Posey

Activity Descrition: Scenic City Broadway is a dinner and theater company that welcomes tourists to Chattanooga.

Society: Restore Furniture Ltd. Co.

Founder: Alex Stayte

Activity Descrition: Restore Furniture is dedicated to building quality, artistic and sustainable furniture from recycled plastic waste. We believe that our products will have a real impact on the plastic pollution crisis by purchasing plastic waste as a raw material for a sustainable product.

The judges

Adrienne Cooper, Founder and CEO of Moonlight Roller

Erin Felton Lopez, Etsy Inc. Strategy and Analysis, MBA

Meilani Santillán, Program Director at Code for America

Jay Shaffer, Angel Investor and Board Member of Atlanta Tech Angels

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