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Rays of sunshine, thrills in the heart of the city, dreamy white sand islands and lush rainforests on its doorstep… Brisbane and its surroundings are a wonderland for outdoor adventurers.

There’s the iconic Brisbane River where you can command your own eco-boat or rappel down 230-million-year-old rock formations at sunset. Or, further afield, you’ll find the epic sand islands of Bribie, Moreton and North Stradbroke/Minjerribah, surrounded by crystal clear waters, covered by a national park and teeming with wildlife – from green sea turtles and dolphins to wallabies and koalas.

Then there is Lamington National Park which offers nature lovers and keen hikers magnificent waterfalls or the chance to relax in a spa overlooking the ancient rainforest. Read on for seven unmissable outdoor adventures in and around Brisbane for your next adventure.


Visit the river at the bay on Moreton Island. Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.


Just east of Brisbane you will find many islands to explore. The easiest way to find them? Book a day trip with River to Bay. For snorkeling among tropical fish and green sea turtles at the scenic Tangalooma Wrecks, watching koalas among tall trees and wandering the haunted ruins of Queensland’s first penal colony, opt for the Moreton Island Bay Tour.

Alternatively, opt for incredible swimming beaches, dramatic scenery and boutique cafes in a historic village when visiting Stradbroke Island. Another tempting option is the Champagne and Oyster Tour, which involves sipping bubbles and tasting fresh ocean oysters while watching the sunset.



For an adrenaline rush, abseil with Riverlife. On the Day Rappel, you’ll do a 90-minute ascent and descent of the 20-metre high cliffs of Brisbane Kangaroo Point. These are heritage-listed volcanic rock formations 230 million years old that line the Brisbane River, a stone’s throw from the CBD. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the city of Brisbane and its surrounding waterways. For an even more magical experience, book a Twilight Rappel Tour. And if you’re a nervous booster, don’t worry. Riverlife aims to help you overcome your fears.


Go by boat to Brisbane. Image by Lean Timms.


One of the newest additions to the adventure scene is Go Boat. Founded in Copenhagen in 2014, it was launched in Brisbane to make the most of the city’s gorgeous climate and winding river. For up to three dreamy hours, you’ll pilot a perfectly silent electric boat made from recycled PET bottles turned into fiberglass. Pack a cheese platter, a bottle of Champagne and up to seven companions, and see Brisbane from a whole new perspective on the water. Pets are welcome. By the way, no need for a boat license, as the Go Boat crew will show you what to do before beckoning you to go on an adventure.


Hot Air Balloon Brisbane. Image by Sam Lindsay/Queensland Tourism and Events.


Once you’ve seen Brisbane from the water, the next logical step is to see it from the air. That’s exactly what you can do with floating images. Their sunrise flight takes you where the air is clear for 60 glorious minutes. Prepare for incredible views over the Brisbane city skyline, with the backdrop of the Great Diving Range, the Scenic Rim and the Somerset countryside. Afterwards, you’ll be treated to a breakfast fit for royalty at a local restaurant. Chief Pilot Graeme has flown hot air balloons for three decades on three continents, so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.



Another place on the must-see list for visitors to Brisbane is Bribie Island, the fourth largest sand island in the world. It’s itself an outdoor adventurer’s kingdom full of national parks, wild surfing beaches, idyllic swimming coves and Pumicestone Passage, a protected marine park home to dolphins, turtles and dugongs.

To enjoy it, take a tour with G’Day Adventure Tours. Their antics range from a three-hour 4×4 beach and bunker tour to a two-day, one-night camping adventure, which lets you kayak in the Norfolk Lagoon, swim in the lagoon mermaid, roast marshmallows around a campfire and meet wallabies.


O’Reilly Rainforest Retreat. Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.


Another asset of Brisbane is its proximity to lush ancient rainforests. One way to immerse yourself is to visit O’Reilly’s, an eco-retreat overlooking World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park. Visitors have been escaping here for almost 100 years.

There are loads of activities to try, including an adventure hike to Thunder and Lightning Falls, indulgent treatments at the Lost World Day Spa, a glowworm experience, and electric bike tours. To fit them all in, you’ll want to spend the night, either camping with your own tent, or a bit more luxurious with a variety of studios and villas.


North Gorge Walk at North Stradbroke Island. Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.


If beaches are your thing, then you’ll want to put North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah on your itinerary. It’s the second-largest sand island in the world, which means there are beaches for surfers, swimmers and sun-seekers of all kinds.

For stunning views (especially at sunset), head to Flinders Beach (Point Lookout). For a long seaside stroll, try a stretch of sand on the 33 km long main beach. For amazing surf (not for beginners), get epic swells off Frenchmans Beach or Cylinder Beach. For solitude, head to Toompany Beach and for a relaxed swim in the fresh, crystal clear waters, visit Amity Beach. And, since you can’t pack all of this paradise in a day, you should definitely stay a night (or three).


Ready to plan a trip to Brisbane and its surroundings? Find out more on the Visit Brisbane website.

Nepal may move Everest base camp from Khumbu glacier https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/nepal-may-move-everest-base-camp-from-khumbu-glacier/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 10:31:35 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/nepal-may-move-everest-base-camp-from-khumbu-glacier/ Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal may have a new location in the coming years. Last week, officials from Nepal’s tourism department told the BBC they were planning to move the main camp used by climbers to the world’s tallest mountain. Currently, the base camp is on the Khumbu Glacier at around 18,000 feet above …]]> “],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”>

Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal may have a new location in the coming years.

Last week, officials from Nepal’s tourism department told the BBC they were planning to move the main camp used by climbers to the world’s tallest mountain. Currently, the base camp is on the Khumbu Glacier at around 18,000 feet above sea level, but the crews want to move it down, 1,000 vertical feet lower and completely off the ice.

The plans were suggested by a committee formed by the Nepalese government to monitor mountaineering at the summit.

“We are now preparing for the relocation and we will soon start consultations with all stakeholders,” Taranath Adhikari, director general of Nepal’s tourism department, told the BBC. “It’s basically about adapting to the changes we’re seeing at base camp, and that’s become essential for the sustainability of the mountaineering activity itself.”

Adhikari told CNN that the decision to move the base camp will not be made in haste and that further research will be conducted over the coming year before a move is finalized. It could take up to two or three years to decide the fate of the camp.

Mountaineering is a major revenue driver for Nepal, with permits to climb Everest costing $11,000 per person. In 2022, climbers enjoyed a high success rate, with over 500 reaching the summit during a favorable two-week weather window.

The desire to move camp is fueled by a combination of climate change and an ever-growing population on the mountain, which swells to more than 1,500 people at the height of climbing season. Runoff from melting glaciers mixes with urine and camping fuel to create dangerous conditions in the camp. A major stream now crosses it and lakes of water sometimes form near the trails. The ice cliffs near the camp are also melting, causing debris to fall.

“When the ice cliffs melt like this, the debris of rocks and boulders at the top of the ice cliffs move and fall, and then the melting also creates masses of water,” said researcher Scott Watson, who studied the Khumbu glacier in 2018. “So we are seeing an increase in rockfall and meltwater movement on the surface of the glaciers which can be dangerous.

The 2018 study, conducted by the University of Leeds, found that the Khumbu Glacier is melting rapidly, losing around 3.2 feet per year; this loss produces an additional 335 million cubic feet of water, which flows down the valley.

The Khumbu Glacier is just one of many victims of global warming in the Himalayas. A recent study published by the Nature Portfolio Journal of Climate and Atmospheric Sciences found that the 2,000-year-old ice on the mountain’s South Col Glacier has melted over the past 25 years.

New 40-acre LGBTQ-friendly wilderness experience camp opens on site of former nudist colony | Local News https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/new-40-acre-lgbtq-friendly-wilderness-experience-camp-opens-on-site-of-former-nudist-colony-local-news/ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 22:00:00 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/new-40-acre-lgbtq-friendly-wilderness-experience-camp-opens-on-site-of-former-nudist-colony-local-news/

JACKSONVILLE — A new nature camp aimed at giving the LGBTQ community a safe place to experience outdoor adventures has opened on the site of a former nudist settlement on Route 112 in Windham County.

Beaver Falls Base Camp opened over the winter, hosting private and public events, and is planning a full program of fun adventures for the LGBTQ community and general public starting this summer.

SJ Lupert is the Beaver Falls Base Camp Director and one of the team members of The Venture Out Project, a non-profit organization based in North Hampton, Mass., to recognize the transformative potential of the 40 acre former Abbotts Glen Nudist. Resort in Jacksonville in a wilderness adventure center for the LGBTQ community.

“We purchased this property to serve as a base camp for our travels, multi-day hiking, canoeing, rafting and backcountry wilderness tours,” Lupert said during a tour of the new facility. “This space is extremely inspiring. Almost all the structures were already there. It’s nice. We knew it could work the moment we first saw it.

Venture Out, a 501C-3 whose mission is to bring LGBTQ-plus people together outdoors, comfortable in nature, and to provide safe and fun spaces for queer, trans, and LGBTQ-plus people can gather, purchased the property in August 2021 and renovated the facilities and grounds as they prepare for the upcoming summer and fall seasons, well ahead of winter.

In addition to backcountry trips and outdoor adventure events, Beaver Falls Base Camp also hosts “frontcountry” events, such as carpentry classes for queer artists in the fall. , an ax skills workshop, a nature photography class with a transgender photographer who is also a world-class mountaineer, and a forest bathing seminar, which is a meditation retreat in the woods. Almost all events are already sold out.

“So now we’re trying to figure out what our capacity is and what our community wants and needs,” says Lupert. “We had over seventy people here last weekend, both camping and staying at the cabins and facilities. It was awesome.

“We are trying to realistically figure out how many of these events we can do. We also want to include people who might not be ready for a three-day backpacking adventure, so we also have heated cabins and camping spaces for those people. We recently installed a hot tub, and it has a gym and a great outdoor sauna for people to use.”

Base Camp’s demographic is the 20-60 crowd, but they also plan to do some youth-focused backpacking trips over the summer and have even booked a “senior trip” for the older crowd, but they aim to include everyone.

“We love this intergenerational mix. He provides a breadth of knowledge and experience that we think is great,” Lupert said.

They also plan “sober” trips for those who don’t drink alcohol and other “niche” experiences as time and staff permit.

To keep the business afloat and help cover overhead, Venture Out also rents out the facility to any groups who want to stay at camp. They currently have bookings and interest in several weddings, corporate retreats and family reunions, as well as the adventures and classes they are planning for the LGBTQ community.

“We’re pretty full for the summer so far,” Lupert said. “We want to balance private events with what we believe is our core mission, which is to create safe spaces for the LGBTQ-plus crowd.”

“We also recognize that not everyone will be able to afford a week-long retreat or event, so we’ve created a huge sliding scale and several scholarships to help with that,” Lupert said. “We want it to be as affordable as possible so everyone can be a part of it.”

Lupert said there has been no response from the community so far, but expects a reaction after it begins advertising.

“I’m curious what the reaction will be,” Lupert said. “I think we’re still a bit of a hidden gem. We have many interesting neighbors with many opinions, politically diverse. I do think, however, that Vermont is a “live and let live” atmosphere. I guess we’ll see.

“I’m not sure there’s anything else like it anywhere,” Lupert said. “It’s unique. I think we can make a huge difference here, and we want everyone to be part of it. Everyone is welcome. We specifically want the LGBTQ plus community to have a space where they can gather outdoors in a beautiful environment where they feel safe and don’t have to worry about gathering in large groups,” said Lupert. “The comments we’ve received are, ‘It’s just us, our own space. We didn’t have to worry about anything. We could shut off the outside world for a little while. It’s so important and precious. straight guys have these kind of places all the time. We think it’s important to provide that to our community.

For more information on signing up for any of the Beaver Falls Base Camp offerings, or to view the schedule of upcoming events, visit www.basecampbeaverfalls.com.

Get the Kootek Camping Hammock up to 49% off https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/get-the-kootek-camping-hammock-up-to-49-off/ Sun, 19 Jun 2022 02:03:34 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/get-the-kootek-camping-hammock-up-to-49-off/

Every product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

Whatever your camping style, outdoor enthusiasts can all agree that your choice of gear can easily make or break your trip. And, if you’re someone who likes to relax and really immerse yourself in nature, you’ve probably considered getting yourself a camping hammock. Not sure which one is the best? Well, according to over 21,000 Amazon shoppers, the Kootek Camping Hammock is the top pick without a doubt.

Not only does the portable hammock have an impressive number of rave reviews, it also just went on sale. Right now, you can get up to 49% off select colors. Even better, that massive discount applies to the plus size, which measures 120 inches by 78 inches by 39 inches for plenty of snug space.

Besides its spacious construction, the Kootek hammock is a favorite among avid campers for its portability, as it easily folds into a handy carry bag and can be slung over your shoulder to eliminate bulk. When not in use, several reviewers claim that the drawstring carry bag can be attached to the hammock and serve as a pocket for your phone, keys, and other essentials.

The camping hammock is also equipped with two 10-foot-long adjustable tree straps and two sturdy D-shaped carabiners to keep it secure. And, it’s made of the same durable polyester used for parachutes, so you don’t have to worry about fraying, tearing. or tears. This fabric also boosts its stain resistance and makes it breathable for optimal comfort while you lounge.

“I was totally blown away by the quality and size, as well as the price,” one camper said in their review. “If you compare this to other products, stop and buy it now.” Another shopper wrote, “It’s amazing how comfortable a hammock can be… But my back felt great the next morning.” The reviewer also added that they slept for over nine hours and that “the cool mountain air and the sounds of the river didn’t interfere with my sleep. Nor did the gentle swinging of the hammock.”

Similarly, one customer with back pain said that sleeping on the Kootek hammock helped him have “the most comfortable outdoor sleep I’ve ever had.”

Speaking of its sturdy construction, another customer chimed in to say that the straps are “very long and strong, with plenty of loops to adjust the length” and the carabiners are “sturdy and lock securely”. In fact, one buyer went so far as to say, “these straps are the best”.

Comparing it to hammocks “three times its price”, one reviewer shared that the Kootek model is “big enough” for two people to relax in “comfortably” and for one person to “spread out”. . They also highlighted its quick-drying abilities in their review, adding, “It rained on this hammock one afternoon and by evening it was already dry – the fabric actually seemed to be cooler due to the rain.

Take inspiration from these reviews and try the Kootek Camping Hammock before your next outdoor adventure. Get one at Amazon today while it’s on sale for up to 49% off.

4 reasons why a post-adventure drink is worth the (little) extra weight in your bag https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/4-reasons-why-a-post-adventure-drink-is-worth-the-little-extra-weight-in-your-bag/ Thu, 16 Jun 2022 13:59:37 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/4-reasons-why-a-post-adventure-drink-is-worth-the-little-extra-weight-in-your-bag/ Preparing for a backpacking trip goes something like this: lay out your gear, pack the essentials, then agonize over the little things that add weight but increase comfort and enjoyment. That camp chair? Difficult decision. But a few extra ounces of good humor are always worth packing. here’s why TINCUP mountain whiskey along your …]]> “],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”>

Preparing for a backpacking trip goes something like this: lay out your gear, pack the essentials, then agonize over the little things that add weight but increase comfort and enjoyment. That camp chair? Difficult decision. But a few extra ounces of good humor are always worth packing. here’s why TINCUP mountain whiskey along your adventure should be considered essential.

Toast to an epic view

At the end of a long day of hiking, it can be tempting to drop your bag off at the first campsite you come across. Don’t. It’s always worth the extra effort to find a spot with a view, near a sparkling alpine lake or overlooking a desert canyon. Whatever natural wonders surround you, a great view calls for a good drink. Watching the sunset in a beautiful location is even more enjoyable with a delicious whiskey in hand. Think of yourself as the only patron of the coolest and most exclusive outdoor bar around.

Celebrate a Safe and Successful Summit

Summits (or even attempted summits with a sure call to turn around if necessary) are absolutely worth celebrating. But statistics show that more problems occur on the descent when people are tired and more likely to be blurry. The summit is the perfect place to soak up the accomplishment (and the views) and fuel up for the descent with a tasty snack. Pocket bacon anyone? Then, when you’re back at camp, put your feet up and pour a little backcountry cocktail as your well-deserved reward for a safe and successful mission.

Surprise your friends

Imagine arriving at camp after a tiring day on a warm, sunny trail. The whole group is exhausted (and probably quite thirsty). Once your friends have rehydrated, pull out your secret stash of TINCUP Mountain Whiskey as a surprise treat. The looks on their faces will be unbeatable, and that extra cargo you’ve carried with you for all those miles will immediately be worth its weight in the happiness you create. And, hey, maybe they’ll return the favor one day!

Spice up your evening drink

A hot drink on a cool night in the mountains is a must. Kick your hottest up a notch with the addition of your favorite whiskey. For a high alpine grog, mix the original TINCUP whiskey with a sachet of honey and a little lemon. Or add a healthy dose of TINCUP Rye Whiskey to a packet of Spiced Cider Mix for a festive vibe.

TINCUP Mountain Whiskey is cut with Rocky Mountain water. The pewter mug that accompanies each bottle of TINCUP is a nod to the old pewter mugs from which Rocky Mountain miners drank their whiskey. It’s also a convenient way to enjoy TINCUP after an epic outdoor adventure with friends. To follow the latest adventure, check out TINCUP on Instagram @tincupwhiskey.

©2022 TINCUP Whisky, Denver, Colorado. Please consume TINCUP® Whiskey responsibly.

Open House Tonight: Scouts Accepting Girls and Leaders | News, Sports, Jobs https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/open-house-tonight-scouts-accepting-girls-and-leaders-news-sports-jobs/ Tue, 14 Jun 2022 16:30:30 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/open-house-tonight-scouts-accepting-girls-and-leaders-news-sports-jobs/

Camping material

ALPENA – Girls ages 11-17 are invited to attend an open house to learn about joining BSA Scouting, formerly Boy Scouts of America.

The open house will be held from 6:30-8 p.m. tonight at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 727 S. 2nd Ave. in Alpena.

Girls who want to learn outdoor skills, team building, survival skills and more are encouraged to attend the open house. Women leaders are also encouraged to attend.

In February 2019, the Boy Scouts of America switched to BSA Scouting and began accepting girls into the program, Troop 92 assistant scout leader Steven Donajkowski said, adding that many people may not have known. Again.

“We’ve had girls who are interested, but the most important thing is that we have to separate them from the boys,” Donajkowski said. “On camping trips, they would have their section, we would have our section, but we would still work together.”

He noted that they needed at least five girls to start with, an adult leader aged 21 or older and an assistant leader aged 18 or older as well.

“We follow two-deep leadership, so…our scouts are never alone,” Donajkowski explained. “There are always at least two adults with our scouts at all times. This is part of the youth protection training that we have to follow.

The girls would be included in the boys’ activities and programs, but they would have a slightly different workbook than the boys, Donajkowski noted.

“The girls would meet in the same place, at the same time,” he said. “They would interact, work alongside the boys. We wouldn’t treat them any differently. Once they register, they are a scout. They are held at the same level as the boys.

He explained why allowing girls to participate in BSA Scouting would not take anything away from Girl Scouts.

“We are more outside, we do more practical training,” Donajkowski said. “We’re not taking anything away from the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts have their program, it’s a good program. We know there are girls who like to go out, who like to be tougher, who like to be challenged, and that’s what we offer.

He added that being a Scout involves physical training and also requires strength and endurance.

“We go on long hikes, we go on long canoe trips, we go on long camping trips,” Donajkowski said. “You have to be in good physical shape.”

He said Scouting teaches many lifelong skills and values.

“Our primary goal is to transform these young men and women into productive citizens in the community in which they live,” Donajkowski said.

“We’ve talked to other troops, and they’re not removing girls from Girl Scouts,” he added. “We’re looking at a different crowd than Girl Scouts do… We think we’re going to attract more.”

He said BSA scouting presents a fun, challenging and competitive opportunity.

“We have an outdoor adventure program that girls can participate in if they want to,” Donajkowski said.

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ExWeb’s Adventure Links of the Week » Explorersweb https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/exwebs-adventure-links-of-the-week-explorersweb/ Sun, 12 Jun 2022 14:13:05 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/exwebs-adventure-links-of-the-week-explorersweb/

When we’re not outdoors, we get our dose of adventure exploring social media and the web. Sometimes we get a little too wired, and browsing adventure readings can go from minutes to hours. To feed your own dose of adventure, here are some of the best adventure links we’ve discovered this week.

Nicole McLaughlin’s designs are no joke: Nicole McLaughlin, a sustainability-focused concept artist, loves finding names for her designs. Her tongue-in-cheek approach to sustainable fashion includes repurposing old outdoor gear. It sends a serious message: the only way to fight overconsumption is to produce less and reuse more.

Opinion: The free solo documentary touched on some uncomfortable truths, but ignored others: Climbing writer Kevin Corrigan argues (perhaps against the grain) that while “his free solos are incredible feats, approaching the limits of human potential… he recklessly risks his own life. ”

How mountaineers used early GPS on Canada’s highest peak: In June 1992, a team of mountaineers used early GPS technology to measure the elevation of Canada’s highest peak. At the time, there was uncertainty about the true height of Mount Logan.

Aaron Teasdale’s van has become his only access to the outdoors after a long COVID. Photo: Rob Chaney

6000m peaks struggling to climb the fairway

Well-known adventure writer hit by Long Covid: Aaron Teasdale used to climb 6,000m peaks. Long COVID has made getting out of bed more difficult. Since the misunderstood second act of COVID-19 hit him last February, the Missoula-based adventure writer’s outdoor forays rarely go further than a trail. Here he parks his van and sits with the view. Many days he doesn’t have the stamina or concentration to make the trip.

Ozette: America’s 2,000-Year-Old Lost Village: In 1970, a violent storm uncovered a Makah village that had been buried by a landslide more than 300 years earlier. A recently reopened museum tells the fascinating story of the ancient site. The Makah natives have thrived in the Pacific Northwest near Washington State for centuries.

Great climb, great book

Boardman’s account of his and Joe Tasker’s visionary rise is one of the best of its kind.

Mountain Literature Classics – The Shining Mountain: Forty years ago this month, Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker died on Everest. Written by Boardman, with additions by Tasker, this gripping account of Changabang’s famous first ascent of the dreaded West Wall captures the total commitment of cutting-edge Himalayan rock climbing in the 1970s. was repeated only in May 2022.

Why You Need ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/why-you-need-chappywrap-water-resistant-outdoor-blanket/ Fri, 10 Jun 2022 22:30:40 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/why-you-need-chappywrap-water-resistant-outdoor-blanket/

Sometimes we just need a little warmth. But when we’re camping, boating, or even cheering on our favorite team at the stadium, it’s inconvenient to carry around a typical bedroom blanket.

“With Chappy warmth on one side and water-resistant Boathouse Supplex® on the other, your outing stays covered, snug and dry,” is how ChappyWrap describes its Fair water-resistant outer cover. Winds. Does it really work like that? I recently had the opportunity to try this ChappyWrap blanket on my own bed and in nature. Here’s how it goes.

What’s wrong with the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?


For its new cover, ChappyWrap has teamed up with the experts at Boathouse Sports to develop the best water resistant cover that can actually survive the harsh outdoor weather while helping you survive the cold. As the crew at ChappyWrap describe it, they were looking to “create a warm, water-resistant hybrid design that’s made for any outdoor adventure – from camping to stadium to boating.”

Since ChappyWrap only offers this specific blanket in its midi size (which measures approximately 38 by 57 inches), this is the type of blanket I use. If you prefer larger blankets, ChappyWrap offers their Original (60 x 80 inch) and Royal (90 x 90 inch) size blankets, but keep in mind that water-resistant outdoor blankets are currently only available. only available in midi size.

How does this blanket work in bed (and wherever you need it)?

The soft blanket side of the ChappyWrap water resistant outdoor blanket

What’s so nice about the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket is that it’s versatile. If you need a blanket in the living room, this blanket will work there. If you need coverage for next weekend’s sunset cruise, that coverage will work there. If you need coverage for your next camping trip, this coverage will work there. If you need a cute blanket to place at the foot of your bed at home, this blanket will work there.

The water-resistant side of the cover has the same type of material (Boathouse Supplex, which is Boathouse’s patented nylon fabric) that is often used for windbreakers and raincoats, while the plush side of the cover is a cotton-acrylic-polyester blend. The water-resistant side is tougher for obvious reasons, while the plush side is extra soft.

What are the features of the ChappyWrap outdoor blanket?

A close up showing both sides of the ChappyWrap water resistant outdoor blanket.

If you’re curious about exactly what this cover is, here are all the critical details:

  • Measures approximately 38 by 57 inches
  • All blankets have a water resistant navy blue side, while the plush blanket side is available in ‘True North’, ‘Classic Wavy Stripe’, ‘Fair Winds Navy’ and ‘Casco Bay Stripe’
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Resistant to shrinkage, pilling and fuzz
  • Jacquard woven design
  • Cover side is a natural cotton blend: 58% cotton, 35% acrylic, 7% polyester
  • The water resistant side is 100% nylon

What do I like about the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

A look at the ChappyWrap water resistant outdoor blanket in my home
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • It’s comfortably comfortable: In particular, the soft side makes me feel good in bed, and it’s great when I use it outside too.
  • It’s solid: Even after using it outside and cleaning it, the blanket still looks and feels great.
  • It’s nice: I have the “Navy of Favorable Winds » sailboat pattern blanket, and I love this look. If you don’t want sailboats on your blanket, there are other stylish options to choose from.
  • It’s low maintenance: As long as you follow the instructions on the label (and on the website), your ChappyWrap blanket should go through the washer and dryer just fine.

What don’t I like about the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

A preview of the ChappyWrap water resistant outdoor blanket in my home.
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • It is little: If you are tall and tall, or even part of normal adult size, don’t expect this blanket to fully cover you. You can use it to cover the legs or the torso, but definitely not both.
  • That’s it! Honestly, I can’t think of any other downsides.

ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket FAQ

The water resistant side of the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket

If you have any other questions, here are some answers.

How comfortable is it, really?

It really is as good as they say.

Is it really water resistant?

Yes. If you use the cover with the water resistant side facing out, you should be good. Even if you accidentally use it the other way around, the water-resistant side should still work just fine, but it might not be as comfortable with the nylon touching your skin. Still, it’s machine washable, so it probably won’t be the end of the world if you use it inside out.

What are ChappyWrap’s return and warranty policies?

If you don’t love your ChappyWrap for any reason, you can return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days of the purchase date. ChappyWrap also offers exchanges for defective wraps.

What if I don’t like any of the patterns and colors?

Unfortunately, these are the patterns and colors that ChappyWrap offers. If there’s no way I can convince you to try ChappyWrap’s tastefully colored blankets, you should check out some of the other outdoor-suitable blankets we’ve tested and reviewed for you.

Should You Buy the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

The entire collection of ChappyWrap Fair Winds Navy water-resistant outdoor blankets hang out at the stadium.

In my very humble opinion: Absolutely, yes! Some might consider ChappyWrap’s covers a bit pricey (this one is $115), but I honestly believe it’s definitely worth it. It’s practical, versatile, pretty and comfortable. It is the best outdoor blanket. It basically checks all the boxes.

If you need more help planning your next big outdoor adventure, check out our picks for America’s best outdoor stores, our handy hiking checklist, and these 6 best gifts for dedicated hikers. Now get out there and have fun exploring the great outdoors!

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]]> Bavaria, Germany: 5 Best Nature-Focused Destinations https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/bavaria-germany-5-best-nature-focused-destinations/ Wed, 08 Jun 2022 22:33:53 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/bavaria-germany-5-best-nature-focused-destinations/

When most travelers visit Bavaria, a southern German state, they have only one destination in mind: the famous city of Munich. From its iconic Oktoberfest, which takes place every September at the Theresienwiese exhibition grounds, to the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl brewery, which has been throwing foam non-stop since 1828, the city is certainly worth a visit on any trip to Germany, especially if you like to taste premium beer. Germans refer to the town as the birthplace of Bavarian hospitality, and you could easily spend an entire weekend within its confines and have a great trip.

But hanging around the city only tells part of the Bavarian story; there’s plenty more to explore, including quite a few outdoor adventures. Munich is surrounded by breathtaking nature. Seriously, it’s very nearby: You can see the Bavarian Alps from the city center. Whether you’re looking to get out into nature or just trying to fit a bit of green into a city-centric trip, there are a variety of outdoor destinations to discover in the region. These are some of the best places to explore outdoors in Bavaria.

Top Outdoor Adventure Destinations in Bavaria, Germany

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A local charity has been bringing smiles to craniofacial faces for over 50 years https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/a-local-charity-has-been-bringing-smiles-to-craniofacial-faces-for-over-50-years/ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 14:19:57 +0000 https://scottishultramarathonseries.org/a-local-charity-has-been-bringing-smiles-to-craniofacial-faces-for-over-50-years/

Since 1969, FACES: The National Craniofacial Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has served children and adults throughout the Southeast and United States with severe craniofacial deformities resulting from birth, injury or illness.

And most important of all, there has never been a charge for any service provided by FACES. Their service objectives cover three distinct areas: customer journeys; public awareness and understanding; Information and support.

Customer trips

FACES provides financial assistance for expenses incurred when a client travels from home to a craniofacial medical center for surgery or an assessment. This assistance is provided on the basis of economic and medical need and includes transportation, accommodation and food. Government insurance and medical assistance programs help pay for surgeries, but rarely cover travel costs.

FACES does not choose doctors or medical centers for clients; this choice is made entirely by the family. FACES works with a client for as long as assistance is needed, as many clients require multiple surgeries over several years. FACES also supports a companion for each trip.

Public awareness and understanding

Increasing public awareness and understanding of our work and the plight of people with severe craniofacial conditions is key to the future of FACES and our clients. FACES has an ever-growing national speaker bureau of clients, client families and volunteers who speak to groups about the challenges and needs of people with craniofacial differences.

FACES Camp is a summer camp for children with facial differences that fosters independence, self-esteem, confidence and leadership by engaging socially with other children with similar medical issues.

Information and support network

FACES provides information about Craniofacial Centers and publishes a brochure that further details the scope of our organization. FACES provides referrals to other available resources and organizations, maintains up-to-date information on specific illnesses or birth defects, and helps connect families with other families who have a child with the same disorder.

By connecting these families, FACES empowers them to alleviate the emotional isolation that patients and their families often feel. By sharing information and providing support, FACES helps build a framework for clients and their families to cope.

FACES is working to help more families with financial assistance for medically necessary travel to craniofacial surgery centers across the United States.

FACES also hosts FACES Camp: a camp for children with facial differences. This is a traditional summer camp for children ages 6-17. They would like more children with facial differences from Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama to attend camp. They have 30 spots per year and only a few openings available and would like local kids to come to FACES Camp. Campers can invite a sibling or best friend to experience camp with them! It is only 45 minutes from Chattanooga. Their campers tell them it’s the BEST WEEK EVER!

FACES is able to reduce the cost of camp through grants from foundations, so the cost is reduced from $910 to $455 per camper. They offer scholarships to help with tuition of $455. Register at www.FACEScamp.org

Very often these children have not had the opportunity to be with a larger group of children who have similar medical conditions and experiences. They can make friends, get away from family for a week, and enjoy fun summer camp activities. The camp experience helps the camper gain independence, challenging themselves to try a new activity like horseback riding, canoeing or rock climbing.

Located on 170 acres of woodland, on Lookout Mountain in Cloudland, GA, the program features outdoor adventures, non-competitive sports, campfires, crafts, and an evening of skits and talent.

Another upcoming event is the Ride 4 Smiles Reunion and Festival, a free family event, to be held this Saturday, June 11 from noon to 3:00 p.m. at the Georgia Charity Bingo Hall off I-75 (exit 353) at 4031 Cloud. Springs Road at Gateway Mall (entrance is at the back of the mall).

Event organizers would like you to come to Ride 4 Smiles and learn more about what FACES. This is a great opportunity to meet four of the FACES families who will be attending the event. Spread the word about the festival.

If you can’t come to the event, but would like to support FACES, you can donate through their website www.faces-cranio.org

For more information, please contact FACES by phone at (423) 266-1632, by email at faces@faces-cranio.orgor follow them on Facebook at @FACESTheNationalCraniofacialAssociation and Instagram at @facescraniofacialassociation