Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray runs less in 2021 but more effective as a passer

Kyler Murray has speed to burn, a gift that allowed him to run the 40 yard-dash at the University of Oklahoma in 4.38 seconds.

This is why elite couriers find it difficult to generate sacks on the flagger. Just ask Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald, who nearly saved his third sack of the season on the quarterback until the quick Murray escaped. It is a tool and an advantage that Kliff Kingsbury enjoys having at his disposal.

“I want him to run all the time,” Kingsbury said on Wednesday. “But that’s not his kind of party.”

Murray would rather be more of a pocket passer and use his legs as a luxury – to put pressure on opposing defenses when the pocket collapses and to avoid injury. Murray rushed into a play last season against the Seahawks, and Carlos Dunlap landed on his pitching shoulder, attempting to make a routine tackle. The injury has bothered Murray much of the second half of the season.

This year Murray is back in the MVP conversation again. This time the quarterback passes more and runs less. He has 109 rushing yards in four games, a 464 pace for the season that would leave him far from the 819 he had a year ago.

Murray uses his wheels when needed. It does it just when it feels necessary, without so many designed tracks. The adjustment worked for the Cardinals, who sport the NFL’s No.1 offense.

“I think we just got along,” Kingsbury said. “How can we maximize you as a quarterback and take advantage of this God-given ability that you have to run as fast as anyone I’ve ever seen. So I think we’re in a good position with that? .

“He plays really well out of his pocket, and when he needs to run he runs.”

Although Murray and Kingsbury are talking and the quarterback recognizes his preferences, the quarterback said he never directly asked Kingsbury to adjust to less running.

“I think they just know,” Murray said. “I never really said ‘Don’t put that in there’ or anything like that. I think it’s just about being smart and understanding the time and need for me to do it. these things. “

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