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The BANFF Center Film Festival World Tour will take place February 18-19 at the Ellen Eccles Theater in downtown Logan.

LOGAN – Winter sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies will be in for a treat when the Cache Valley Center for the Arts (CacheARTS) hosts the BANFF Center Mountain Film Festival World Tour on February 18-19.

The BANFF Center mountain film and book festivals are ranked among the largest and most prestigious outdoor festivals in the world, according to CacheARTS Marketing Director Alek Nelson.

Since 1976, the town of Banff in Alberta, Canada has hosted an international film competition each fall that features screenings of films and documentaries on mountain culture, sports, the environment, adventure and exploration.

After the festival wraps up in Banff, its world tour hits the road again with scheduled stops in more than 500 communities in 40 countries.

Nelson says the tour celebrates incredible achievements in storytelling and outdoor filmmaking by screening winners and audience favorites from more than 400 festival entries each year.

“Whether it’s traveling to distant vistas, analyzing bizarre environments, or connecting audiences with adrenaline-fuelled action sports,” Nelson added, “the BANFF World Tour is an exploration exhilarating and provocative of the mountain world.”

Tour organizers typically select 35-40 films that highlight several themes, including rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, adventure, culture, and the environment. Local hosts can choose the films from this catalog that best suit the interests of their audience.

The films also feature a wide range of formats, including action-packed shorts; longer and more complete films; amateur and professional productions; etc

The BANFF Festival is scheduled for a two-night stand at the Ellen Eccles Theater in downtown Logan, with different programs planned for each night (February 18 or 19). Tickets can be purchased on the CacheARTS website for admission to one or both nights of the festival, with discounted tickets also available for Utah State University students.

The Cache Valley Center for the Arts is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes the use of public arts facilities in Cache Valley.

These facilities include the Ellen Eccles Theatre, Thatcher-Young Mansion and the Bullen Center.

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