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Ballotpedia identified 37 Missouri school districts that held elections on April 5, where candidates took positions on three contentious issues: race in education, COVID responses, or sex and gender in schools. That’s 7.1% of the state’s 518 school districts, not all of which held elections on April 5.

There were 77 seats to be filled in these 37 constituencies.

Of the 77 winners of the April 5 contention races:

  • 19 opposed at least one of these three questions (25%);
  • 43 supported at least one and did not oppose it (56%); and,
  • 15 had unclear positions on all three issues (20%)

Ballotpedia researched the winning candidates’ positions on these three contentious issues using media reports, editorials, candidate websites, campaign announcements, and more. After that, each winning contestant was tagged either as proof Where opposite. In cases where candidate positions were not obvious, they were labeled not clear.

  • Race in Education: candidates proof this question tends to support expanding the use of programs tied to race- and district-specific equity or diversity plans. Candidates opposite this question tend to oppose these efforts.
  • Responses to the coronavirus pandemic: candidates proof this issue tends to support or previously supported mask or vaccine requirements and social distancing or remote learning related to the pandemic. Candidates opposite this question tend to oppose those measures that their districts have taken or are considering in response to the pandemic.
  • Sex and gender at school: candidates proof this question tends to support the expansion of sex education programs or the use of gender-neutral facilities and learning materials. Candidates opposite this question tend to oppose these efforts.

Ballotpedia previously conducted a study of election results in school board dispute races on November 2, 2021, which included 310 seats up for grabs in 16 other states. In this analysis, 30% of winners (94) had opposing positions, 56% (173) had support positions, and 14% (43) had unclear positions.

A total of 44 incumbents stood for re-election in these 37 constituencies, leaving 33 seats vacant, guaranteed to be won by newcomers and representing 43% of the seats in contention. This is a higher percentage of open seats than Ballotpedia typically tracks among the nation’s largest school districts.

Incumbents running for re-election in those 37 constituencies have lost to challengers at an increased rate compared to regular Ballotpedia coverage.

In the last four election cycles, from 2018 to 2021, incumbents have lost 18% of the races in which they have won re-election.

During the contentious races of April 5, 27% of the incumbents (12) lost their re-election.

Ballotpedia’s coverage of school board disputes relies on identifying candidate posts, reader submissions, or third-party reports on these issues. The map below shows the counties where Missouri’s 37 conflicting races were located.

Further reading:

]]> Wellington Town Hall is now a five-horse race. Will Andy Foster make six? Sun, 26 Jun 2022 23:19:00 +0000

Wellington Mayor Andy Foster continues to play coy about his intention to run for the capital again after former deputy mayor and current Rongotai MP Paul Eagle confirmed on Monday that he participated in the race.

Separately, independent Ellen Blake announced on Monday that she is running for mayor in the local elections in October. She also planned to contest the Pukehīnau Lambton district.

But the holder would not be drawn.

“I’m not answering that one,” Foster said Monday when asked directly if he plans to run for a second term. He also declined to say when he planned to make his intentions known.

Blake and Eagle join the Green Party’s Tory Whanau, Independent Ray Chung and Significant Natural Areas opponent Dr. Barbara McKenzie in the mayoral race.

* Wellington Mayor Andy Foster seeks allies before announcing his candidacy for a second term
* ‘Hurry up and make a call’: Wellington mayoral candidates urged to come forward
*Wellington is where the action will take place in the upcoming council elections

Foster, however, brushed off Eagle – his former board colleague. Foster said his rival was struggling to gain credibility, noting that Eagle had been “Labour forever” and would become a Labor MP again if he did not win the election but stood as an independent.

Ellen Blake is the latest to announce her candidacy for mayor of Wellington.

Ross Giblin

Ellen Blake is the latest to announce her candidacy for mayor of Wellington.

Foster thought Labor wanted Eagle to run as an independent because it would be easier to “spin” if he lost.

Whanau, following Eagle’s announcement on Monday, said it was “exciting to finally have a competitor.” “I look forward to solid discussions,” she said.

Blake said transportation, protecting unique natural places and ensuring there are quality places for everyone.

Housing was not an “either-or” and Wellington could cope with demographic pressures while building quality homes with appropriate outdoor spaces, she said.

“We need local solutions for global issues like biodiversity loss and climate change, as well as the creation of quality, affordable housing for all,” she said.

“This means, firstly, priority for public transport through more bus lanes and better connections on foot. Second, the emphasis on the quality of housing, for both tenants and owners. And third, more support to improve our green and blue spaces.

Blake is the Wellington Coordinator of Living Streets Aotearoa and a member of the Growing Places Charitable Trust, Mount Victoria Bush Regeneration Group, Wellington Women’s House and Mount Victoria Residents Association.

Toyota NCS Nashville Quotes — Kyle Busch Sat, 25 Jun 2022 01:49:02 +0000

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Pedigree Toyota Camry TRD, Joe Gibbs Racing

What was it like watching your life unfold on the big screen last night and people cheering you on in the theater?

“Yes, it was a unique experience for sure. You know, a really exciting opportunity to have this chance to showcase my career and everything and what it has been from the very beginning until, I guess until 2019, so that was good. Great welcome. The positive feedback from a lot of people and most who came to see me at the after party who would say they’ve never been to a NASCAR race but just seeing this, you know , makes them want to see what NASCAR is all about. And, you know, they thought it was a good show to describe what my career has been like so far.

How important would it be for you to win the regular season championship?

“I think it would be important. I mean, obviously the bonus points that come with it. It’s the number one priority there. So you want to win races, you want to get those bonus points, you want to win stages, get those bonus points, all to allow yourself an easier time, say through the Playoffs. So, you know, having that goal right there, you know, we have to be careful with that because you can’t outrun yourself trying to run for a win – Gateway and get run over and not get any points. We’re so close and I feel like you’re watching COTA, a big missed opportunity coming in third on the last lap, finishing 33rd. You know, Sonoma, we all completely missed it, but we ran horribly without getting a lot of points that day. So there’s definitely more opportunities than that too, that we wasted that I wish I’d had in return and we’d be the much closer leader.

How was the Martinsville test earlier this week?

“So the dirt, the Bristol Dirt aero kit, let’s call it, the bottom zone. I felt like a net positive. We were able to get into a traffic situation where we started a race and kinda ran into each other. Car 2 was a bit better than us at that time. So he was able to pass me but when I could follow him, I followed him like he was on my bumper following me. I climbed on his bumper following him. He left just because he was a bit better than us at that point in the test, but I felt like that was a net positive. I don’t feel like any of the tires were better. There were a couple, there was a softer set of lifts and a softer set of rights that were a better, grippier tire that you could go faster on. But there is no downfall. There was no wear. And so with the control tire that we had we would have a few drops but you could kind of recoup your drop if you took it easy for a few laps and let it cool and then reattacked and we went that way they fall out more from heat than from wear, so I think we missed the tire selection we had there. We didn’t win anything on the tyre.

What can you take away from last year’s race for this weekend?

“I feel like last year’s race will lend itself a bit to this year. I’m saying this because the track has widened really well and this car doesn’t like to follow another car and follow so you’ll need options you’ll need different groups you can go racing in so with last year’s race really widening the track. Hopefully the same will happen this time around.

Did you feel like you mastered the track well last year?

“Yeah and no. You know, with this car and with the mile and a half that we’ve done this year, the guys at Gibbs, us, we’ve been quick and we’ve shown good speed. But on some of the tougher tracks short and flatter we didn’t show great speed but I’d say on top of that Gateway was a good offset for us so it kind of depends on what that place ends up running to – a mile and – half or short track We’ll find out in about an hour.

Do you expect a good crowd for this race like we did last year?

“Yeah, I mean, as far as the crowd counts, I hope. You know, I’d like to think that having a race at a market once a year is the best time for people to go out and enjoy your race and have a great weekend. Campgrounds, from what I saw while driving, look decent. So I’d like to think they all turned out and if they do, great. I think that just proves that you know a lot of these places only need one date, that they can make it a success.

How much do you follow the Xfinity series now that you no longer race in it?

“I’m zero, no idea what’s going on there. Besides Ty Gibbs. I guess that’s it.

How did Joe Gibbs Racing struggle in Sonoma after being decent at COTA?

“Yeah, I mean we also struggled in COTA to be honest with the raw speed and be able to be good there. You know, at the start of the race I think we were eighth, we were fainting, I got kicked out by Chase Elliott who was running 12th, you know what I mean? So we weren’t great at COTA either, but we managed to get through some of the restarts and get positions on the guys to put us in front. Christopher (Bell), I think was third or fourth. I was right with him on the last lap there. And so you know, I felt like with everything that happened on the last lap, we would have had a chance to race in the top two or three, for sure. But I would say that the two road events so far this year were not our strong point. Why did we miss it? I do not know. If I could answer that, we wouldn’t have a hard time, we wouldn’t have been bad. But talking to Martin Truex (Jr.), who tested for us at the Glen, certainly isn’t looking forward to going to the Glen either. They weren’t very fast there.

Is missing it as an organization on one track and hitting it on others just a function of this new Next Gen race car?

“A little. I would say the Penske guys weren’t good in Kansas. But like you said, they were super strong on the flattest tracks. They’re very fast in Martinsville, Phoenix. They have been good. They were good at Gateway too. too. They’ve qualified really well so far, it seems like those teams or organizations have kind of been good at those particular tracks. And so I think if we all continue to learn and grow, good teams will be good teams everywhere. But you know, it’s a bit uneven, right now, with just an understanding built around this car.

Is it hard to recover at Road America if you miss a turn?

“Big corners right away are important yeah like you know miss turn three I think it’s called then go down through there. That’s important. That’s a big deal. Obviously the last corner I think it’s 13 or 14 coming right away. So those can be detrimental to the lap time for sure. Because you’re just wasting time by the distance it takes to reach the speed, so you really want to be strong in those corners.

Atlanta being one of the first tracks to come back to with this car, do you expect to be stronger there next month?

“I felt like we were one of the strongest cars there earlier this year. We just couldn’t show it. You know, we got behind Austin Dillon at the start of the race. It broke loose and spun and we were wrecked. So, you know, we had a little problem at the start of the race, just too loose of balance, but I felt like we would have been able to work on that as the day went on and got better so you know a couple of our teammates were up there towards the end of the race Christopher (Bell) got penalized for finishing second. I think Bubba (Wallace) was very tight very close to having a winning shot, crashed on the last lap. So I mean, it’s a speedway race that’s going to happen, but you would like to be in position at least until the end.

Do you focus on certain tracks for testing with the upcoming Playoffs or just to get track time with this car?

“Wherever there is an opportunity to test, you want to work on your car to improve it, like I was selected to do Martinsville. I hope we learned that something has improved a little. I felt like day one we were a bit behind car 2 and day two we were tied in car 2 which is positive you know I felt like we we made some gains there. And then yeah it’s the penultimate race of the year and of course Gateway you’d like to think okay we were better at Gateway which hopefully will show we’re better at Phoenix when we we’ll go there. But I think another test will be Loudon. And so you know, we’re still, you’re working from the end of the season. Obviously, you know, the most important race being the last one and trying to figure out what it takes to get to that championship race and still be eligible is very important.

Were you at North Wilkesboro Speedway for the shooting of the Toyota “Aliens” commercial?

“It wasn’t photoshopped. It was real. There is a real alien abduction. No, I have never been inside the race track before this was my first time inside. I was never really motivated by that. So it was the first time I got into it. He obviously has a certain age, you know, a bunch of equipment and everything is pretty run down. They are quite proud of the fact that the elevator is still working. Victory Lane lift, which is cool. But you know, give this thing a facelift to get it back in working order. And it can succeed and it can turn into something nice. So I’m looking forward to it. If they put something in it. I think that would be nice. I know from my understanding either way, I know that Dale (Earnhardt Jr.) is looking forward to running a late model stock race if he can. And so, you know, it would be nice to see this place come back to life and whether it’s an All-Star race or a truck race or Xfinity, whatever you know, I think we can shake things up there- down for sure. ”

Toyota PR

Bayview Hotel returns as title sponsor of Armoy Road Races Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:19:49 +0000

The Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club (AMRRC) has confirmed the title sponsor of this year’s event which will take place on Friday 29e and Saturday 30e July, with the sale of spectator programs and parking passes.

– Advertising –

The Bayview Hotel in Portballintrae returns as title sponsor for the fourth consecutive year.

– Advertising –

Trevor Kane, owner of the Bayview Hotel and avid road racing supporter, said; “I am delighted to confirm that the Bayview Hotel will once again be sponsoring the Race of Legends for Armoy Road Races 2022. We now have a well-established relationship with the races, having supported the event each year and are happy to see it go. from strength to strength.

– Advertising –

“Having the quality road racing that is brought to our door every year is an opportunity not to be missed, and I know the Bayview Hotel will be a popular accommodation choice for road racing fans everywhere. Ireland and beyond as they come to watch the Armoy Road Races.

Commenting on this year’s Armoy Road Races, Bill Kennedy MBE, President and Race Director said; “We are very grateful to Trevor Kane of the Bayview Hotel for his continued support of this hugely popular event. The Armoy Road Races is totally dependent on the support of our local businesses, communities and visitors. We really appreciate all their financial help because without it we simply couldn’t organize such an event.

The official Armoy 2022 race program includes a free parking space and access to the spectator viewing areas. They are available for purchase on the Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club (AMRRC) website;

Bill Kennedy continued; “We encourage people to log in and purchase a plan that includes a free parking space. This way we will know how many spectators to expect, and it will ensure that we have adequate parking and facilities like restrooms and food trucks in place. We expect to attract a sizeable crowd again should anything last year happen and are excited to bring quality road racing to the area again.

Race practice will normally take place on Friday 29e July 2022 followed by a race event on Friday evening and all day Saturday.

This event is made possible through funding from Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council. For more information on the Armoy Road Races and the Bayview Hotel Race of Legends, visit the website: search AMRRC on Facebook or follow @ArmoyRoadRaces on Twitter.

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What to watch in the Alabama Senate run-off, DC mayoral race Mon, 20 Jun 2022 04:21:10 +0000 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The two Republican candidates in the U.S. Senate primary runoff from Alabama on Tuesday can each boast of having Donald Trump’s endorsement at some point in the race.

Trump first endorsed U.S. Representative Mo Brooks in the spring of 2021. That endorsement lasted nearly a year until Trump rescinded it as the conservative brandon languished in the polls. The former president took his time issuing a second endorsement, backing Katie Britt in the race only after she became the top voter in the state’s May 24 primary.

In other races Tuesday, in Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser faces voters amid growing concerns about crime. Runoffs in Georgia will resolve close contests in multiple congressional races and a nomination for secretary of state, while primaries in Virginia will hold competitive congressional contests for the fall. Arkansas is holding primary runoffs for several legislative races.

Things to watch for in Tuesday’s primaries:


The Senate runoff will decide the GOP nominee for the seat vacated by 88-year-old Republican Senator Richard Shelby, who announced his retirement in February 2021 after serving six terms.

Two months later, Trump announced his endorsement of Brooks, rewarding the six-term congressman who opposed certification of the 2020 presidential election and spoke at the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally that preceded the January 6 uprising on the US Capitol.

Bastille Day Race scheduled for July 9 at Fenton | News for Fenton, Linden, Holly MI Fri, 17 Jun 2022 22:23:00 +0000

The 20th Annual July 14 Run presented by Foundation Systems of Michigan will be held July 9 in downtown Fenton. The event includes three timed races: the 15 km run, the 5 km run and the 5 km walk. The start time for the 15K is at 7:45 a.m. and the 5K run is at 8:00 a.m., followed immediately by the 5K walk.

The hilly and challenging 15K starts in front of Crust on Caroline Street and then heads south through the town of Fenton. Runners loop south to Lake Runyan and then back to Fenton, braving the famous Denton Hill in the very last part of the run. Denton Hill being as difficult or more difficult than the infamous Bradley Hills of the Crim race, many runners use the Bastille 15K as preparation for the Crim 10 mile, which takes place in August.

“From the first time we had the Bastille 15K, we heard people’s response that it was extremely difficult, but they absolutely loved it,” said Mark Hamel, one of the race’s founders. “If you can do the Bastille 15K, you’re golden for Crim.”

The 5k run and 5k walk run through the beautiful neighborhoods of Fenton, ending in the city center, where participants can enjoy the famous Bastille Day Race French bread and a live band. All proceeds from the races benefit Genesee County Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide affordable, decent housing in the area.

This year’s presenting sponsor is Foundation Systems of Michigan.

“FSM has always been connected to the communities we serve,” said Rebecca Laurie, executive director of Foundation Systems of Michigan. “We are very proud to work with Habitat for Humanity to help provide housing opportunities and strengthen communities. Our team looks forward to these opportunities to connect with the community and help provide a stable base for families to live and call home.

“The need for decent and affordable housing in the region, along with the rising cost of home repairs, in the wake of the pandemic, makes this event more critical than ever,” said Thomas Hutchison, Executive Director of Genesee Habitat. “We are extremely grateful to Foundation Systems of Michigan for making the Bastille possible and we wish them the best as they celebrate their 15th anniversary.”

Other sponsors are Bauman’s Running and Walking Shop, The Laundry, Dort Financial Credit Union, HAP, NorthGate and The State Bank. La Bastille is open to the public and is affiliated with the Crim Fitness Foundation training program. Participants in the Crim program receive vouchers to use with select local races, including the Bastille. To register at the Bastille or make a donation, go to

Lentz and Grant win seats in school board race after ranked run-off Wed, 15 Jun 2022 14:23:06 +0000

Sarah Lentz and Benjamin Grant were declared the winners of two Portland School Board seats after a ranked run-off on Wednesday morning.

Sarah Brydon won the District 5 seat.

The first ballot counting Tuesday night showed Sarah Lentz with 35.9% of the vote and Benjamin Grant with 24.6% leading the pack in the race at large. Stacey Hang was in third place with 14%.

After the second round on Wednesday, Lentz had 55.3% and Grant 55.7%.

Sarah Brydon garnered 44.5% of the vote on Tuesday night in the District 5 race. The second highest number of votes was Joshua Haefele, with 19.4%. After the second round, Brydon had 68.8%.

Because none of the candidates won outright by securing 50% of the vote in the first round of counting Tuesday night, the city held a second round Wednesday morning at City Hall.

In the priority voting system, voters are allowed to choose multiple candidates in order of preference.

Run-offs are triggered when no candidate receives a majority — more than 50% — of the vote, as was the case in the General and District Five races. In ranked-choice ballots, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and that candidate’s ballots are redistributed to their second-choice choices. This process continues until a candidate obtains a clear majority of votes.

Portland recorded a turnout of about 14% on Tuesday, with 8,521 voters casting ballots out of a total of 62,632 registered voters.

A total of 12 candidates put forward their names to fill the seats – seven sought one of the two vacant seats and five ran to represent District Five, which includes North Deering, part of Deering Center and Riverton, and eight of the 17 in the district. schools.

The winners will complete the terms of three former school board members who resigned mid-term. The big winners will serve until November 2022 in place of Anna Trevorrow and Roberto Rodriguez, who left their posts in November after winning city council seats. The District Five winner will serve until November 2023, replacing Jeff Irish, who stepped down in October.

The candidates for the general seats are Lentz, Grant, Richard Ward, Stacey Hang, Stephanie Albert, Kimberly Mancini and Amber Schertz. Candidates vying for the District Five seat are Brydon, Haefele, Lou Viola, Barbara Goglin and Elizabeth-Capone Newton.

Candidates who spoke to the Press Herald are running on a variety of platforms, including limiting the school budget, supporting district equity work, increasing support for student mental health and listening to voters.

But there was one area of ​​focus highlighted by every running candidate who spoke to the Press Herald — improving school board and school district transparency and communication.

” Previous

Coleman and Hobbs win 100 meter races at New York Grand Prix Mon, 13 Jun 2022 06:43:04 +0000

American Christian Coleman won the men’s 100 meters in 9.92 seconds and Aleia Hobbs beat compatriot Sha’Carri Richardson in the women’s 100 meters at the New York Grand Prix on Sunday.

Defending world champion Coleman, who returned to action in January after serving an 18-month ban for violating anti-doping whereabouts rules, said he was pleased to finish under 10 seconds for the first time this year.

“I felt like it was a really good race,” said Coleman, who took third place at the Prefontaine Classic last month.

“I felt a lot better in the second half of my race than last time – and I feel like that was really all I was missing.”

Jamaican Ackeem Blake finished second and American Marvin Bracy took third place.

With a crowd of young fans cheering her name outside the media box, Richardson said she was thrilled to produce a 10.85 in her third 100m race of the season, even after the silver medalist silver medalist from Tokyo, Hobbs, fought his way to the top of the podium in 10.83.

“I feel phenomenal,” she told reporters. “I feel fantastic.”

American Teahna Daniels finished third.

Scalloped from the shoulder to the ankle in red fishnet, Richardson went on to win the 200 meters – an event she doesn’t often compete in – in 22.38.

“(The) 200 is actually the reason I started running, so the fact that I was able to land…was phenomenal,” she said.

Last tuned before the United States Outdoor Track and Field Championships, the Randall’s Island track saw fast times in windy conditions.

American Devon Allen produced a world record 12.84 seconds to beat world champion Grant Holloway by more than two tenths of a second in the men’s 110m hurdles.

“I thought I was going to break the world record today, so we’ll have to wait for another race,” said two-time Olympian Allen, who is juggling a career in the National Football League with his sporting ambitions.

Elsewhere at the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold event, reigning world champion Noah Lyles, who won bronze in Tokyo, won the men’s 200 meters in 19.61 and two-time world bronze medalist Ajee Wilson won the women’s 800m in 2:00.62.

The AJC Peachtree Road Race returns to tradition – WABE Thu, 09 Jun 2022 22:39:33 +0000

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race organizers say this year the legendary 10k race is returning to its beloved traditions.

The race was canceled in 2020 and changed to a two-day format with a virtual option last year, but this year up to 50,000 runners are expected to participate in person.

Atlanta Track Club Race Director and CEO Rich Kenah joined Morning Edition to talk about the changes that have taken place this year and what’s new.

Kenah said he was “excited and grateful to the City of Atlanta for helping us bring this tradition back to the community in its fifty-third edition.”

This year there will still be a virtual option available and organizers say up to 5,000 runners from around the world will participate this way.

Participants also benefited from a longer period to register this year because Kenah says people aren’t planning as far ahead due to the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19.

But this year, the Peachtree will once again be a one-day event on July 4, with a flyover, entertainment along the course and the coveted finisher jersey.

Last year, the in-person portion of the event spanned two days and the design and color of the shirt had to be revealed ahead of time, spoiling the surprise for some.

Richard “Rich” Kenah, CEO of Atlanta Track Club and Director of Peachtree Road Race (Photo credit: Joaquin Lara)

City streets come alive for running races in Dublin and Cork Sun, 05 Jun 2022 14:34:48 +0000

Tens of thousands of women are taking part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin this year, while over 12,000 runners took part in the Cork City Marathon where a new course record was set.

Tim O’Donoghue of East Cork AC crossed the finish line in two hours 18 minutes and 37 seconds, while in Dublin, Aoife Kilgallon of Sligo AC won this year’s race with a time of 33 minutes and seven seconds.

Traffic restrictions in Cork city center and suburbs are in place until 6pm, with Patrick Street and adjacent streets closed to traffic all day.

A number of road closures and traffic diversions are in place for the South Dublin and City Center event, while Dublin Bus will have diversions on a number of routes.

In Cork, Lizzie Lee of Leevale AC won the women’s race in 2:44.54, while training group Brighton AB came first in the relay category with a time of 2:14.03.

Sorcha Nic Dhomhnaill of Donore Harriers in Dublin was second across the finish line in 33:07, and her sister Ide Nic Dhomhnaill was third in 33:26.

Shauna Bocquet from Craughwell, Galway won the Elite Wheelchair category in a time of 28:29, while Niamh Delany from Laois won the visually impaired category in a time of 57:42.

In Cork, 70 relay teams from 42 countries participated under the banner of the Sanctuary Runners, including 90 Ukrainians recently settled in Ireland.

A total of 450 runners from the Sanctuary participate in the two races across the country.

The Vhi women’s mini-marathon is off to a good start. (

The mini marathon returned to the capital this afternoon after two years of virtual events due to Covid-19 and the 10KM race is now in its 40th year.

As the largest women’s event of its kind in the world, many run or walk to benefit various charities.

Dundalk Dog Rescue riders: Katy Morgan, Jenny McCusker, Rose Morgan and Colin Philips (Credit:

The race started at Fitzwilliam Street Upper, with the finish line on Lower Baggot Street.

David O’Leary of the Women’s Mini-Marathon congratulated all the women who participated.

“We are so excited to have been able to return to the streets of Dublin and celebrate this special milestone with the women who continue to make this event the success it is.

“This event would not have been possible without the support of the hundreds of volunteers who so generously give of their time to help on this day, as well as the many community groups and charities who continue to support our event year after year. .

“I would also like to thank our sponsors, and in particular our title sponsors Vhi, whose support is so important in making this event possible,” he said.

Organizers say the marathon’s theme is Women Making Magic, celebrating the camaraderie and unity experienced by participants in the event.

An estimated €226 million has been raised for Irish charitable causes since the event began in 1983.

Runners at Fitzwilliam Place. (Credit:

Reporting by Jennie O’Sullivan and Aisling Kenny