Financial affairs – Scottish Ultramarathon Series Sat, 11 Sep 2021 02:10:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Financial affairs – Scottish Ultramarathon Series 32 32 Goal Solutions Creates a Frictionless Conversion Process That Delights Consumer Loan Holders Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:08 +0000

SAN DIEGO, March 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Lens solutions, an award-winning asset management and consumer financial services company, today announced that it has completed the 26th loan conversion on its proprietary loan management platform Launch.

“For a long time, the last thing a lender or loan holder wanted to do was deconvert the loans and move them to another provider, even though they knew the move would ultimately be better for them and their clients. The process has always been one. errors, mismanagement of data and, ultimately, borrower confusion and dissatisfaction – something to be avoided at all costs. We set out to tackle this challenge head on and create a smooth and seamless process, empowering lenders and their borrowers’ transitions to improve the service, satisfaction, and data transparency we provide. “Said Matt. Myers, President of Goal Solutions. “Last week we completed our 26th borrower conversion on the Launch Servicing platform and have now converted loans from 11 different departments. Meeting this challenge is another way of implementing innovative solutions for our customers and providing them with an experience that exceeds the high standards they expect. . “

Goal Solutions, through its wholly owned subsidiary Launch Servicing, manages hundreds of unique loan program types through its proprietary Launch Servicing System. Goal supports a large number of clients, including banks, credit unions, hedge funds, investment banks, fintechs, insurance companies, as well as colleges and universities.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the teamwork our leaders, technologists and loan service specialists put in to help us reach this incredible milestone,” said Paul Dockry, Managing Director of Launch Servicing. “It doesn’t matter how good our technology and service are if lenders are reluctant to bring their business to us because of the fear of converting loans. Creating a process to overcome this fear has opened up opportunities for more lenders and loan holders the full range of services and capabilities we have to offer. “

Goal Solutions provides complete and customizable solutions based on technology, analysis and industry expertise. Our ability to manage complex consumer assets has created opportunities with large organizations who trust us to optimize their loan portfolios. We have built a solid business and a reputation as a preferred partner by delivering exceptional value and performance, and always acting in the best interests of our clients.

For more information, please visit and

About lens solutionsSince 2001, Goal Solutions has leveraged data analytics and technology to deliver innovative solutions for asset management, lending and investing. The depth and variety of our capabilities provide a comprehensive skill set that creates more value and performance in service of our clients’ overall business goals. Led by a management team with decades of experience in consumer lending, Goal manages more than $ 26 billion in consumer assets and offers a full suite of asset management services.

Contact for press inquiries Brian Cox | Vice-President of Business

Cision View original content to download multimedia:

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Michigan’s Best Outdoor Dining Lansing poll winner is a deck overlooking the Looking Glass River Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:05 +0000

PORTLAND, MI – Oh, that bridge.

In the summer, when there’s no pandemic, the Looking Glass River Bridge at Fabiano’s River House Bar & Grill in Portland rocks. Live music on the weekends, a huge fireplace, big crowds and good times.

“You know what this terrace looks like,” said Bill Fabiano, who opened the restaurant in December 2014 with his wife Rachelle. “The patio is the big draw.”

It refers to the day Michigan’s Best visited in 2017, when we were on the hunt for Michigan’s best chicken wings. That day, we ate their Michigan Chicken Wings Gone Wild Sauce, right on this deck.

But we did it without Bill and Rachelle. They were in the hospital for the birth of their first child, Vivienne.

“We went to the hospital the morning you arrived,” recalls Fabiano. “She’s not so small anymore. She is 3 and a half years old.

READ: Your Guide to the Best Chicken Wings in Michigan: Where We Been, The Wings We Ate, Who We Met

Well, we remember the day well and that beautiful and spacious terrace right on the water.

This is the reason why Fabiano was elected first for Michigan’s Best Outdoor Dining in the Lansing area with 58 percent of the vote, winning in a landslide over Lansing Brewing Company, which has 12 percent of the vote, and Acapulco Mexican Grill in Charlotte with 3.8 percent.

Fabiano’s River House Bar & Grill is known for its patio overlooking the Looking Glass River in Portland, Michigan. “The patio is the big draw,” says Bill Fabiano, who co-owns the restaurant with his wife Rachelle.Courtesy of Fabiano’s Riverhouse Bar & Grill

Fabiano said the bridge, which is actually located where the Looking Glass River meets the Grand River, is typically closed every winter.

In fact, they had just overwintered when the second stop closed Michigan restaurants and bars from November 18 through February. 1 to limit the spread of Covid-19.

“We had to move everything outside,” he said. That meant adding heaters, fire tables, and even carpeting on the deck, which typically has a capacity of 80 people.

It also meant no running water, sinks, soda guns or draft beer on tap. It was all inside.

“The girls had to do everything,” said Fabiano.

Were they happy with it?

“They were happy to be working,” said Fabiano, who laughed but very seriously praised his staff of about 25 employees who worked so hard during the rollercoaster of the pandemic.

“But they wear snowsuits and mittens and do their best to stay warm.”

With an indoor dining area at 25 percent of its capacity, it lowered the sides to use the space as an additional indoor dining area.

But “as soon as the weather drops below zero, we’ll go up the sides and call alfresco dining again. The wood fireplace makes the difference. Forty degrees in the spring is much warmer than 40 degrees in the fall.

A booming delivery service within a 5 mile radius of Portland also helped them through the two closures.

Fabiano said he invested in insulated carriers and car roofs just before a historic flooding in February 2019 on the Grand River. The community has been declared a local state of emergency. Fabiano had to close for two weeks.

READ: Local state of emergency declared for Portland after ice jam and flooding

Delivery has been suspended.

Then when the first shutdown was in March, he was ready to go. Literally.

“That first day everything was ready,” said Fabiano. “It was a saving grace … I hadn’t realized the request for delivery to Portland in such a small town.”


Michigan's Best Outdoor Dining - Fabiano's

Fabiano’s River House Bar & Grill in Portland, Michigan is known for its wings, bone-in or out. They were finalists for Michigan’s Best Wings in 2017. They use Michigan’s Gone Wild sauce for all of their flavors.Jean Gonzalez

On the food side, customers love the wings, of course. Garlic Parmesan is the best-selling flavor. And the popular Friday Fish Fry is back with $ 12.99 of all-you-can-eat cod.

But Fabiano said the pizza was getting rave reviews from customers as well, especially the ranch’s specialty chicken and bacon pizza.

The name Fabiano is synonymous with pizza and dates back to the 1970s with his aunt and uncle’s party store in nearby Wacousta, he said. His uncle, Steve Fabiano, owns the Eagle Inn (which was also part of our search for the best wings). There is Fabiano’s Pizzeria in Westphalia. And his father had Fabiano on the river on Torch Lake for many years until he sold in August.

“All the same family, all independently owned and operated,” Fabiano said.

As for the terrace, people still use it, despite the cold.

“We’re actually going to keep the patio open all year now,” he said.

It opens at 4 p.m. most days and at noon on Saturdays.

Michigan's Best Outdoor Dining - Fabiano's

Bill and Rachelle Fabiano are co-owners of Fabiano’s River House Bar & Grill in Portland, Michigan, winner of Michigan’s Best Outdoor Dining in Lansing. Also pictured: their 3-year-old daughter Vivienne and dog Liberty.Courtesy of Bill and Rachelle Fabiano

A 2001 Portland High School graduate, Bill and his wife Rachelle live in Eagle. Both also have full-time jobs. Bill is a firefighter for the city of Grand Rapids and Rachelle works for a credit union in Lansing. In addition, they have the little one.

They love the Portland community.

“We had great support … people are coming out,” he said. “They don’t mind that it’s a bit cold.

The search for Michigan’s best outdoor restaurant is sponsored in part by Warm fitness.

Michigan's Best Outdoor Dining - Fabiano's

Here’s what the bridge looked like in 2017 when Michigan’s Best stopped for wings at Fabiano’s River House Bar & Grill.Jean Gonzalez


Fabiano’s River House Grill

104 W. Grand River Ave., Portland, MI 48875


Hours: 11 am-8pm Sundays and Tuesdays; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday; closed on Mondays. The outdoor patio opens at 4 p.m. most days; on Saturdays, it opens at noon.

More information: Where

Michigan's Best Outdoor Dining - Fabiano's

Garlic Parmesan Wings are best sellers at Fabiano’s River House Grill in Portland, Michigan. They were finalists for Michigan’s Best Wings in 2017. They use Michigan’s Gone Wild sauce for all of their flavors.Jean Gonzalez

If you have any questions about this research or suggestions for future research, please feel free to email us:

Jean Gonzalez:

Amy Sherman:

Follow our best Michigan adventures on social media:

@mlivemibest on Twitter

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Facebook at MLiveMIBest.

Participate using hashtags #mibest and # alfresco dining.


Jean Gonzalez is on twitter @michigangonzo, as good as Facebook and Instagram @MichiganGonzo.

Amy sherman is on twitter @amyonthetrail, as good as Facebook and Instagram @amyonthetrail.

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Igloos, cabins, lodges and more: where to dine al fresco in Michigan this winter

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CBA fined $ 7 million for interest overcharging Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:00 +0000

The Federal Court of Australia has fined the CBA $ 7 million as a penalty for its overbilling case with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The proceedings against CBA, which began in November, focused on the bank’s deceptive statements and conduct. The bank was found to overcharged interest on small business loans from 2014 to 2018, with the total overcharged value reaching over $ 2.2 million.

The ABC said this was due to a system error – over 1,510 of its customers were charged a higher interest rate on their overdrawn accounts. Although the CBA admitted the allegations, it told the court it had “acted quickly” to remedy the error. However, that response, along with his submission of a fine of $ 4-5 million, was rejected by the court.

ASIC Commissioner Sean Hughes said ABC’s delay in cleaning up clients was an “aggravating factor” in the court’s determination of the penalty.

“When financial institutions discover overcharging, they must take immediate action to remedy affected consumers,” he said.

Hughes added, “Financial services institutions need to have the right systems, governance and controls in place to ensure they deliver on promises made to their customers.

The bank has so far remedied $ 3.74 million to affected customers in the case.

“CBA is now investing in its systems as a priority. All financial services institutions should make similar commitments to restore confidence in our financial system and avoid further failures, ”said Hughes.

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Autonomous cellular immunity shaped human evolution Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:55 +0000

image: Jessica Brinkworth, anthropology professor, studies the evolution of human immune function and its impact on susceptibility to serious infections.
seen Following

Credit: Photo by Fred Zwicky

CHAMPAIGN, Illinois – Each human cell harbors its own defenses against invading microbials, drawing on strategies that date back to some of the earliest events in life history, the researchers report. Because this “autonomous cellular immunity” is so old and persistent, understanding it is essential for understanding human evolution and human medicine, the researchers said.

Like amoeba, most human cells can transform to engulf and degrade foreign agents in a process known as phagocytosis, said Jessica brinkworth, professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, who wrote the new report with former undergraduate Alexander Alvarado. And the methods used by human cells to detect, pierce or hack invading microbes are inherited – and shared by – bacteria and viruses, she said.

“Every cell has these things and they have this deep evolutionary history,” Brinkworth said. “This means that if you are going to study humans, you have to accept that immunity will always be part of what you look at. And you have to go deep into the time of evolution.”

The authors reject the idea that the immune system is separate from other bodily systems.

“Immunity is literally everywhere,” Brinkworth said. “The whole organism, from the skin to the level of the last enzyme floating anywhere in the body, almost everything is engaged in some form of protection.”

For this reason, she suggests that medical approaches to infection control that attempt to reduce evolutionary conserved immune responses, such as pro-inflammatory pathways, are flawed. Although it may be useful or necessary to use immunosuppressive drugs against autoimmune diseases or in the case of organ transplants, these drugs do not appear to work against serious microbial infections.

“Against the background of serious infections, there have been many attempts to find ways to reduce the immune response by throwing a bunch of steroids into it or blocking the body’s ability to detect the pathogen,” Brinkworth said. . “But targeting these immune mechanisms that have been around for millions of years is potentially counterproductive.”

In the case of sepsis, studied by Brinkworth, this approach was not successful.

“Over 100 trials of immunomodulatory approaches to sepsis have failed,” she said. “And the only drug that came on the market then failed. Most of these drugs have tried to block highly conserved evolutionary defenses, such as the mechanisms of cellular autonomic immunity.”

Many of the immunomodulatory drugs currently being tested against the new coronavirus are failed sepsis drugs, she said.

Likewise, anthropologists often fail to consider how millions of years of fighting infections at the cellular level have shaped human genetics, physiology and even behavior, Brinkworth said.

“If you’re talking about human evolution, if you’re in a physiological system, at some point you’ll have to ask yourself how pathogens shaped it,” she said.


Brinkworth is also an affiliate of the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at U. of I.

Editor’s Notes:

To reach Jessica Brinkworth, email

The article “Cellular immunity and pathogen-mediated human evolution: or how our prokaryotic and unicellular origins affect the history of human evolution” is available online and U. of I. News Bureau

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of any press releases posted on EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information via the EurekAlert system.

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Black and ethnic minority businesses need support to overcome pandemic Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:54 +0000

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the underlying inequality that ethnic minorities face in the UK. In England, the two mortality rate and hospitalization rate are more than twice as high for blacks or people of South Asian descent as for whites.

Poorer COVID-19 scores among black and Asian populations are a result of underlying social and economic risk factors ethnic minorities face, such as living in overcrowded housing, being employed in less skilled jobs and more risky, have poorer access to health care, let alone structural racism.

But among these well-documented racial inequalities, there is another hidden story: the specific plight of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) business owners who have also been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

Specific challenges

During the first foreclosure in March, many businesses in the UK temporarily closed with the majority of those who were able to operate doing so at reduced capacity with lower turnover. This has had important implications for BAME-owned companies, which are traditionally concentrated in the sectors those most affected by the lockdown such as retail, health and social care, education, restaurants and accommodation.

Ethnic minority businesses are more likely to be concentrated in sectors affected by the foreclosure.
Stefan Rousseau / AP

Before the pandemic, BAME business owners were less likely than non-BAME business owners to get into the mainstream business support and at the onset of the coronavirus, nearly two-thirds of BAME business owners felt unable to state supported access loans and grants, leaving many on the brink of financial ruin.

The economic crisis these companies are facing is compounded by the fact that they are more likely hire a significant number of BAME employees and attract more BAME customers. The significantly higher risk among these groups of COVID-19 implies that these companies would have had to incur considerable costs to protect their staff and customers.

COVID-19 has also exacerbated pre-existing disadvantages in the business sector. Although there are a few exceptions, BAME entrepreneurs have on average lower success rates to start businesses and see less success overall compared to other entrepreneurs.

Black business owners have special experience worst results than their white counterparts. Last year, black business leaders in the UK achieved a median turnover of £ 25,000, compared with £ 35,000 for white business leaders. The median productivity of black business owners is also less than two-thirds of that of white business owners, and only half of black entrepreneurs meet their non-financial goals, compared to nearly 70% of white entrepreneurs.

Our research

To help better understand how COVID-19 has affected business owners, we are currently request UK entrepreneurs on their experiences with the pandemic.

So far, we’ve found a range of options that many BAME-owned companies have used to cope with these uncertain times. These include raising the prices of certain products to cover the cost of complying with new regulations, adjusting operations to accommodate social distancing, adopting new technologies to facilitate day-to-day business activities and to fully engage in new business activities.

A hairdresser cleans the chair in a barber shop.
Business owners have made significant changes to keep their customers safe.
Dominic Lipinski / AP

Adaptability and scalability have been crucial in keeping BAME-owned businesses afloat during this pandemic, especially as restrictions have become localized and three-level locks were introduced.

Despite this tendency to adapt to changing times, some BAME business owners have reported that their clients have stayed away for fear of contracting the virus due to the higher death rates reported for their ethnic groups. .

How the government can help

We need to appreciate the concrete actions that BAME business owners have already taken to protect their clients and staff during this time of crisis. But the government can do more to protect individuals from adverse effects on health and the economy.

State-backed grants and loans should be made more accessible as an incentive to business owners who have incurred additional costs to protect clients and staff. Above all, the process to obtain them should not be too onerous, which may deter people from applying. Regional governments should also ensure that BAME companies are plugged into the supply chains of local projects in response to the pandemic.

As a community, we need businesses to get through this pandemic in one piece, and we need to help protect those who are most at risk. This means working specifically with BAME business owners in creative ways to ensure their survival.

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Retain your customers through an omnichannel experience Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:53 +0000

Buying a car isn’t as easy as it used to be, prompting lenders and car dealers to adopt an omnichannel approach both attract and retain customers.

Consumers today want a car buying experience that meets their unique needs while giving them confidence, Daniel Chu, Managing Director of Automatic three-color acceptance, Recount Auto finance news. Customers want to be able to search and buy cars by phone or computer, while also having the ability to visit dealerships and view vehicles in person.

The success of online auto retailers such as Carvana, Vroom and Gap highlight changing consumer preferences and the importance of delivering a more personalized experience, Chu said, noting that customers now have a better understanding of what they are looking for both in a car and in the process of driving. ‘purchase itself.

“When we first saw the automobile start offering online engagement, it was very straightforward,” said Chu, noting that consumers were looking online for certain brands and potentially a few select features. “Today we see people wanting to meet their own personal style expectations,” he added.

“For several people [the car] represents a statement about who they are, what they have accomplished and how they want to project their own personality, ”said Chu. “Because the emotional aspect of the experience always seems to resonate so strongly with customers, we believe an omnichannel approach will still be largely the way automobiles are treated. “

Lenders and auto dealers can build customer loyalty by offering a seamless omnichannel approach that makes consumers feel understood, Chu noted. “The automobile is uniquely positioned to provide an opportunity… to deliver an experience that makes customers feel special and validated,” he said.

At the same time, even though online is becoming a more important part of buying cars, in-person experiences are not being overlooked. In fact, about 70% of car buyers still want to test drive the vehicle before buying it, and many of them often visit multiple dealerships, according to Cox Automotive.

Dealers also play a crucial role in vehicle delivery, and customers always consider affordability and available vehicles when making a purchasing decision, Chu noted. “In the United States, when we look at the automotive retail and how it interacts with auto financing, we really see that, for emotional and practical purposes, the omnichannel experience seems to prevail,” he said.

Automatic tricolor acceptance is born $ 1 billion in auto loans Hispanic borrowers with no and no records, and had a managed portfolio of approximately $ 400 million in September 2020.

Auto Finance Risk Summit, the premier event on risk and compliance in automotive finance, returns on May 11-12, 2021 as a virtual experience. The virtual experience will provide quality networking and education from past events, all through an online platform. To learn more about the 2021 event and to register, visit

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3 stocks on which to build your portfolio Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:50 +0000

When looking for stocks to build a portfolio, investors should look for a plausible path to long-term expansion at a reasonable price. However, investors don’t have to pay too much or settle for low growth to find such companies. BJ Wholesale (NYSE: BJ), International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM), and meInnovative industrial properties (NYSE: IIPR) can provide both the portfolio diversification and the potential returns needed to grow one’s portfolio without undue risk.

Image source: Getty Images

BJ Wholesale

BJ’s operates 221 warehouse clubs in the eastern United States. However, it differentiates itself from its peers as Costco and Walmart‘s Sam’s Club through a hybrid approach with the grocery store. BJ’s emphasizes fresh food and offers smaller packaging than its direct peers.

Additionally, BJ’s was one of the few companies to switch to the better by the pandemic. Once a heavily indebted and slow growing retailer, the pandemic has resulted in record sales. Revenue in 2020 jumped 17% from 2019 levels and net income increased 125% over the same period.

The company also reported $ 676 million in free cash flow, an increase of 276% from 2019 levels. With that money, BJ repaid $ 574 million of its obligations, bringing total debt to around 1 , $ 1 billion. Not only did this reduce interest expense by 22%, it also gave the business a positive value after subtracting liabilities from assets. This value, also known as equity, now stands at over $ 319 million.

The increase in sales has helped BJ’s shares rise by around 75% over the past 12 months. Despite this increase, it is trading at around 15 times earnings. In comparison, Costco sells 37 times its profits while Walmart’s P / E ratio stands at around 30. That makes BJ a good deal by comparison.

However, BJ has not provided any forward-looking guidance, suggesting the company is uncertain how it will fare if pre-pandemic buying patterns return. Nonetheless, declining debt levels have permanently improved BJ’s business by freeing up capital for store improvement and expansion. This should lead to faster growth and higher income over time.


IBM appears well positioned to reverse years of decline as it makes a major transition. She began to split what she now calls NewCo, her managed infrastructure services business, into a separate company. IBM plans to run the spin-off later this year.

IBM will continue to build supercomputers, operate computer systems and provide financing. However, the new growth engine for the company has become the hybrid cloud.

Hybrid clouds allow public and private clouds to interact. All major cloud companies offer hybrid cloud services, and so far IBM accounts for less than 2% of the cloud infrastructure market, according to Kinsta.

However, IBM stands out with a default architecture designed to address compatibility and complexity issues that can arise with hybrid clouds. The efficiencies created by such a system could give IBM a competitive advantage over AmazonAWS and Azure, Microsoftthe cloud platform of.

The split could also help NewCo. Revenues fell in the global technology services to which NewCo now belongs. Nonetheless, NewCo will retain an order book of $ 62 billion. With a management team focused exclusively on this business, it has a chance to reverse this decline.

Separation cannot come too soon. IBM had a terrible quarter, experiencing a 5% drop in turnover in 2020 over a 12-month period. This happened despite growing cloud revenue of 19% over the same period. The company blamed the change in buyer behavior amid the pandemic for the overall decline.

Nonetheless, the spin-off offers hope for IBM. CEO Arvind Krishna, who ran IBM’s cloud before taking over as CEO, estimates the company’s revenue will grow by half of a digit after the split.

Investors seemed to have become optimistic. The P / E ratio, which struggled to exceed 15 before 2021, has now risen to around 22. It is still well below Microsoft’s multiple of 37, however.

In addition, the annual dividend of $ 6.52 per IBM share yields about 4.9%. IBM and NewCo are committed to dividing this dividend and are committed to its future growth. Since the $ 10.8 billion annual cash flow easily covers the $ 5.8 billion annual cost of the payment, continued increases in the overall payment remain likely.

Certainly, the uncertainty remains because IBM did not specify many financial details about the spin-off, such as the dividend split. In addition, it does not represent a significant percentage of the market at the moment. Still, investors will soon own an IBM heavily focused on the cloud and a NewCo exclusively focused on its backlog. This will leave investors with two tech companies that could potentially anchor a portfolio.

Innovative industrial properties

Innovative Industrial has properties reserved for the production of cannabis. However, instead of existing as a “marijuana company”, it functions more as a real estate investment trust (REIT), deriving income exclusively from real estate leasing.

This offers several competitive advantages. Since he does not grow cannabis, he is not subject to the restrictions of Schedule I, rules that make weed illegal at the federal level. So, he is enjoying the marijuana boom without this obstacle.

In addition, the restrictions in Schedule I make producers ineligible for bank loans. This benefits Innovative Industrial, as it can buy the property from a producer and lease it to the previous owner. This approach provides producers with financing while giving Innovative Industrial a revenue stream and an opportunity to acquire more properties.

Additionally, New Frontier Data predicts that the U.S. cannabis industry will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18% through 2025.

The growth of Innovative Industrial and its 100% occupancy rate seem to confirm this expansion of the industry. In fiscal 2020, revenue of $ 117 million was 162% higher than 2019 revenue. This led to net profit of $ 64 million, an increase of 191% over the same period. Funds adjusted for operating income, cash provided after adjustment for capital improvements, amounted to $ 98 million, an increase of 180% from last year’s levels.

As a REIT, it must pay at least 90% of its net income in dividends. However, thanks to the massive growth, the payment has increased in each of the last four quarters. Shareholders now earn $ 5.12 per share in cash annually, a cash return of about 2.6% at current prices. Such successes have enabled the Innovative Industrial share to increase by 190% over the past 12 months.

IIPR Chart

IIPR given by YCharts

Between that increase and the rise in earnings and dividends, its P / E ratio now stands at around 60. Although it doubled last year, this valuation is unlikely to deter investors given the increases to three. profit figures.

Nonetheless, the only thing that could bring uncertainty to this business is, ironically, legalization. If producers can get bank loans, they have one less reason to sell their property to Innovative Industrial. However, the REIT can purchase property outside of sale-leaseback agreements. Additionally, with full occupancy and the industry poised for further rapid expansion, the business is expected to continue to thrive.

10 stocks we prefer over BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc.
When investment geniuses David and Tom Gardner have stock advice, it can pay off to listen. After all, the newsletter they’ve been running for over a decade, Motley Fool Equity Advisor, has tripled the market. *

David and Tom have just revealed what they believe to be the ten best stocks for investors to buy now… and BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc. was not one of them! That’s right – they think these 10 stocks are even better buys.

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* The portfolio advisor returns on February 24, 2021

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of the board of directors of The Motley Fool. Teresa Kersten, an employee of LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is a member of the board of directors of The Motley Fool. Will healy owns shares of IBM and Innovative Industrial Properties. The Motley Fool owns shares and recommends Amazon, Costco Wholesale, Innovative Industrial Properties, and Microsoft. The Motley Fool recommends the following options: January 2022 long calls at $ 1920.0 on Amazon and January 2022 short calls at $ 1940.0 on Amazon. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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Federal government reported vitamin sellers secured coronavirus aid loans Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:47 +0000

A trio of supplement vendors landed millions in coronavirus relief loans last spring – all weeks after being criticized by the federal government for questionable claims about their products, The Post has learned.

Vitamin traders joined the rush for help from the paycheck protection program in early 2020, even as their sales reps leaned in to cash in on the pandemic, government records show. Representatives have claimed on social media that their shakes, teas and powders could help protect consumers from the deadly virus, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

“Instead of stocking up on toilet paper, you need to do something to help fight the virus! a representative for Pruvit Ventures reportedly wrote in an article along with an image of the Texas-based company’s products. “Boost your immune system with our Immunity Boost pack!” “

Immunity-boosting claims have particularly caught the attention of the federal government: While the arguments may seem reasonable to health-conscious consumers, the FTC says such claims are illegal because there is no evidence science to back them up.

“Not all coronavirus prevention or treatment claims made regarding these products are supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence,” the agency wrote in warning letters at Pruvit, Total Life Changes and Zurvita on April 24. “You must immediately stop making such claims. “

Nonetheless, nine days before the FTC issued its warning letters, Pruvit and Total Life Changes had been approved for PPP loans totaling nearly $ 1.7 million on April 15, according to data from the Small Business Administration, which oversees the $ 809 billion program.

Meanwhile, the third firm, Zurvita, secured its own roughly $ 1.4 million loan on May 1 – about a week after the FTC letter raised red flags regarding two of its representatives. who were selling Zeal, its herbal and vitamin supplement.

“Do you want to join me in drinking Zeal to fight the Corona virus?” Contact me . . . to learn how to be your own Corona virus superhero! ”a post from a representative for Zurvita read, according to the FTC.

Another relief loan worth $ 565,402 went on top of seller IDLife, which also received an FTC warning in April. The agency said company officials claimed people could earn “substantial income” from selling its products during the economic crisis fueled by the pandemic.

None of the four companies responded to requests for comment.

The loans come as critics complain that the PPP program, intended to keep workers on payrolls during the pandemic, has ended up helping companies to plaid and deep pockets.

The SBA opened applications on January 11 for another $ 284 billion in PPPs authorized last month. Authorities have imposed tougher rules for the final cycle – publicly traded companies can’t participate, for example – and Congress has given additional funding to the SBA to conduct audits and eliminate fraud.

But that doesn’t change the fact that sketchy businesses have a lifeline that many small businesses have missed, according to Kyle Herrig, chairman of Accountable.US, a left-wing good government group that tracks spending on coronavirus relief. .

“Shady MLMs were showered with P3 cash because the Trump administration let banks approve taxpayer-guaranteed loans to virtually anyone, even if they didn’t need them,” Herrig said at The Post.

Nutrition companies are an important part of the marketing industry on many levels. Known as MLM, these businesses can distinguish between being viewed as legitimate businesses and illegal pyramid schemes. In the latter case, companies reward reps for hiring new hires and often push them into buying the products they’re supposed to sell, according to the FTC.

There is no evidence that any of the four companies mentioned above are pyramid schemes. But two other MLMs got PPP money despite being publicly accused by the federal government of carrying out pyramid scams, according to records.

Neora, a Dallas-based seller of skin care, weight loss and “wellness” products, won a $ 2.5 million loan on April 8 – about five months after the FTC filed a complaint alleging that he pushed distributors to focus on recruiting new representatives rather than selling to customers.

The company has also made unsubstantiated claims that one of its supplements could prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, according to federal authorities.

Neora – who “firmly” denies the FTC claims – has used PPP money to retain staff and cover other business expenses amid the pandemic, said co-CEO Deborah Heisz.

“As with almost every other business in the United States, when the pandemic started there was a lot of uncertainty about what the future would look like and we were worried about our roughly 90 full-time employees,” he said. Heisz told The Post. “When the Paycheck Protection Program released its guidelines, we took a close look at them and determined that Neora qualified for the loan.”

Vemma Nutrition Company – which has secured $ 227,500 in PPP funds – has agreed to end its pyramid scheme practices as part of a Regulations 2016 with the FTC. A federal court order in the case slapped the company with a staggering $ 238 million fine that was supposed to be “partially suspended” as long as Vemma paid around $ 470,000 and gave up some of its assets, the agency said at the time.

Vemma did not respond to a request for comment.

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